1. Jack says

    This is a huge problem in society, and it’s constantly reinforced by the TV networks:

    Do something outrageously stupid, and profit and fame follows. All this serves to do is encourage people to do increasingly stupid things in the hopes of getting those 15 minutes from one of the billion TV networks that has no problem putting a billion stupid “reality” shows on the air, because a billion retarded Americans will watch.

    It’s little wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  2. Pinky says

    What am I missing – I don’t seen anything happen in this video.

    Also, that damn Butterfinger ad and its auto-start audio will drive people from this site.

  3. Tone says

    No he should get some therapy, he should get a fair trial, but no way should he become reality TV’s flavor of the month. This behavior calls for punishment not reward.

  4. Visitor says

    I’m sorry but I’m not getting the interest in this guy, esp. on TR. Is he gay? If so, why is anyone celebrating someone so clearly missing some marbles?

  5. Derek Washington says

    The airlines have made flying such a nightmare that everyone has fantasize about doing SOMETHING. I get this guy. When you add in all the ways corporate America puts the screws to us is it any wonder this guy becomes a hero? Did you see his perp walk? He’s hilarious. As long as he stays outta politics, I’m cool with him.

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