1. ratbastard says

    For shits sake people, you have no idea who the people you meat from Craigslist are. That witness showing up probably saved this man’s life.

  2. megamike says

    as always be very careful when cruising and definitely add craigslist to the caution list
    read your local m4m ads regularly before you answer/post any ad. Be aware for any unusual patterns of posters. And by taking the time to read the ads you will come across persons who post warning ads on a particular person
    The general tone of the persons commenting on ads is that many of the posters in my area are simply posting as a fantasy…and unfortunately some persons fantasies involve hate

  3. ratbastard says

    WOW Jamal…alls I said was the dude’s life was probably saved by the witness showing up on the scene and scaring away his attacker, and that everyone should be careful of hooking up with strangers. AND I made a legit typo that in retrospect appears to be a Freudian slip. HOW the fuck is all this bad? HOW the fuck does this make me out to be evil?

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