Nelsan Ellis on Lafayette: ‘I Didn’t Really Want a Love Interest’


Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette on True Blood and whose relationship with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) is developing quite quickly, told Digital Spy earlier this month that he doesn't want Lafayette to be in a relationship:

"I didn't really want a love interest. I like Lafayette as just a prostitute… I don't think he's a settle-down-right-now type of dude. I think later down the line, but I think he's so much about his exploits and making money and stuff. I know a lot of people wanted him to settle down and I think the gay community wanted him to settle down…I don't want it to last long. No, I don't want it to last long. Maybe when Lafayette is like 35, you know what I mean? Maybe. But Lafayette is like 28….[Creator Alan Ball] told me it was surprisingly tender… We were just trying to make it real and believable. We know the show has a huge gay fanbase so we wanted it to be believable for all the fans because when the camera's right here all that love's got to manifest itself. There are deep feelings and I think they're falling in love."

(cap via superherofan)


  1. AERES says

    I enjoyed the single Lafayette more – and suspect we’ll see him again.

    The only question is how exactly Jesus ends up meeting his maker. I vote staked by Eric from behind take two!

  2. Zlick says

    I was one of the people wondering why Lafayette was seemingly the only character not gettin’ any … but his romantic relationship seems forced and out of character to me.

    The “V” drug trip with his boyfriend in the last episode was a happy throwback to Season One, and I liked that. But now that Lafayette’s got a boyfriend, all I hope for is that they break up real fast.


    Eh, tommy mickens seems like a better fit for the character of Lafayette

    What im dreading is the killing off of openly gay actor denis O’hare’s character king russel edington. He has been the best big bad out of all 3 seasons. “And now, time for the weather. Tiffany?”

  4. Alexander says

    Nelsan, I know you’re straight, so you might not realize how freakin’ lucky you are to be making out with a fine piece like Kevin Alejandro. It’s cool though, just know that Alejandro is FINE.

  5. jamal49 says

    @REALITY BITES That line has to be THE line of the season! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Russel Edington is a great character, and Denis O’Hare plays him pitch-perfect. I know Russel will probably get his due before the season ends (is this a shorter season than the first two?). I just hope that it is suitably melodramatic for the oldest vampire ever.

  6. AERES says

    @ Reality Bites

    “We WILL eat you! Right after we finish eating your children!”

    Probably the best scene this season!

  7. neverstops says

    he’s right – Laffy’s not the type to settle down

    I’m not crazy about his pairing with Jesus (not a great match), though I though their V trip was wild

    interested to know about (what appears to be) his voodoo grandma

  8. Ugh says

    Jesus is cute but the whole thing seems weird and forced to me, but most of the new gay-themed plotlines/points have as well, beyond Russell and Talbot. Something about Jesus doesn’t seem right and I’m curious to see how it will all end. This “my grandfather was a sorcerer” crap is kind of annoying though.

    I thought the line of the season was, easily, Sookie saying “A fairy? How fucking LAME” when she found out what she is, hahahahaha. They must have known everyone watching was thinking the same thing ever since they showed Claudine and that damn magical fairyland place. Ugh. Was that all in the books?


    @UGH, yeah in the books her and jason’s great grandfather is a fairy prince and they r more kick ass as well. There is a huge fairy battle and sookies fairy great uncle wants to kill all mixed breeds/not pure FAE folk

    U also need to ditch the whole modern interpretation of the Fae folk. In old folklore they were wild, amoral, and almost as powerful as the gods (norse mythos had them as agents “angels” of the gods wether light or dark elves if not gods themselves)

  10. REALITY BITES says

    PS also in the books it was claudine who wrapped the chain around the guys neck in the beggining not sookie. claudine in the books is gunning for evolving into an angel so plays the role of sookies fairy godmother/guardian angel

  11. StevieLee says

    Maybe it’s just me, but watching these two obviously straight actors going through the ‘gay’ motions is borderline painful and wince inducing. I know that there are quite alot of gay men out there projecting their own desires and experiences – as well as their personal attractions to these straight actors, and can somehow get past the actual on-camera awkwardness and lack of even a modicum of real chemistry between them, but I cannot.

    Enough of these “brave” hetero actors attempting neo-cringing, carefully shot and edited ‘gay’ love scenes. Where are the bonafide sisters in hollywood? Come on. there must be a few real homo’s that could play these parts with serious passion and force…say on the same level that the Bill and Sookie hetero fest is over glorified on.

  12. Bobby says

    Love the show, love the storyline and love the Lafayette and Jesus.

    I don’t feel like they are forced at all.

    Maybe it’s just some of us who know they’re straight can’t suspend disbelief enough to accept them.

    I also love the love story of Russell and Talbot. That’s truly beautiful.

    My favorite line from last week was from Pam, “Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah”.

  13. Mike says

    I like the storyline too and do not think it is forced. They are both doing a good job. But more Jesus please! His eyes (and the rest) are beautiful.

    Also – was Bill’s line about Eric being a “buttboy” a tad out of character for him? It just does not fit with what a good guy he seems to be even though he is resentful of Eric’s presence w/ his gal.

  14. shanesoho says

    @ mike — i thought the same thing.
    but maybe we are seeing the cracks in bill’s character after all…

  15. tyler says

    Unfortunately, many of you cannot enjoy gay storylines because you over-analyze everything. Suspension of disbelief is crucial for a fantasy like this.