Not Surprising — Vampire Sex with Alexander Skarsgard is ‘Fun’



Theo Alexander talked to Movieline about his steamy (but ill-fated) sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood.

What was the energy like on set the day that you shot the sex scene?

Well, I think that whole week, Alexander [Skarsgård] and I were both a little bit anxious, but we were joking and being professional. Alexander is a great actor, though, and he helped me get beyond the physical part of the scene. I had been afraid of the scene from the very beginning — from the first moment that I held the script in my hand — but I’m glad I did it because every time you face your fears, you move forward. It was a good experience at the end of the day.

What aspect of the scene scared you?

Well, the part about kissing another man. I don’t really do that, so… I didn’t want to think of him as a woman. Many people told me, “Oh, just close your eyes and think of him as a woman.” But no, because that is a totally different energy and I had to be very present with Alex and his male energy. I had to open myself to be able to actually be attracted to him, like, really attracted to him. At the end of the day, it was fun, though.

No doubt.


  1. gregorybrown says

    It’s refreshing when an actor does things professionally and doesn’t kvetch about having to do things he’s not inclined to do. Alexander admits to discomfort, opts out of the cop-out, focuses on the task, and admits that is was an enjoyable new experience. Bravo.

  2. Vince in WeHo says

    I thought that actor was horrible. But, I was convinced the actor was gay. So, I guess he was wasn’t all that bad. He had me fooled.

    But, that episode was the worst out of all three seasons. It’s too bad at that it also happen to be the episode they had two man-on-man sexual scenes back-to-back.

  3. says

    As much as I enjoyed the eroticism of the scene, I was disconcerted that when we finally get some seriously hot Gay sex that’s not a dream sequence, it’s used as a tool of revenge and murder- and now one of the two Gay vampires the show advertised as joining the cast has been staked- and not in the good way- so yet again we have a sci/fi horror show :coughCHILDRENOFEARTHcough: in which a Gay relationship ends in death and tragedy for the surviving partner. Can’t we have just one mainstream TV show in which a gay couple makes it to the end of the series run with both of them still having a pulse (or still being ambulatory, in TB’s case)?!

  4. stephen says

    yawn… why is worthy of press when a straight guy kisses another man on screen?

    Haven’t gay actors been kissing women & vice-versa since the dawn of time???

    “so brave” gimme a break!

  5. Dan E says

    @WIRRRN: It’s True Blood. Secondary characters are going to die. Plus, the show is crawling with LGBT characters and homoerotic hotness. It’s frankly the gayest show on TV that isn’t entirely about LGBT characters/people.

    I’m *glad* they don’t feel the need to treat the LGBT characters with kid gloves. The world of TB is a dark, dangerous world. If LGBT characters were somehow excluded from the inevitable death, it would feel very wrong to me.

  6. Bill Carter says

    “It’s too bad at that it also happen to be the episode they had two man-on-man sexual scenes back-to-back.”

    Uh, that’s not how you do it….

  7. Vince in WeHo says

    Crispy: While the bathhouse fairyland scenes in episode 7 (?)were a bit too fantastical, absurd and out-of-place, it did leave me wondering what’s next with Sookie. But, I just don’t feel invested enough in Erik’s revenge plot, I’m not crazy about Lafayette’s storyline, the actor playing Tara is annoying me and the main story is getting awfully “Twilight.” After episodes 5 and 6 being hitting home-runs, this season is starting to peter out.

    Matt26: I certainly felt the same way about Skaarsgard, but now he’s starting to grow on me.

    Bill Carter: Haha, yes. But, I guess if a double-dildo is involved, it could work. I wouldn’t know. :)

  8. neverstops says

    ugh – Vince, I agree with Crispy here – that faerie garden episode was one of TB’s worst… it traumatized me

    thought this episode was pretty good – overall, best season so far

    looking forward to see what happens when Franklin tracks down Tara again

    Talbot was great, but wish they weren’t killing off all these fantastic villains so quickly

  9. Bobby says

    The show keeps getting better and better. You Queens need to stop looking for the meaning of life and political statements in every fuckin’ genre of media and just enjoy the ride.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    Please Ignore These Comments:
    Sam’s lil’ brother has gone from “really, that guy” to oause button: pants down. Scruffy rough is the new Butch Trade!

    I like the Tara story line with the great new psychotic villian vamp, and look forward to him coming back. Make him a little less crazy, and have Tara give into him. It would be awesome to have him be her weapon of choice.

    Alcide is so great, I want to give him a big hug everytime he is on the screen. Starting to lose my love for Bill, so he’s a great fix.

    The fairy scene felt like a bad version of the Minatauk or whatever that crazy bull head chick was from last season. BOOO!

    We need to keep the human stories interesting as well, we love the balance. As of now, Jason Stackhouse doesn’t even seem real… and that sucks. (pun)

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