Kansas House Candidate Dan Manning Gets Anti-Gay Death Threat Note Taped to Front Door of Home


Dan Manning, a 29-year-old West Point grad and eight-year Army veteran form Wichita who was discharged under the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is running for the Kansas House of Representatives in the state's 91st District. Manning's opponent has used his sexuality to foment anger against him. This weekend, Manning found a ransom-style note attached to his front door threatening to kill him.

Manning The Kansas Equality Coalition writes:

Dan’s opponent is long-time incumbent Brenda Landwehr. Landwehr, a notorious far-right conservative, has been a vocal opponent of equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgendered Kansans. Since February, she has used Dan’s sexual orientation to stir up her constituent. She has gone so far as to use language that Dan was told was “too offensive” to repeat.

This weekend, the homophobia and name-calling took a dangerous and criminal turn.

Dan arrived home from work on Saturday to find a death threat attached to his front door (above).

The note is clearly an offensive way to use threats of deadly violence in an attempt to intimidate and silence Dan and his campaign and, by extension, our entire community and our interests in Topeka. Dan has no intentions of backing down and has seen this latest example of bigotry as proof that his campaign must go on. He and his campaign team’s resolve is now stronger than ever.

The Wichita Police Department is investigating.

Tweeted Manning regarding the threat: “With vision there is no room to be frightened. No reason for intimidation. It's time to march forward! Let's be confident and positive!”

Visit Manning's campaign site here.


  1. Clay says

    What a horrible excuse for a death threat. No creativity involved and they didn’t even spell “fagit” correctly. Does this surprise me? Not one bit. Clearly goes to show that bigots and the poorly educated go hand in hand.

  2. Fenrox says

    See these are the death threats to fear, A poorly crafted one speaks of a stupid perp, and stupid perps can’t be reasoned with or stopped.

  3. Troy F. says

    Interesting that I live in Wichita, though not this exact district, and this is the first that I’ve seen about this. Nothing has been in the local media about this.

  4. Bob R says

    Some knuckle dragging, mouth breathing right winger with entirely too much time on his hands leaves an anonymous threat taped to the candidates door. What a slimy little yellow bellied weasel this cretin must be. It wouldn’t dare to confront head on a West Point grad with 8 years of military service. What a coward. This is what America is devolving into thanks to the likes of Fox, Limbaugh, McCain/Palin and the rest of the Neanderthal right. There must be something in the nation’s water supply.

  5. Big Gay Jason says

    The witch that Dan Manning is running against is very anti gay. Even if you don’t live in Kansas please send a donation however small via paypal. Even $10 or $20 bucks will help Dan Manning become the first out gay legislator in Kansas. You know, Kansas the home of infamous hate monger Phred Phelps.

  6. Steve says

    I assume this came from a “Christian” exercising his/her right to free expression….the dangerous one here is obviously not the gay guy.

  7. says

    I don’t know whether to be annoyed or write it off as a nut job looking for attention. I truly don’t know how I’d feel having something like that taped to my front door. It certainly wouldn’t stop me from doing what I normally do. But on the other hand I wonder if I would go about my regular routine with ears perked eyes watching and with a more cautious glide in my otherwise macho swagger.

  8. Big Gay Jason says

    Troy F, It is my understanding that Candidate Dan Manning was waiting to allow the police to investigate before releasing any information. You should look to local news outlets such as KWCH CBS 12 today.

  9. says

    The best way to get back at Landwehr is to have Manning kick her ass out of the Legislature. Want to help? Send money. Seriously. We’re gays. We’re supposed to have disposable income–sending Manning what it costs for 2 appletinis at the Abbey is plenty. Guess how much the average state representative race costs in Kansas? Not much, comparatively! Successful challengers usually raise about $20-25,000. Incumbents can get close to $50,000. The all-time record is Democrat Sean Tevis’ Internet-fueled campaign with $109,000 in 2008. The donation limit is $500. Do it. Donate. http://www.manningforkansas.com/

    PS-I’m not affiliated with the campaign or anything, I’m just a gay Kansan and I am tired of this shit. Manning got $50 from me and I’m poor as hell. But we gay Kansans can’t do it alone–there aren’t enough of us. But there are enough of you, precious Internet friends. Help us Internet, you’re our only hope!

  10. latebrosus says

    Ya think Sarah’s going to support him with “Don’t retreat…reload!” tweet?

    Yeah, me neither.

  11. just a guy says

    Mr. Manning, I’m CRAZY PROUD OF YOU. Your story and strength is heartwarming. To me ur a better leader and more important to our movement (long term) than Mehlman-types any day. Thank you for being wonderful and an inspiration.

    to the haters … we will overcome

  12. says

    The response from the LGBT and straight community has been absolutely amazing!! I did not enter this race for glory or fame, I threw my hat in the ring to fight for the issues that are important to us all…jobs, education, the economy, and of course, equality. As a candidate, the campaign trail can sometimes feel long and lonely, but the love and support I have seen over the past 24 hours has been wonderful. Thank you. And my pledge to you is that I will keep fighting. I will not give up. I will be the voice our community needs here in Kansas for as long as I have a voice.

  13. Jeff Dunivant says

    The word that you are trying to use is “Faggot” you inbred, backwoods, Copenhagen chewin’, banjo playin’, overall wearin, moonshine drinkin’, floppy hat wearin’, ignorant motherfucker. Go back to Deliverance where you belong and just die, that is if some “Faggot” don’t do it first.

  14. Cheryl says

    I was very dishearted to see & hear of the death threat in this…or any race. What is wrong with people these days…I can think of no reason to behave this way. You can disagree with a person, you can vote or work for others, but to make threats like this is totaly Unamerican! While I can’t vote or work for M. Manning because I live in Missouri, I can lend my moral moral support as a American, as a straight daughter of a gay man and as a loyal Democrat. I hope you win, Mr. Manning. Good luck.

  15. Marlene says

    There’s the distinct possibility that Landwehr could be held *personally* responsible for the death threat!!

    Rhetoric such as hers has been responsible for crimes against LGBTs for many years.

    For some years now, Morris Dees of the SPLC has bankrupted a number of owners hate groups due to the actions of their followers. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not she can be held responsible for this threat.