News: Kanye West, Today Show, Scott Long, HIV, Sean Penn

 road Obama's gay marriage timeline.

 roadMiss Universe: Best pageant reaction ever?

Penn  roadSean Penn tries on a Robert Smith look on set in Dublin.

 roadScott Long, founding director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, has resigned, for health reasons: "Long joined the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in 1996. He then began his work at Human Rights Watch in 2002 and after two years spent investigating Egyptian authorities’ violent responses to gay male sex, decided to launch the LGBT division in 2004. It was one of the first such programs to be involved with a mainstream human rights organisation."

 roadJohn Barrowman holds two-day USA garage sale, insists he's not leaving Wales.

 roadBaltimore holds wedding expo for same-sex couples hoping to wed in D.C.

 roadWatch the Kickstarter trailer: From Baghdad to Brooklyn — a documentary about the story of gay Iraqi refugee Mohamed.

 roadKanye West says he's releasing a new song every weekend until Xmas.

Hiv  roadScientists identify components of protein that destroys HIV in rhesus monkeys.

 roadThe YouTube stars making more than $100,000 per year.

 roadSemi-finalists selected in Pride Films and Plays Great Gay Screenplay contest.

 roadJury selection to begin in trial of Lawrence King's killer, Brandon Mcinerney: "A Ventura County judge has ruled that jurors from neighboring Santa Barbara County will be chosen for the upcoming trial of a teen accused of killing a gay classmate. Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell said Monday that the trial of 16-year-old Brandon McInerney will remain in Ventura County. McInerney's attorneys had been seeking a change of venue."

 roadDancing with The Situation?

 roadTaylor Lautner has already become a prima donna.

Stvincents  roadOUT magazine presents oral histories of New York City's St. Vincent's hospital, which recently closed but was "the ground zero for AIDS and one time home to survivors of the Titanic, the Stonewall Riots, and 9-11."

 roadJon Hamm is a sharp dressed man.

 roadBristol Palin gets $14,000 speaking fee. How much to shut her up?

 road15-year-old arrested for anti-gay SF MUNI attack.

 roadExtremely bendable go-go boy hits Splash bar NYC.

 roadJoseph Farah on Ann Coulter and her lies: "My eyes have been opened."

 roadNo gay couples were chosen for the Today show's wedding contest: "There was public pressure on NBC from gay rights groups earlier in the summer to change the rules for the contest. Previously, same sex couples had been excluded from participating because of the restrictions on gay marriage in New York. After meeting with gay rights group GLAAD in July, though, NBC announced that it would be changing its rules, since New York's marriage laws recognize gay marriages performed in other states."


  1. Sean R says

    Was Bristol Palin’s speech like “this one time, in band camp…”? Seriously, wtf could she have to say of interest (i.e. except the truth about Governor Quitter).

  2. gregv says

    The comments on HuffPo poo-pooing gay people are unwarranted and ignorant.
    The article says that GLAAD asked that gay people be allowed to apply for the contest, not that they actually be chosen in the end. The article just states the fact that no gay couples were finalists. It doesn’t say that a single person complained about that fact.
    So then we end up with dozens of comments denouncing gays for whining about not winning (not the reality) and asking questions like whether Mormons or Indians would complain if they weren’t included. Well, of course they would have complained (and rightly so) if the rules had been “No American Indians need apply.”
    I cfan understand a reader or two being too poor a reader to understand the article, but the mob mentality of feeding off of other people’s comments (over something that didn’t even occur) is sickening.

  3. Butch says

    Raybob, I thought I was the only one who had a flashback to Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

  4. Dave says

    Anybody notice that Loyola found a protein that kills HIV? You’d think that would generate a little excitement….

  5. wimsy says

    Obama, the double-talking asswipe, is worse than McCain on marriage — and he wouldn’t have raised my taxes. Voter’s remorse is creeping in…

  6. says

    @Dave: dude, I’m 48. I’ve been hearing about HIV “breakthroughs” for decades now. Get excited when it works in people.