Levi Johnston to Run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska

On his new reality show, Variety reports:

Levi1 "Johnston admitted that he wasn't thrilled at first about the mayoral campaign concept, which was pitched to him by Stone's Scott Stone and David Weintraub.

'But the more I think about it and look into it, I think there's a possibility we can make it happen,' Johnston said of his political prospects. 'It's something that I want to do.'

Johnston already has a campaign manager, Tank Jones, to help him with the task. Wasilla's mayoral chair isn't actually up for election until 2012, but in the meantime, Jones said Johnston may look to run for city council.

Johnston's candidacy isn't as far-fetched as it sounds: Wasilla's current mayor, lawyer Verne E. Rupright, won the seat in 2008 with 466 votes — less than 100 from his nearest competitor, who received 373.

If he wins, he promises to fulfill his duty as the town's mayor.

And should his candidacy prove successful in Wasilla, Jones said he's got Johnston's sights set next on the Alaska governor's race — and it's not entirely clear whether he's kidding or not."

Said Johnston: "It's hard to figure me out. You've got to follow me around. I'm very different. I lead a crazy life. But it will basically be both worlds, my life in Hollywood and back home, the real country boy that I am. This show will send a message to America about who I really am and what I want to do with my life.'"


  1. Mike says

    Hell, have him run in the 2012 Republican Presidential… couldn’t be worse than their current field. Especially Levi’s ex-mom-in-law-to-be-grandmother-of-his-child.

  2. johnny says

    It’s getting to the point where any sentient, bi-pedal creature can run for office – and possibly win. Anyone who has watched more than 2 minutes of this (albeit hunky) meat puppet should realize he’s better suited behind the wheel of a bulldozer or perhaps making corn dogs than running ANY government office, and that’s including mail clerk.

    It’s pretty sad that this has become the state of politics in the U.S., where it’s more about celebrity than function. At least it’s just Wasilla.

  3. A Liberal says

    The peculiar quirks of our primary voting system and the “forty percent minority rules” system in Congress have destroyed our democratic process.

    As to Levi, he would be excellent material for a “reality TV show.” Especially one with shower cams.

  4. Mark says

    Dear Levi,
    It is not hard to figure you out at all. As are so many people today, you are a celebrity whore.(So is your non mother in law, but I digress). You have decided to use your good looks, and the relationship you had, to promote yourself. This is not uncommon. However, the time and energy it takes to do this does not allow you to actually work on becoming a better human being. One day you may wake up to this fact. Let us hope in the mean time you do not harm yourself or anyone else in your pursuit of gratuitous fame.

  5. says

    Like Bristol Palin 3 weeks ago, if he’s going to come back to my side—making fun of the Palins by making a mockery of himself and enraging them—I’m willing to take him back.

  6. Joel says

    There must be a special circle of Hell for John McCain to punish him for introducing the Palins and all these hicks associated with them to the national spotlight.

  7. Matt says

    Why are we still talking about this guy? All he ever accomplished in life was to knock up some girl.

  8. jamal49 says

    Um, the waters here are very snark-infested today.

    Levi, you go boy! This is America, where dreams take wing and, if you work hard enough, you, too, can put food on your family.

    Is there any difference between Levi and Ms. Sarah? Well, I’ve seen Levi speak and La Palin speak and in the “who can string words together to make two coherent sentences” contest, Levi does do better than Ms. Moose Hunter.

    At least Levi is pleasant to look at. If he says something dumb, well, nobody’ll be surprised.

    Plus, he can use his Playgirl spread and make some really cool campaign posters.

    Hey, Levi’s a li’l stud-muffin and since most of “reality TV” is tres trashy, Levi’ll fit right in.

    Hey, it’s Wasilla! It’s Alaska! It’s America!

    Go, Levi!

  9. Matt says

    Every time I spot a Palin/Johnston-related news headline I have to stop and ask myself if it’s a joke. These people are insane. And a laughinstock.

  10. Fenrox says

    I just gotta say the porno parody of Levi is AMAZING, that guy looks JUST LIKE HIM and Levi is far more palatable with a dick in his ass.

  11. nic says

    i don’t understand the disdain some have for levi. he has as much going on as sarah palin, and look how far SHE’S gotten. why begrudge the cute little dude a modicum of success. plus, as long as he remains a thorn in the bitch’s side, he’s ok by me.