1. Kenn I says

    Hi I’m Kenn,

    …and I’m addicted to wearwolves…Don’t they pay them UK actors, what the hell is up with the 70’s singlewide look of that room?

  2. Dagoril says

    Love that show. And George/Russell is such a hottie. Yep I love the ears too! Can think of lots of ways to put those to good use hehe.

    The vampire is also a cutie.

  3. unruly says

    Also seems he’s gotten in shape. He’s been slowly getting there since his History Boy days but he’s way more fit in this shot that last seasons Being Human (where he ends up naked quite a lot.) Also tan — but I’d guess he’d have to lose that for the show.

  4. Adam Mathias says

    Loved him ever since he appeared in Dr. Who. Quite the adorkable guy! I really hope that is his trailer on the set and not his apartment. He makes my heart go a-flutter!

  5. says

    I just stumbled across “being human” this weekend and was immediately smitten. Then I found out Russel Tovey was gay and that sealed the deal. And then this appears on Towleroad? It’s fate. I must marry this show.

  6. Henry Holland says

    He’s been a favorite lust object since I saw him in a BBC Agatha Christie movie called “Evil Under the Sun” and he’s simply blossomed in to a total hottie. He’s a fantastic actor too, if you ever get a chance to watch the BBC “Little Dorrit”, he’s heartbreaking as the long-suffering John Chivery. Here’s a taste:

  7. TANK says

    That’s gayface. he’s gay. Though not everyone with gayface is gay, anyone who posts a pic of themselves from their iphone, shirtless, and with gayface, is gay. In any event, it doesn’t matter a jot what he is.

  8. smallhandff says

    Rusty has been out for years but is so d.l. about it that many in the UK & almost everyone in the US is unaware. The fact that Towleroad has ignored him over the past few years only adds to it.
    His success in the UK does put the lie to ‘gays can’t play straight rubbish’. That said, I think he’s the UK edition of Neil Patrick Harris.

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