Marines Won’t Face Hate Crime Charges for Beating Savannah Gay Man Unconscious Over Alleged Wink


Two Marines charged with beating a gay man won't face hate crime charges, WSAV reports:

"Lance Corporal Christopher Stanzel and Corporal Keil Cronauer are charged with misdemeanor battery in the june attack of 26-year-old keiran daly (sic) in johnson square. A police report says the attack apparently happened after the marines learned Kieran was homosexual and they thought he quote 'winked at them.' The defense and prosecution agreed to delay a hearing earlier this month to allow time to review a video related to the case. A rescheduled hearing is now set for September 9th."

Georgia Equality Executive Director Jeff Graham called the misdemeanor charges, when posted in June, "outrageous" and "a miscarriage of justice."

According to The Georgia Voice: "After the alleged attack on June 12, LGBT activists in Savannah and Atlanta called for the FBI to investigate the incident under the federal hate crimes law. Johnson said after the FBI, the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department and the DA’s office reviewed Daly's medical records and conducted further investigation, they determined this case had 'no merit' to be considered a hate crime. 'I can’t speak on the specifics because this is pending litigation, but for a crime to be considered a felony [which a hate crime is considered to be] there has to be proof of a sustained injury,' Johnson said."


  1. Tollendyr says

    With the way our Law Enforcement and Government seem to endorse Gay Panic as a legitimate course of excuse, we’re lucky these two are being charged with ANYthing…

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    Of course it’s not a hate crime!! The assailants are MARINES!!! The guy in white is clearly suffering PTSD. The guy in blue is really cute, but a total follower…

    Our patriotic fighting boys are needed to go back to Afghanistan to either catch some bullets and/or shrapnel or maybe kill some ragheads! So what if they beat the shit outta some fucking faggot in ATLANTA!! /snark

    These must be the favorite butt buddies for some officer back in the desert…

    What color was the victim?

  3. TampaZeke says

    So, if a man beats his wife unconscious it isn’t a felony of there is no “sustained injury”?

    There are a whole lot of men who have been convicted of felony domestic violence that will be interested in hearing this new definition of felony assault.

  4. suede says

    This is bullshit.

    So, when DADT gets repealed, insecure men like these are going to have a field day beating the crap out of any openly gay serviceman, and its all going to be hush-hush like Tillman’s friendly-fire death.

    Stuff like this needs to be publicized via Maddow and others with an audible voice.

  5. Rob says

    I’m sorry but Marines do the gayest things in the world. Why must they freak out? And then to not hold them accountable for it? Even worse.

    Y’know what DADT teaches? “Don’t act gay. If you do, that must be a bad thing.” It reinforces a negative reaction and this macho, violent bullshit.

    I know plenty of respectful marines who aren’t gay. I know some who are gay. Suffice to say, I expect these two will be getting a private lesson as a consequence for their actions.

    Does that make up for it? No.

    If things don’t improve soon (again), I expect something very sad and violent is going to happen, again. And y’know what… the worst of it may not be happening to the gay person.

    ‘Cause I think we’re all getting sick of it.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    The same kind of slap on the wrist happens time after time.

    The Hate Crimes Law is too tepid to be worth much except to help gather statistics and even there its value is limited.

    As Amnesty International points out “Nearly four decades after Stonewall, and despite significant progress in the recognition of the human rights of LGBT people, the targeting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals for police abuse and misconduct remains a persistent and widespread problem in the US.” Many victims don’t report crimes because of fear of the police as well as fear of the christian thugs who attacked them.

    Recently the cop, Bridges McRae who mercilessly beat Duanna Johnson’s got two years for it. Duanna Johnson was ‘mysteriously’ murdered before her threatened lawsuit against the city of Memphis got underway.

    Here’s the video of the unprovoked racist, anti-GLBT beating

    The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) releases annual reports on hate crimes. It’s a “a coalition of 40 anti-violence organizations that monitor, respond to, and work to end hate, domestic and sexual violence, HIV-related violence, and other forms of violence affecting LGBTQ communities.”

  7. SFshawn says

    The military always live by different rules than the rest of us law abiding citizens so no surprise with that verdict. Eventually these closet cases will learn to fuck each other instead of fucking over innocent civilians with their macho posturing. Pathetic and a disgrace to the uniform.

  8. JimmyD says

    They THOUGHT Keiran WINKED at them?
    They beat him up because they THOUGHT someone winked at them? WINKED? THOUGHT?
    And this is NOT a Hate Crime?
    This country is so far gone down the toilet.

    So… if I’m out on the street and get some dust in my eye and try to blink it out or I happen to glance in a general direction where they might be Marines/Army and or Navy guys/a cop… they are GRANTED THE RIGHT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ME because one of them THOUGHT I was coming on to them?

    USA! USA!

  9. Dagoril says

    The message this ruling sends me is that any time any “straight” man threatens me, I should pull out a gun and shoot him. Because I will get no justice in our court system, I might as well go all vigilante on his sorry ass. I might end up in jail, but hey! At least I’ll get health care. Which is more than the average American gets.

  10. StevieLee says

    Okay…if the law doesn’t protect us, I guess we’ll just have to take it upon ourselves seek justice.

    These two homophobe closet cases can easily be found and reminded of just who they are actually fu#king with.

    Lance Corporal Christopher Stanzel and Corporal Keil Cronauer – wherever you are…take note: WE ARE COMMING FOR YOU!

  11. says

    Since when does the injury need to be “sustained” in order to be considered a hate-crime!? The victim was left without a pulse! He was beaten by thick- and square-headed thugs who may-as-well have spat upon their uniforms while they battered a gay man in a fit of hypocritical insecurity. WHERE ARE THE FEDS!? WHERE’S THE F.B.I.!?

  12. Skooter McGoo says

    5’3′ and 5’7″ would tend to make me believe that these two were beaten or picked on as young kids. Not surprising they feel the need to beat someone down to believe they are men. Sad.

  13. Dan P says

    The Matthew Shepard Act says nothing about “sustained” injuries. Even if it did that generally in law means an injury that was experienced by another party.

    The Act only refers to bodily injury – and no requirement that the injury must be permanent.

    Our laws are good – but that does not mean that they will be enforced properly without advocacy.

  14. ratbastard says

    The dudes maybe have a macho chip on their shoulder due to their height…5′-5″ (wearing shoes) and 5′-7″.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being short of course.

    It was obviously a hate crime based on hatred for homosexuals.

  15. Fred says

    “The case has “no merit”? Bullshit!

    Two poor poor Marines beat the shit out of a guy who winked at them after they learn the guy is gay. And the case has no merit? Says a lot for the Marines!

    Thankfully their names will forever be attached to this story so friends and future employers will know what they did.

    As for the Georgia prosecutor, you suck!

  16. Didgeridont says

    What on earth are you two going on about, Ratbastard, and Borninthecity?

    Let’s say Daly was in a road-rage incident a year earlier and used a racial slur. Does that mean it’s okay for two ‘roidtard marines to knock him down for maybe winking at them?! Absurd. Ratbastard, I don’t think Daly had a seisure just to stir some shit. Learn to reason, trolls.

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