Justin Timberlake to Play a Gay Man and a Singing Ball of Snot

Timberlake Justin Timberlake is set to voice a gay character and a musically-gifted piece of mucus on The Cleveland Show, MTV reports:

"Fox reps confirmed to MTV News that Timberlake will voice two characters: Paul, the boyfriend of Terry (voiced by Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock actor Jason Sudeikis), as well as a 'singing booger' belonging to Cleveland's stepson Rallo, aptly named "Booger." The episode is scheduled to air in February 2011.

Timberlake is already earning rave reviews for his work as Paul. Cleveland creator Rich Appel told Us Weekly… that Timberlake turns in a hilarious performance: "Justin is just hysterical!"

In other news, Timberlake will be designing a special line of William Rast clothing for…Target.


  1. sparks says

    Really bad timing on the Target deal, but honestly Andy, even worse timing on your part. It’s disingenuous riling up gay folks by trying to link Timberlake with Target’s recent political gaff, considering this clothing deal was most certainly in the works for months before the MNForward contribution became public knowledge.

    Justin has always exuded a great sense of humor and has consistently associated with people of all walks, not to mention his continued friendship with an gay ex-bandmate or two. (And while it could just be my imagination, I don’t think he’s as low on the Kinsey scale as his dating history would suggest.)

    Anyway, if the Target mess gets ironed out I hope his clothing line does well during its holiday run.

  2. sugarrhill says

    It’s just your imagination, Sparks. Timberlake is not gay nor does he lean gay, but that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being just straight. And it’s good to have straight allies.

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