1. Cory says

    Damn, I was never a huge fan of Target (and Walmart, despise Walmart) but they had some decent prices on items I use, such as Sonicare toothbrushes. Target’s refusal to even donate to a good cause, WOW, slap in the face. Screw target, I hope they fold and that small businesses make a big comeback in the USA – WE NEED IT!

  2. david in iowa says

    With all their money and high tech staff, that cartoon is the best Move On can produce? There are 5th graders with laptops putting better stuff on youtube.

  3. walter says

    this actually has help keep the target name in view and gave them free advertising. they will become the darling of the right wing because they stood up to the dreaded gays. a bigger help would be aimed at their shareholders more people who sell target stock or complai will do more to effect targets stand than boycotts because it effect the value of the company and could do more effect the board.

  4. Fenrox says

    Uhhh is this really the best way to accomplish this? Didn’t target apologize? We can’t control the way the donate, we can only refuse to shop there if they refuse to stop donating to bigots.

    The HRC is a bunch of assholes so I really don’t feel good participating in a boycott when my side is represented by people I would like to boycott.

    If Target is sorry then end of boycott, if Target is all fuck you then boycott Target. The HRC’s talks probably consisted of shakedowns to candidates they support. Bet you 5 bucks Target was awesome and cool about this until HRC started to fuck with them.

  5. ricky says

    The donation revealed that prior to the corporate donation to a rabidly anti-gay candidate – Target’s highest level executives had routinely given to rabidly anti-gay candidates – including Bachman – both in and out of Minnesota. The donation revealed a pattern of anti-gay behavior by Target executives on the political level – while at the same time touting their “unwavering” support of gays and lesbians. Target lies.

    HRC should have looked at Target more carefully before giving them the rating they frankly never deserved. HRC needs to do the job they claim to do.

    For many – though certainly not all – this boycott will be taken very seriously – and some, like myself, will never – ever – shop at Target again in the same way. If they make a good faith effort – which they have failed to do thus far – I would make a limited return – but yes, this is broken and not sure it can be fixed.

    Target will never be the darling of the right – Wal-Mart has and continues to have that spot.

    Target’s employment policies are like many Fortune 500 companies – period. Their support of gays and lesbians in the workplace is simply good business – and clearly – that is all their support has ever been.

    Gays and lesbians in America should not have to wear a red shirt to be treated equally. Thanks Target for trying to make sure the only place I will be treated equally is while spending money in your store – while working against my interest the minute I step outside your store.

    The LA Times ran an “editorial” yesterday against the boycott – the question for the Times and for MSNBC is simply this: how much money does Target spend in advertising with you? How much does MoveOn spend? Okay – I think I now understand your reasoning.

    If you want to the truth to a thing in America – always follow the money.

  6. SFshawn says

    Good luck to Target getting their 2 NEW stores into San Francisco now.
    Target has been courting the city for YEARS and now all that $$$$$ and time is wasted because guess what Tar-Jay:YOUR NOT WELCOME!…go find someplace in Africa to sell your low grade shit and atleast your customers in that country will share your common hateful,homophobic and bigoted views of their gay brothers and sisters.

  7. Jeff says

    Damn that Target…..Makes we want to throw away that shirt for the Detroit A.I.D.S. walk from almost 20 YEARS AGO!!!! Target has been supportive of the Gay community for a very, very long time. And a lot of this stuff I’ve been reading is just untrue. And for those of you old enough to vote, you should know how dangerous it is to react to single issues.

    I suggest people do a little research of their own and not rely on what they read on the Internet. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it true.

  8. Cory says

    Jeff. Target has admitted that they made such donations, and has refused to not only apologize for it but to counter their donations to the LGBT community. Things change, so do companies and their initiatives. Not everything you read ISN’T true. If this were untrue, why has Target met with LGBT/HRC groups?

  9. ricky says

    Uh Jeff – an AIDS t-shirt – is that all it takes to buy your loyalty – good for you – crawl before your corporate Master Target if you must – but for the rest of us – with a little dignity and decency – we choose to stand as we walk past Target to spend our hard-earned money elsewhere.

    Sit there in your t-shirt – while Target consistently gives to anti-gay political candidates at both the Executive and Corporate level – arguing it is just good business – and tell us – in that mighty fine t-shirt – if Target could justify their spending on a candidate’s business position if he was anti-Christian, anti-African America, anti-Jewish – or is it just the gays that can EASILY be dismissed when it comes to their corporate bottom-line?

