Mexico City Mayor Sues Guadalajara Bishop for Defamation Over Claims Justices Were Bribed for Gay Marriage Decision

Mexico City's Mayor Marcelo Ebrand is suing the Bishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, after Sandoval made public remarks that the Mexican Supreme Court was bribed to rule in favor of gay marriage and gay adoptions, the L.A. Times reports:

Sandoval "Sandoval made the allegations on Sunday during an event in Aguascalientes state. He also used a slur against gays while decrying the recent high court decisions that were called victories for the gay-rights community, as L.A. Times correspondent Tracy Wilkinson analyzes in this story.

Church authorities were not backing down. Sandoval said Monday he would not retract his comments, and the archdiocese in Guadalajara later said it had proof of the allegations against the Supreme Court justices (link in Spanish). Statements in support were issued from the archdiocese in Mexico City, while the Bishops' Conference of Mexico also said it supports Sandoval."

The Supreme Court censured Sandoval.

Said Ebrard, smacking down Sandoval: "We live in a secular state, and here, whether we like it or not, the law rules the land. The cardinal must submit to the law of the land, like all other citizens of this country."


  1. acorlando says

    >> “We live in a secular state, and here, whether we like it or not, the law rules the land. The cardinal must submit to the law of the land, like all other citizens of this country.”

    Good. It’s about time someone takes this organized crime group to court and hits them in the wallet.

  2. TampaZeke says

    I WAY prefer Mexico’s version of a “fierce advocate” (defensor feroz) of gay rights to the ineffective, wet noodle version we’re stuck with.

  3. Bishop Beaverhausen says

    I want a silly hat, too. And some ruby slippers like that Pedo-Nazi in Rome.

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Unfortunately, as a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church Sandoval may be able to escape the Law by waving a Vatican City passport. Bernard Cardinal Law of Boston escaped prosecution in the child molestation cases in Boston via diplomatic immunity as a Prince of the Church.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Honestly, how do BILLIONS of people take CELIBATE men dressed up as giant bedazzled penises seriously when they pontificate about sex; especially when they have such a vast and shameful history of being child fuckers?

    Am I missing something?

  6. walter says

    here is a man in a gold lame dress with a dunce cap and we are supposed to take him seriously. three cheers for the mayor and the supreme court. it is about time the church is held responsible for his words and
    deeds. i hope the court awards the mayor millons. make the assholes sell off some of their holdings which over history thet stole

  7. andy says

    Ted B. (Charging Rhino):”Bernard Cardinal Law of Boston escaped prosecution in the child molestation cases in Boston via diplomatic immunity as a Prince of the Church.”

    I assume then that the Cardinal was expelled and banned from the US like other diplomats?

  8. Javier says

    Cardinal Sandoval is a criminal of tremendous proportions. In 2008 he was investigated for ties to drug cartels, peddling influence and stealing money from the tithings in his churches. No charges where filed because he is so powerful and has a lot of influence in the country.

    All of his misdeed have been documented by many journalists like Sanjuana Martínez in her book, Los Intocables (The Untouchables), and even a former Federal prosecutor, Jorge Carpizo McGregor, was able to connect him to the cartels of Tijuana and Juarez years ago but nothing ever happened to him.

    Hopefully this circus will put his criminal acts back in the spotlight.

    By the way, the quote the LA Times refers to as a slur was the Cardinal asking a group of people how the would like to “be adopted by lesbians or fags” (“lesbianas o maricones”). The man is a monster.

  9. Peter says

    Gays before me, I am your messiah, please kneel.

    You will design me hats, and robes.

    You will give me wealth, of which I will trickle to the poor and needy.

    I declare that breeding is an abomination when done by those who do not conform to the bi gender.

    I declare that all followers have Labradoodles at their side, because they are fun.

    Our church declares that you have a right to marry, and therefore, the government, in this land where freedom of religion is paramount, will recognize our rights.

    You can call me Messiah, but never by my given drag name of Bandit McDowell.

    Let us pray and end it with oogah awwww-men.

  10. Martín D. says

    I live in Guadalajara, and the situation with “narcos” is getting heavy here, and believe when i say people are not gonna let this go unnoticed, this city is probably one of the most divided i´ve seen in my life, half is super catholic and conservative while the other half is extremely liberal… it´s a really weird clash, but the Gay community will try to defend their rights from the crazy conservatives.

  11. ratbastard says

    I’d suggest all bills for unwanted and neglected children be sent to the Mexican Church officials…every last peso. The Church encourages uneducated and/or gullible people to breed at excessively high and unsustainable rates while discouraging birth control. This simple fact of life in Mexico and other parts of Latin America is one of the top 3 main reasons for the endless cycle of massive poverty, crime, violence, social and political instability.

    And the big ass hats and gold robes look uber faggy.

  12. mike/ says

    he’ll hide behind his white/gold/yellow dress with multi-colored circles on it and scream, “I’m a priest. You can’t sue me!”

    yeah, right…

  13. says

    Well, let’s back up here. It’s entirely possible bribes were involved. That doesn’t make the result bad. We do the same thing here in the USA, but we officialize them with campaign contributions from PACs and corporations (Target, anyone? Or would you prefer as well as lobbyists.

    All we want to know is, what’s the price tag on DOMA and DODT? Just send the invoice and we can bypass all the rhetoric and posturing. Do you accept AmEx, Barack? What do we have to do to get in on this equality action? Maybe if we started treating human rights with a more direct, used car salesman approach, we’d be speaking their language.