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    This is precisely why continue to fight for FULL equality in every aspect of our lives. For the younger generation who just don’t get it, consider yourself fortunate, because when you finally do “get it” in all likelyhood, the struggle that we continue to carry for not only ourselves, but future generations will be lost on you when you are at the point of receiving them. It will be almost as if it had always been that way.

    I hope and pray for nothing but the best for you Bill. Thank you for showing us what the struggle of marriage equality is about.

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    I agree with CRITIFUR, it’s “Heartbreaking”.

    My partner and I are old in gay years, but young enough to the rest of the world (just turned 40) and at this stage of life I’m definitely thinking of this sort of thing. Scary.

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    I will say it again and again make a WILL (review it, update it etc); until the government does the RIGHT thing…it is very important that each person has life insurance and a sizable amount. YES pay those premiums, I do not care if it is only $100,000 it is better than nothing. My partner passed away after 19 years together and I was the sole person named…I was aware of this and made my life adjustments accordingly. It is what WE decided to do together…do not be afraid to talk about death and plan for it.

  4. Ben says

    It is an injustice that surviving partners in gay relationships are worthless in the eyes of the government. I look forward to the day when the terrible pain of losing your husband or wife is not further elevated due to money woes caused by gov fiscal policies. That being said, stories such as this one highlight the absolute necessity for retirement and estate planning to protect the surviving partner.

  5. JKM says

    I know firsthand his suffering. My partner of nearly 18-years died in 1997 and I lost our house within a year as I could not afford to maintain the mortgage on my own. Receiving the SSA death benefits would have really been helpful. What’s really sad is that we were both career Federal employees and as we were not “legally” married I also could not receive his Federal employee death benefits…that really hurt…they went to his sibling who had not played any role in his adult life simply because he was gay.

  6. Anonymo says

    This is why we should be pushing this at a national level, not a state level. Same goes for keeping partners here from other countries. Until the federal government recognizes our relationships, it means absolutely nothing for our rights.

  7. johnny says

    Take step to control your future, it’s as simple as that. My partner and I have every legal thing possible set up to make sure if either of us die, the other one has control of the assets, not the Govt. Wills, life insurance, living wills, power of attorney, etc. Do the homework and make it happen. Until we have the same rights as heteros, this is what you MUST do if you expect to live in peace in your own home after your partner dies. This is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

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    I agree with you Johnny…you HAVE to get your papers in order…when my partner died his parents tired for a brief moment to oppose the will however there were over 10 copies with revisions year after year. Their attorney told them, “give up.” We are a litigious country and you have to prepare for that reality!

  9. sam in TN says

    sad, wish i could help , this is my biggest fear of being at the soc sec age and not being able to live and enjoy our hard working lives. good luck to you , i will keep you in my heart.

  10. HAHAHAH says

    Great Video, wonderful photography, terribly sad story about American injustice. Makes me so angry. News Flash; Congress changes the retirement age to 66 now and also changed to payout of SS to 75%. There is talk in Congress from the Nazi right to change the retirement to 70 in the near future. They are just waiting to get rid of Obama.

  11. Jimbo says

    This is a lesson in too is the importance of wise financial and life planning. No one should be paying off a mortgage in their 60s. It’s insanity. Downsize if you are. You don’t need endless rooms to live in – or stuff and more stuff. What you need at that stage in your life is financial freedom.

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    Right on, GRABBINEWSCUM. I’ve been thinking that for a while now too. Gay seniors haven’t had much visibility in recent years, largely because (thanks to the bloodbath of the 80s and 90s) there simply haven’t been all that many, comparatively. But now? We have to bring attention to this issue and do something.

    And TRUE WORDS and JKM, I’m sorry for your loss.

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