1. JoshEV says

    Did you actually listen to this before posting?

    They’re mocking the tape. He didn’t “agree” he’s being sarcastic.

    They all CRACK up listening to the audio of the minister talking about “anal licking.” They laugh because he sounds ridiculous.

  2. says

    This show just returned to the station, which had a format change just the other day. I’m presuming they’re trying to make news, get their names in the paper.

    Not the way to do it, though. Certainly anyone who agrees with them will be listening to Rush at that hour.

    Jack FM San Diego is a supposed male-oriented format and they probably thought it wasn’t a problem to do this given their intended demo.


  3. says

    Thank you so much for posting this, Andy. I’m one of the people who emailed this story to you. It’s appalling. It’s pathetic, especially when “Jack FM” is always in our Gay Pride Parade here in San Diego.

    I urge everybody everywhere to call them and voice your disgust– tell them to both take down the videos and podcast and to apologize on air.


  4. Dan says

    Why are gays so tone-deaf and humorless about this stuff. He was obviously mocking the preacher. And regardless, if he finds anal sex gross, that’s his prerogative. Who cares?

  5. says

    I know they’re laughing AT him, and yes, the pastor is a fool, but at the same time they are making fun of gay sex– calling it disgusting, and making unfounded statements about gays and gay sex, AND, the sad truth is that gays in Ugandan (and throughout the world) DO get killed. So, laughing at this priest and playing his words over and over is perpetuating violence, homophobia and hate. It’s that simple.

  6. says

    I take this stuff seriously and was nice during my phone call, but the woman who answered the phone said she “didn’t know what I was talking about” and hung up. —great bunch of people at that station evidently.

  7. Fenrox says

    Don’t do this, I understand that you might not want to listen to the crappy radio show but they are not anti-gay here, they are mocking Uganda here. Yeah they could be better about it and provide context but this is clearly a shitty radio show for bored morons, you can’t expect them to promote gay tolerance at all times.

    This isn’t the same as that radio host that said that AIDS was gods way of punishing gays.

    Shock Jocks are usually well meaning guys, Sometimes they are crazy hate filled freaks (Glenn Beck).

    Anal sex is disgusting, are you guys saying that you have never had bad session of anal?


  8. David says

    Guys chill out….Dave Rickards is the DJ in question and he is mocking the Ugandan preacher. Dave has been very open in his opposition to Prop 8 and has talked about it as recently as last week when the Walker decision came down. The woman “Ruth” on the show is an out lesbian and talks about her life openly all the time. Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw (DSC) have been fixtures in San Diego for years and are shamelessly tacky but they are not homophobes.

  9. Jesus says

    @Rob, you couldn’t have said it any better.

    It’s not about whether or not you find these things humorous or not. I thought the remix video was comedic, but only when I stopped thinking. I stopped thinking about how malicious of a man Ssempa is and all the mean, disgustingly inhumane things he has said about gay people and their supposed practices, about how he wanted to put legalized discrimination, including the death penalty, for LGBT individuals in Uganda.

    It’s easy to laugh when you don’t have to think about these things. But personally, I’d rather think of these things and remind myself of just how serious this shit really is. Sure, they’re a couple of shock-jocks from San Diego, not like big wigs from Uganda are getting their talking points from these people, right? It’s like when people act racist to try to prove how un-racist they really are… It just backfires and proves how little they really understand. Hope this guy enjoyed his job.

  10. says

    I suggest that you listen to whole 15 minutes of the discussion if you think there’s nothing wrong with this. Yes, I think Andy misrepresented the quote he has in the post — clearly Dave is being sarcastic there. However, throughout the discussion all of the people on the show except for Ruth go on and on about how disgusting gay sex is. Ruth is repeatedly shot down when she tries to defend gay people. The show perpetuates what is central to homophobic discourse — that gay sexuality is obscene. But I think what is worse is that they made Ssempa into a joke. The man is insane and evil, but he is not a joke; he is the biggest supporter of the Ugandan law that would make homosexuality punishable by death. Ssempa is not some small-time crank. He has power and he wants us dead. Of course, DSC is mocking him, but in not providing context — and probably not even knowing or caring about the context — DSC is also making mockery of gays and lesbians in Uganda who fear for their lives. Nothing is “just a radio show.” This stuff matters; people listen and they believe and they act. If you think we should all just smile and laugh at things like this, you’re the tone-deaf one. Apathy kills.

  11. MikeK says

    Gay sex is disgusting (unless it’s 2 hot lesbians and your a st8 man), just like old people sex is disgusting, just like I think 1/2 of st8 sex is disgusting.

    The trick is, don’t have sex you find disgusting and stop thinking about your grandparents having sex.

  12. Pete says

    Are you serious? This is sarcasm.

    Howard Stern is more offensive in their use of, “that’s gay”, “fag”, and “homo”…especially when Artie Lange was on.

  13. Rich says

    I just called the station. I’m a long-time San Diegan, and I was listening at the time this came on last Friday. I think DSC was trying to make fun of the Ugandan minister and the entire bit was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but to me that did not come through. The DSC folks are in fact pretty pro-gay, but they are also a bit crude.

    The lesson here is that good intentions are not enough, particularly if some people (myself included unfortunately) don’t get the humor intended.

  14. Josh says

    To hear a morning radio show that sounds like something based in this century, look up Sarah and Vinnie’s podcast from August 20, from 8-9am. They interview Hal Sparks about gay marriage starting at the 22:00 minute mark and talk about gays as if they are actual equal human beings!

  15. esurience says

    People make anti-gay propaganda and degrade homosexuality as ‘disgusting’ because it is EFFECTIVE. You may laugh at it because you find what Ssempa is saying to be absurd, but a lot of people really do find gay sex disgusting, and think that’s a perfectly good reason to vote against our rights, and maybe even inflict violence upon us. And it’s not like this radio host is talking to an audience that is liberal on this issue, San Diego voted FOR PROP8, in a WIDER MARGIN than the margin it passed statewide. What this radio host is doing is airing anti-gay hate speech to people who are anti-gay. How can anyone think such a thing is helpful?

  16. Pete says

    @Esurience – I can just as easily argue that they are airing the obserdy of the anti-gay position. If someone is riled by what was said, they already had more anger then this show can produce and are going to react regardless.

  17. says

    Rule of thumb…..

    If you can insert someones race or color in the place of words gay, homosexual, etc., and it sounds offensive, then it is offensive.

    For example, if comedian or anyone for that matter tells a joke about gays and instead of gay, homosexual, etc, it can be replaced with someones race or color, and it’s considered politically incorrect, racist or offensive, then it is offensive (ie. Instead of “two gays” were walking down the street…state…”two blacks”, “two hispanics”, “two asians”, etc.)

  18. km says

    I’m a 55 year old gay man who has been out since I was 20 and sometimes I fear uptight PC gays and lesbians more than homophobes. We are past the point in time where we can have knee-jerk reactions about things and think we’re not going to look like the stupid ones. I don’t think anyone was agreeing with the Ugandan crackpot. And for those that realize that but still think it shouldn’t be talked about this way because someone may take it seriously……it comes with the territory of being equal.

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