    And instead of telling us about all the “lies” on the Internet – why don’t you tell us about Target’s political contributions to any – even one – any candidate or political action committee who believes in gay rights and equality — Target in their sad, lazy, pathetic defense of their actions – the old I’m sorry what I did upset you (but not I am sorry for what I did) — has not once been able to demonstrate contributions to non anti-gay candidates or platforms.

    Keep your raggedy t-shirt from 20 years ago — and continue to crawl into Target to spend your precious coins – good news – you will not have to wait in line at the checkout.

  10. Keith says

    Who watches TV anymore? Isn’t everyone on social media sites these days? Better to start a campaign on Facebook, or an iPhone App than post an expensive and non-effective ad on television.

  11. Donald says

    MoveOn’s and HRC’s attempted extortion of Target embarrassed me. I’m actually relieved Target didn’t give in. I’m still not shopping at Target and am pissed at what they’ve done but I’ve been writing letters to their suppliers/vendors (Starbucks, Apple, Coke, John Derian, Thomas O’Brien,, etc) asking them if they would release a statement saying they don’t agree with what Target has done.

  12. Peter says

    @Cory – yes seriously. She discussed it on her Sirius/XM show yesterday. She only equates it to marriage equality and Target being permitted to support a candidate beyond one issue.

    She did not discuss the candidates support of the music group that calls for the deaths of gay people, so I don’t think she knows everything, although each day this week she has come out in a cautious support of Target and thinks the boycotts are not necessary.

  13. crispy says

    @Ricky: Since you asked, Target’s PAC has contributed 44% to Democrats this year and in the 2008 election cycle it was actually 52% to Democrats. Recipients have included Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Max Baucus, etc. along with some repugnant Republicans like Michelle Bachman.

  14. ricky says

    Crispy – Thank you for that information – but Target’s PAC is based on employee contributions – and has historically stayed in the middle of both Democrats and Republicans – those are employee contributions – Target’s highest Executives, however, have made contributions to some of the most conservative and anti-gay candidates both in – and outside of Minnesota – furthermore, when those same executives were provided with an opportunity to provide a corporate donation – Target’s own money and not that of their employees — they did not do as the employee PAC has historically done – and split it down the middle – or give to both sides – they made their first corporate donation to MN Forward and the support of a rabidly anti-gay candidate. Target Executives – who make the decision for Target Corporation have consistently supported rabidly anti-gay candidates – and at their very first opportunity – they chose to give corporate money to a candidate with the same anti-gay bias as the candidates they personally have given money to.

  15. crispy says

    I hear ya. Gregg Steinhafel seems pretty evil… I won’t argue with that. But what mega-rich white businessman isn’t?

    And just FYI: The Target PAC is employee contributions, but the biggest contributors are the executives including Steinhafel.

  16. ricky says

    Crispy — are the biggest contributors to the Target PAC the Executives based on percentage of their compensation – or simply based on dollars?

    The Target PAC has been used – like so much else – to promote a particular image of Target – and while I would normally want to stay away from personal political contributions – when many of the top-level executives of a company give to some of the most vile anti-gay candidates – do you image this is simply coincidence? And then when those same Executives are now allowed to make a corporate contribution as well – and again, they manage to give to an rabidly anti-gay candidate – again, do you think this is simply coincidence?

    Target’s Top Executives have contributed to rabidly anti-gay candidates – and now Target Corporation has done so as well — it is just that simple.

  17. mcNnyc says

    HRC did NOT start the boycott of TARGET.

    HRC initiative was called Make It Right calling on Target to make a identical donation of 150k to either candidates or community org supportive of GLBTs. Target refused and HRC committed 150k themselves.


  18. crispy says

    Sorry, how did my personal opinion of Target’s image come into this? You asked to name just one (you’re exact phrase was “even one” as if it was a serious challenge) of Target’s political contributions to pro-gay candidates. I gave you 3.

  19. ricky says

    Crispy – I am not sure what you mean by your personal opinion of Target’s image – I was not commenting on your personal opinion – sorry if I gave that impression — and regarding the contributions – no, you did not name 3 – you did not name any — Target Corporation has made only one political contribution – and that was to MN Forward and their anti-gay candidate Emmer – Target Executives at the very top level have given personal political contributions to many anti-gay candidates – Target’s employee PAC – has carefully donated to both sides of the aisle – but no – Target corporation has only made one donation and that was to MN Forward and their rabidly anti-gay candidate for governor – and the Executives – who made the decision to make that donation – also personally have given to anti-gay candidates and PACs. The Target Employee PAC is not Target Corporation.

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