1. Rad says

    Well, Hell, if Mel Gibson thinks it’s okay, then I guess it is!

    Don’t listen to talk radio, don’t really watch cable news, don’t really care.

  2. says

    Good on her for apologizing. But I’m much more shocked at Dr. L’s very first objection, “I don’t think that’s racist,” in response to the caller’s complaint of the husband’s friends saying “Black people do this, black people do that.”

    Um, what’s the definition of racist then? I thought it was a person who attributes unrelated qualities to people based on a common set of genetic traits. Last time I checked, those genetic traits don’t determine any common set of behaviors…

  3. yonkersconquers says

    That’s the most racist rant I’ve seen in ages. She’s appalling. And look how she blames the caller for other people’s bad behavior. Telling her to get a sense of humor? Oh my God.

  4. jexer says

    She’s still around?

    Considering her history, I’m more surprised that she apologized than at her use of the N-word.

    Hostile taboo words were used to terrorize ‘undesirable’ marginalized minorities, to remind them of their unfavored and unprotected place.

    No one should be using those words anymore, especially not the people those words were used to intimidate.

  5. bigolpoofter says

    Spewing homophobic bull$hit hurts people, Laura; in fact, it kills. So, why do you still do that, huh?!

  6. Miss JuJu BeBe says

    Scot, Obviously you must be a GOProud gurl or a rep from Gay Patriot. It’s the context of how she was speaking. The woman wanted an opinion not an attack to say “Well Black Men say it to each other all the time”

    The Bitch is LOONEY TUNES…

    However it’s 8:30AM I know Andy only put this rant up for the KKK Queens you know Jason, and that Grabbinnews Bitch so the spewing will commence in 5..4..3..2..1..

    This has nothing to do with Gay news! Make a coin Towle 😉

  7. says

    I think the WORST thing that has been done with that word was for black people to start using it again. The reasoning behind it’s reintroduction is one that is weak and ignorant for it’s delivery and frequency of use. With it’s use in mainstream media such as TV and records; it has created a backlash of “when and who” can use it.

    No other group so outwardly and publicly calls each other such harsh names. You NEVER hear Jewish people say “kike”; Hispanic people say “spick or wet back”; Asian people say, “chink or slant eyed”; Arab people say, “camel jockey”…

  8. mdtopdad says

    In her defense WHAT is the big deal? I completely understand the point she was making, and as a white person with black friends, never got the “ok-ness” of using the N-word among same race friends. I find it appalling

  9. Bart says

    She’s an idiot. She’s always been a hurtful idiot and she will remain a stupid grub. She has no degree in psychology or psychiatry which is what she proports to do on the radio. She simply showed America who she is and her producers made her apologize. I find nothing sincere about her other than her stupidity and vileness.

  10. Mike says

    What I think is worse is the point she made about black people voting for Obama simply because he was half black. So did white people vote for him because he was half white? She was incredibly stupid and insensitive for using the N word – but we all know that anyway; no surprises there! All conservative talk radio is hateful and divisive. It caters to peoples worst qualities in order to make a buck; and causes so much harm. Shameful – and it’s destroying our country.

  11. David in Houston says

    As much as I despise Dr. Laura (and I do despise her), I think she was trying to say that context is relevant when using derogatory terms. (Gay friends jokingly calling each other ‘queer’ would not be derogatory) Aside from that, she completely went off the rails. Her rant about voting for Obama was incredibly insulting and racist. As though the only reason black people would vote for Obama was because he is black… not that McCain and Palin are incompetent buffoons that would have destroyed our country.

  12. TK96 says

    I love Dr. Laura. She went a little off kilter here but who cares? She helps people every day and gives excellent advice. I am with her on the count that everyone is so damned PC they are afraid to talk. So she said a word that a lot of walking wounded are sensitive to. She could have said faggot faggot faggot. Wouldn’t have bothered me a bit. I listen to her frequently and know she is neither a racist nor a homophobe. It is all about context and people need to grow the f*ck up and stop giving words so much meaning.

  13. Chitown Kev says

    I actually agree with the point that Dr. Laura was attempting to make…and personally, I think that if she had said the word once, for all its’ ugly connotations, I would have been fine with it.

    However, Miss Thang went way overboard with it, talking about the election, her black bodyguard, etc.

  14. princely54 says

    This moron is so past her prime. I have no idea why she’s even still on the radio and even more shocking is why this woman even called her for this kind of advice. She’s an ignorant half-wit liar.

    I love how she’s the one who can decide when the word is funny. What a craggily faced conservative twit.

