1. 24play says

    Overreach. They should have just redone the “What’s Up, Doc?” shots and left it at that.

    Aniston can almost pull off those looks.

  2. Matt26 says

    I do NOT like it at all. What’s the point? It is obvious she lacks (totally) Barbra’s attitude. There is no charisma, strengh, power in these pics. No point at all.

  3. greg says

    Aniston is attractive, but has NONE of Streisands gravitas..Especially in the photo remakes here of the early years… I’m not feeling it.

  4. rascal says

    This succeeds completely… at proving just how brilliant and impeccable Barbra actually was at handling her own unique aesthetic appeal. Aniston, an obviously more conventional beauty, fails utterly. It’s an embarrassment.

  5. dizzy spins says

    so a woman who remade her nose to appeal to a conventional concept of beauty is trying to pass as a woman who stood her ground and became famous for NOT changing her nose. WTF? I think Gaga wouldve been a better Barbra. Her looks are unconventional, the gays love her and she’s her own woman.

  6. Larson says

    would’ve been better with her old nose, but i think she pulls it off well. i almost did a double-take with the cover picture.

  7. Jack M says

    I’m so tired of Jennifer Peniston! She’s not hot and she has no talent. Why do people like her?

  8. Jeff in NC says

    There have been many times when I have glanced Jennifer Aniston on the cover of magazines and have had to do a double-take because I thought it was Barbra. I think she looks less like Barbra here than when she wasn’t doing it intentionally. No, she doesn’t have Barbra’s je ne sais quoi; but, I think it’s cool nonetheless. And it’s okay to pay tribute to someone even if it is not a perfect likeness.

  9. Vince in WeHo says

    Dizzy Spins makes a good point, but I like the photos. And I DID do a double-take on the cover. As far as Jack M’s question, as a film actress she hasn’t offered anything but serviceable rom-com’s. However, as a TV actress, she has been an adept comedienne. And, somehow, people have confused her small screen abilities with whatever she does on film. It’s easy to tear her down as talentless, because she’s conventionally pretty to most, she can’t sing or dance and she hasn’t displayed any major dramatic talent. But, the fact of the matter is, for whatever reason, she can open a film. And that’s rare for a female actor, as well as any actor these days. So, it’s not like she doesn’t earn her keep in Hollywood.

  10. David B. 2 says

    this is a long time coming — it would be a great bio pic — with someone to sing her vocal parts — a better photog/DP would have worked out the problems here (some are styling) — I think people want a Barbra bio pic — but not directed by her and hopefully with a long legal battle (which is why most producers have stayed away from it) — might need to wait til BS is planted!

  11. neverstops says

    I’ll probably be in the minority here, but I like Jennifer Aniston

    I think the cover shot is the better of the two – I like it

  12. james Brown says

    I have often thought that J.Ann resembled Barbra; mainly in the piercing blue eyes, but with more delicate features. Although, there will and can only be one Streisand!

  13. shanesoho says

    there is something so appealing about jennifer aniston. i’m sorry, but her delivery of certain lines in ‘friends’ is still too good to this day. her “rachel” is as good as meryl streep’s “miranda priestly”. and yes, she can open a film — that’s a big deal in and of itself.

  14. Jimbo says

    Aniston: “The Architectural Digest spread didn’t work. I need the fags! I need to get the fags on my side! Look at the way they back total losers! So what do fags like?”

    Publicist: Madonna?

    Aniston: Fuck off!

    Publicist: Barbra?

    Aniston: Bush?”

    Publicist: Striesand.

    Aniston: OMG, that is so, like, psychic! I just saw The Way We Was on cable. Call up Anna Wintour! Call up Harpers! Tell ’em I want to do a BIG feature where I pretend, be, channel Barbra — but with TALENT. This is going to be So Fucking Awesome! The fags are gonna ADORE ME!!!

  15. mike128 says

    wow. i looked through the shots and agree – the only thing this accomplished is to highlight how amazing barbra is, unconventional beauty, sexual charisma…. aniston has none of that. what little she might have had she plastic surgeried away. sad.

  16. Chadd says

    Personalities aside, these are beautiful photographs. I didn’t mistake them for Barbra, but on the other hand, even knowing that they are of Jennifer Anniston, I cannot see her in them – so it is a statement of her ability to transform. The photographer and stylist should be commended for their work.

    It is sad that many cannot see artistic expression and ability for what it is without looking through the lens of dislike for a person that is not even personally known.

  17. Kyle says

    I like Jennifer Aniston. Barbara was before my time, so I can’t really relate. I GUESS she favors her. I dunno. She needs a bigger nose.

  18. ChrisM says

    While I’m certain it wasn’t intended the first shot above looks more like Angelina Jolie in “Salt” than Streisand … oophs!

  19. says

    I have hated her since “Friends” first premiered, and I detest that show to this day. The only thing that Jennifer Aniston has any talent in, is manipulating everyone into believing that she is the shit just because she’s pretty and white and female and privileged and working in Hollywood. Take away all the hype and the fireworks, and she’s blander than tap water. In my humble opinion, Jennifer Aniston is simply the most overrated woman in the history of entertainment. And these pictures only prove how overrated Miss Thing is.

  20. PleaseSTOP says

    Um, I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. But, unless the definition of “pretty,” has changed, along w/ the standard of beauty to beady, close together eyes, and shapeless rhinoplastied nose, extremely thin lips, low forehead and no cheekbones to speak of….Jennifer Aniston is not “pretty.” Pretty is Rachel McAdams. Pretty is Kristen Davis from Sex and the City. Pretty is Courtney Cox. She has a tan, a nice body, and a great head of hair that doesn’t change, ever. But the face?? Come on. The bitches on Rupaul’s Drag Race are prettier than that bitch. I sometimes think for the people calling her “pretty,” it’s some kind of ‘Rorschacht'(sp) test: they have mothers, sisters, aunts (or they themselves)who look like Aniston – i.e., average and plain. So saying she is not pretty, is like calling themselves ‘not pretty.’ I put Aniston in the Sarah Jessica, Kathy Griffin, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Courteny Love level of attractiveness – in other words, YES these women can look very nice, and attractive – but they will never make it to “pretty,” and ‘beautiful,’ is OUT of the question…I don’t care how much her PR pays you in access and free premiere tickets. Just. STOP.

  21. says

    “ennifer has long idolized Streisand, patron saint of stage and screen (two Academy Awards, eight Grammys) and the exemplar of times-they-are-a-changing feminism, who is, of course, more than a muse. She’s an icon.

    Jennifer first met Streisand, 68, at a New Year’s party a few years ago. “”I’ve loved her since I was a kid, and all of a sudden there she is, and she’s just like someone you’ve always known,”” Jennifer says. “”You know when you meet people you idolize and then you walk away from the conversation thinking, ‘Well, that was a disappointment; they were kinder and more fabulous in my mind’? Well, she was wonderful, and you could talk to her about anything.”” She starts to laugh. “”So, I happened to be talking to her and Jim [Streisand’s husband, James Brolin] when it struck midnight. They said, ‘Excuse us,’ kissed each other, and then, very politely, kissed me.””

    It was Jennifer’s hairstylist and friend of almost 20 years, Chris McMillan, who inspired her to write her own love letter to Streisand’s style. “”He is, of course, hair obsessed,”” Jennifer explains, “”and I’m a Barbie doll for him. So, whenever we’d see great pictures of Barbra or a movie, he’d be like, ‘You have to do an homage to Barbra.'””