1. unruly says

    @ Mike in the Tundra,

    Will Smith would like to cosign that.

    (and also Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Laurence Fishburne, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, etc.)

  2. jamal49 says

    Tyrese Gibson is going to play that role? Mr. Homophobe himself? Mr. Can’t Act His Way Out of A Paper Bag? Disgusting. I vote for Isaiah Mustafa, hands down. He’s charming, he’s got more charisma in his big toe than Tyrese has in his whole body, and, most importantly, Isaiah has a sense of humour. Tyrese takes himself too, too seriously.

    It’s a shame, though, that there are still some dick-brain racist queens who come to this site and leave their dumb-ass comments.

  3. Fenrox says

    This guy would be perfect because he WANTS IT. He knows who Cage is and wants to portray him! More power to whoever that guy is.

    He is a bit small for luke cage but thats what hollywood is for, making small people important.

  4. pablo says

    I know that homages to grindhouse and blaxploitation are cliche now, but i would love to see a 70’s Luke Cage, with the big afro and the disco headband.

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