    ‘Don’t NAACP me!’

    ‘Need a sense of humor’ because SHE knows whats funny. We ALL go to her to find out whats funny.

    I also love that she was so upset that she outed herself as a racist that she had to take the rest of the day off. Loser.

  15. Greenthumb55 says

    I’m totally with Dr. Laura with this one even though normally I can’t stand her. I’m sick of this double-standard with words and races, black people need to seriously lighten the fuck up and get over the color of their skin. They have more issues with the fact that they’re black than caucasian people do.

    Someone says something you don’t like? “THAT’S RACIST!” Didn’t get the job? “IT’S CAUSE I’M BLACK!” Things don’t always go your way? “IT’S CAUSE I’M BLACK!”

    What a wonderful life it must be to be non-white in Western society. Blame your race when things don’t go your way – the perfect trump card to help get what you want everytime. :)

  16. Jim says

    Dr. Laura has completely lost hold of reality. I could say so much about her. I’ll just say this: she says that so many black people voted for Obama because he is black; well, so many people still listen to Dr. Laura simply because she is a a racist, homophobic bigot, and she promotes their ignorant archaic way of thinking and life!

  17. crispy says

    @Greenthumb55: Sorry, no. Check the fine print on the back of the Race Card: “Void during a black presidency.”

    Just ask Charlie Rangel.

  18. ChubbyLove says

    The point is that blacks have lacked the power over their destinies. Living as second class citizens we lack the POWER (political and economic) to raise ourselves out of poverty, etc. So, when people make racist comments this is freedom of speech and maybe a lack of tact. When power is used to keep a race from enjoying their rights and having their freedoms then this is what true RACISM is. Don’t be fooled by words. Actions are what is important.

  19. Dodger says

    The white people created and used the n word as a negative, and now, because blacks allegedly have “equal rights” it should be an acceptable word.
    And everyone knows, we women can call ourselves and our friends bitches and mean it playfully, but let some man or a stranger do it, and we are offended! That is the same thing. If a black wants to jokingly call another an n, then fine, but another race should not be allowed to do it. Should respectfully not do it.
    The white people whose very forefathers owned the forefathers of blacks today, have no right to assume they know what the black person feels, and it isn’t their right to say that caller needs to get a sense of humor.
    Boo to you, Laura! You should be ashamed.

  20. Pete says

    This cunt is trying to stay realvant. She did this intentionally and knew exactly what she was doing, and the media saps fell for it…giving her more airtime than she deserves.

  21. peterparker says

    Laura Schlessinger is not a psychologist (as another commenter pointed out). She is, however, a licensed psychotherapist. The difference is that a psychologist has a PhD while a psychotherapist has a Master’s Degree. Her particular licensure is a Marriage and Family Therapist. Additionally, she is a complete and total hatemonger.

  22. GregV says

    She used to be gay friendly. Then, she converted to Orthodox Judaism (which, unlike Reform Judaism, is not friendly to gays) and started spreading horrendous, hateful propaganda about gay people. (That was about a decade ago.)
    then, she announced a few years ago that she had become disenchanted with Orthodox Judaism and didn’t see the people in it being compassionate. Simultaneously, she pretty much refrained from saying hateful things about gays.

    One of my pet peeves is that Laura uses the term “Dr.” even though her doctorate has nothing to do with the field in which she is working, because it fools listeners into assuming she is a psychologist.

    Meanwhile, her advice tends to be based not on any kind of science or research but on her personal opinions and change not because of any evidence but because of her evolving personal religion.

    I am glad, though, that she has for the most part stepped off of that ugly, anti-gay soapbox.

  23. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    Mrs Schlessinger and philosophical?
    What a ridiculous bullshit! To be philosophical you need a thinking brain and an attitude based on ethics! Schlessinger doesn’t.

  24. Winky says

    I actually listened to what she said, in addition to using the word Ni&&er 11 times, she INSULTED the President and EVERYONE African American by saying that it was ‘a black thing’ that ALL blacks (a lie) voted for him (without thinking!?!?!). If being black was enough, Alan Keyes would be in office somewhere.
    Dr. Laura is the EVERYDAY mouthpiece for the GOPeeTeaParty, she apes their talking points DAILY in the start of her show.

    She is apologizing for SAYING WHAT SHE Felt about, African Americans and the President.
    She is FLOATING using the word Ni&&er for her GOP supporters, so they slither from calling the President a NaziwhichequalsNi&&er. WHY is this NASTY Mean spiritied Homophobic Monster still on the Air?

