1. Scott says

    Man, this is scary. I used to live right there by the Fireplace and Mr Ps and Badlands and Omega and never felt unsafe.

    I hope this isn’t part of a trend.

  2. jamal49 says

    Scary stuff. Seems like this summer we’ve been experiencing “hate waves” along with the heat waves. When is this going to stop? Who’s behind these attacks? Is it time to take matters in our hands and fight back?

  3. Bill says

    Notice all these assaults were by groups of haterosexuals on single gay men. That is the typical arrangement of anti-gay assaults and murders. You need to have a cell phone with you at all times and have 911 on speed dial. Make sure you know your surroundings and have possible escape routes to avoid any beating. Take self defense classes, carry a weapon. Don’t bring heterosexuals to your residence.

  4. says

    *damn-it, I had my whole post done and the friggin page, refreshed*

    Okay, first…

    It’s the early ’80’s all over again… when “the gay man’s disease” hit the media and every homophobic psychotic came out of the woodwork and gay men were being beat left and right across the nation… especially by the group known as ‘skinheads’ where I was living in the SF Bay area.

    And yes, then it waned.

    *warning* sarcasm afoot…

    Now that “the gayz” are gettin all uppity trying to mess with the “god-fearin” folk of “god’s blessed US of A”, with their so called “Agenda”, every tom, dick and harry, who’s tidy-whities are in a bundle over their chances of getting their share of those 72 virgins or “their” piece of the “promised land” are going to, come hell or high water, put the “abominations” in their “place”… BEFORE, they indoctrinate their children… ruin their marriages… lust after them in the showers/public toilets/in the foxholes/yonder and over dale… cause [enter who’s ever “GOD” your faith ascribes to-here] to lash out at humanity and call upon nature to smite, well, just about EVERYBODY…


    *takes a deep breath*

    Luvies, like Q.E.R. says, the days of passivity is over.

    An abbreviated form of Martial Arts for self defense is easy and quick to learn. There are several moves that would take a mere ‘afternoon’ to learn.

    If you live in an area where there are several individuals that are part of the LBGT community, ban together and hire a Sensei to spend an afternoon teaching the group [go thru a reputable dojo]… hell I could even teach it and I learned over 30 years ago, but still remember how.

    If you have a ‘carry’ law in your state, seriously contemplate taking lessons and start carrying. Again, this can be done as a group through the local chapters of gun clubs… etc.

    Take your keys and thread them through your fist, so that the keys are facing outward when you walk outdoors in common
    areas [it would be silly to do so in your own back yard]… hello! jabbing weapon! And totally legal. Hell, I even have a keychain that I got at a fetish store that is a leather, metal tipped, 1 and a half foot cat-o-nine-tails, that is totally legal for me to carry without permit or repercussions. In fact my local police station was impressed.

    Pepper spray.

    A combination of things.

    Do NOT travel alone in common areas at night where you can be isolated. If you can’t help it, make sure your not “altered” mentally – reaction time is slowed drastically.

    and as Yul Brenner says in the King and I… “etc.,etc.,etc.

    It’s a shame that any one should have to take the initiative and employ precautions for their safety, but like women who’ve learned the hard way that they not only ARE, but can be victimized in this world… take a clue from the feminist playbook and take the mothers down with if you have to!

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