News: Allen Ginsberg, Tenderloin, Netherlands, Shirley Huntley

Road Defense bill (along with DADT repeal) in danger if GOP takes House this November.

NepalRoad More photos from the first large-scale Gay Pride parade in Nepal.

RoadBrian Williams is hung.

RoadWill the Justice Dept. weigh in on the Prop 8 case? "It is possible that the 9th Circuit panel could request the Justice Department's views on the case, but Carter Phillips, managing partner of Sidley Austin's Washington office, said it would be unusual for a panel to do so."

Road Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton "disappointed" by Target donation to MN Forward.

RoadThe first gay soldier in the Spanish military to get married says he has been subject to harassment by his superiors.

RoadNathaniel Rogers celebrates the 10th anniversary of Bring It On! "The movie was so high spirited and well executed that it was as bracing and life-affirming as jumping back into the ocean again."

RoadCalifornia passes bill protecting clergy opposed to same-sex marriage: "Sen. Mark Leno's bill, approved 22-11 Wednesday, could become necessary if a federal appeals court upholds a judge's ruling this month striking down Proposition 8, the state's voter-approved gay marriage ban. The bill says religious institutions from faiths that object to same-sex unions could not be stripped of their tax-exempt status if their clergy refuse to perform weddings for gay couples."

RoadInside rehearsals for the Angels in America revival.

RoadRobbie Williams Twitterview.

Gay_proveit RoadUK refugee activist group Refugee Action launches campaign in support of LGBT asylum seekers.

Road400 Anglican bishops speak out against gays in Uganda.

RoadFrankenSalmon nearly ready for public consumption.

RoadLongtime SF Tenderloin gay bathhouse to become doggie day care center: "A doggy day care center with space for up to 60 canines is scheduled to open early next year at 130 Turk St., which is on a rundown corridor between Taylor and Jones streets. The facility, which could aid city-led efforts to rejuvenate the rough-and-tumble area, will provide only daytime accommodations for dogs, proprietor David Nale said. Customers could include Tenderloin residents and workers who park in surrounding garages who will pay up to $40 a day for the service, according to Nale. The charming three-story building has been vacant since The City cracked down on gay bathhouses amid the 1980s AIDS epidemic."

RoadAdam Lambert and Katy Perry hit the Scissor Sisters concert in NYC.

Ginsberg RoadAllen Ginsberg's NYC apartment for rent.

RoadPublicly funded gay and lesbian center evicted in Glasgow, Scotland.

RoadMale model fix: It's an underwear fashion show.

RoadMeth use among gay men in Seattle remains a "pervasive problem."

RoadNetherlands to include same-sex couples in school textbooks: "Two fathers go out to buy a guinea pig that costs 17.95 euros in the pet shop. The shop owner gives them a discount of 20 per cent. How much must Jan's fathers pay?"

RoadMarch to be held tomorrow in SF for MUNI hate crime victim.

RoadDetroit gay youth center destroyed by fire.

RoadNew York State Senator Shirley Huntley mailer links death threats to gay marriage supporters: "The threat came in the form of a bouquet with a note attached that said, 'Rest In Peace.' At the time, Huntley said she had no idea who might be making the threats. But some blame seems to be assigned in this latest mailer (which is marked "Shirley Huntley for New York State Senate")."

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  1. Um...maybe someone could explain to me the grease smeared on the underwear models?

    Posted by: Butch | Aug 26, 2010 3:31:06 PM

  2. The "hot guy who works with his hands and gets all dirty" is a fixture of gay erotica and old Madonna videos. Or maybe it's just fun tracing all those greasy hand prints with your eyes and imagining your own hands wandering...

    Posted by: tbeth | Aug 26, 2010 5:14:17 PM

  3. That Netherlands story isn't gay enough. Maybe this instead:

    "Two fathers go out to buy a gerbil that costs 17.95 euros. The Pet Shop Boys give them a 20 per cent couple's discount. How much must Jan's fathers pay?"

    Answer: 7.18 euros each (they're going Dutch).

    Posted by: A. Beaverhausen | Aug 26, 2010 5:23:30 PM

  4. "Defense bill (along with DADT repeal) in danger if GOP takes House this November."

    I think it's sad that gays still cling to the embarrassing delusion that President Messiah (and most Democrats) actually care about LGBT issues.

    DADT has just as much of a chance of passing now as it does after November: none. Why? Because President Political Genius doesn't want to piss off right-wing voters who aren't going to vote for him anyway, and he knows none of you are going to break ranks to support a big bad Republican.

    Sucks to be a battered wife, doesn't it?

    Posted by: Max | Aug 26, 2010 10:23:49 PM

  5. Sad article about meth use in Seattle. The really sad fact is about meth abuse in ALL US cities. Meth is evil, plain and simple. I'm a meth survivor, I know how hard it is.

    We need to do a better job of holding each other up rather than pushing each other down. I'd never have made it without help.
    We need to be better at accepting ourselves and each other.

    Posted by: Kyle | Aug 26, 2010 11:57:44 PM

  6. The end of an era. Ginsberg and his crowd left behind some interesting memoirs, interesting reading, especially the sex. Sad to see his apartment scrubbed beyond recognition. Good article and comments, good find. Thanks for posting it.

    Posted by: Goodbye Allen | Aug 27, 2010 12:23:27 AM

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