  25. Tim says

    Don’t want to be PC so I guess I’ll start addressing gay men as faggots ,Blacks as niggers and woman as bitches since I’ve heard some of them refer to each other in those terms Thanks TK96

  26. TANK says

    So Dr. Laura thinks that because we have a black president, racism is over? No? If she wanted to have a real conversation about racism, it seems that she wouldn’t have completely overlooked it in sanctioning the use of the ‘n’ word by white people in certain contexts because some black people occasionally use it (what does one have to do with the other?). And what is it about them using it that makes it okay for everyone to use it? She said context, which is a race neutral criterion. Well, regardless of context, the word refers to the same thing (picks out black people), but is offensive in some contexts but not in others. Why? Because of values; in certain contexts, values or beliefs of the speaker are revealed, and in others, it isn’t. So a speaker who is racist who uses the ‘n’ word values a proposition (that black people are inherently inferior to white people), and uses that word to express his value and/or belief. I would counter that the word has a value (racism) associated with its meaning given its history of use that makes it offensive regardless of criterion, however–regardless of the values held by the speaker or the speaker’s “intent” in using it. Insofar as there’s such a thing as misusing a word (and there is), this point holds. Because of that value associated with its meaning, it is being expressed whenever someone uses the term.

    And yes, if I were to ask a black person what black people think about a certain issue simply because that person is black, I would be guilty of thinking that that black person isn’t an individual, but speaks on behalf of all black people because all they are is is a trait. Is that insulting? I’d be insulted if I were defined solely in terms of a trait I had…

    Dr. Laura is an idiot. That said, all she proved is that racism CAN be funny…in certain contexts.

  27. Art says

    What is this fucking christian bitch a doctor of? Prostrate massage, with her filthy tongue?

    She always spouts such hate. I have never hear anything constructive from her christian mouth.

  28. Krovvy says

    It’s obvious that Dr. Laura has grown increasingly insane over the last 5-6 years. Now she sometimes punctuates her points by making weird noises and the person who said she’s losing touch with reality is quite correct. She’s also adopted a much more simplistic Victorian view of marriage and now has taken to dispensing the same condescending and unhelpful advice to every caller. She used to be mildly amusing, but now I don’t see how anyone can listen to her, especially when all of her “advice” is so heavily politicized.

  29. Joe says

    Her words made me really mad. It’s not that she just used the N-word, but from the moment she said “oh, that’s not racist. you’re wrong and sensitive.” She needs to apologize for that and for saying such nonsense.

    This woman sits on the air spewing sexism and all forms of hate all day.

  30. Mary Arnold says

    I agree totally that African americans/blacks use the N… word way tooo much, whether its a comic or in communicating with each other in different sub cultures. What added to my being ticked off @ her ranting was the comment ” If your’e that sensitive about the word you should stay within your race!

  31. says

    Oh, *she* pulled the show? Because she felt bad? hahahaha

    Please! Obviously someone else in charge pulled the plug on her ass.

  32. nic says

    “Dr” Laura has a PHD in physiology. that makes her as qualified to counsel people in psychology as it does for a chiropractor to operate on her black heart or perverse brain.

  33. AT says

    When she says that all black guys use the n word was wrong. That is not true and just because she hears black comics on HBO saying it does not mean they speak for all black guys. Having a black person as the president does not mean that this country is now free from racist people and prejudice. We still have hate and it comes in different ways. Whites on black, black on whites, black on hispanic, hispanic on blacks, hispanic on whites and so on. To believe that because we have a black president that all this stopped is ignorant. Dr. Laura should apologize for her use of the n word because she did offend people by saying that and I don’t care if she does hear other blacks calling other blacks that. That is not all blacks and majority of blacks here take offense to it no matter who is saying it. I do not thing her views make her a racist.

  34. mike says

    at least she apologized. but still i could be on the radio 24 hours a day and not use the word. its called respect.

  35. Big H says

    It is all confusing. I work as police officer in a black community and all I hear is blacks calling each other the N work. I am mad as hell about it because I am black. Every person who belives that this lady is wrong should take a look at the real word. I agree with her about HBO and some blacks calling each other the N word. It’s a shame that our own race will not take responsibilty in correcting our own back yard first.

  36. Dave says

    As a black male myself I agree with the doctor. How can we as a race expect others to respect us and not use offensive words, when we disrespect ouselves and use them. If it is so offensive, we should lead by example and not use it ourslves. I will quickly ask anyone of any race not to use the N word in my presence, including my own family. So if you can get upset at a white person for using the N word you need to stop using it yourself.