Towleroad Guide to the Tube #713

WILL PHILLIPS: The young Arkansas activist speaks over the weekend at 'The Big Commit' marriage equality demonstration in D.C.

RIGHT TO LOVE: A preview of the upcoming documentary featuring the Leffew family.

TWIST AND SHOUT: The famous Ferris Bueller scene recreated at Vancouver Gay Pride.

PUG SWIM MEET: I know a few pug owners. Thus, it does not surprise me that this exists.

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  1. ep says

    LOVE THE FERRIS FLOAT. I was visiting vancouver for the pride two weeks ago, and this video is as great as it was when i saw it in real life. best float i have ever seen. so much more fun than underwear-clad men on a stage with huge speakers advertising a bar.

  2. Bryan Harrison says

    See? Look, nice people! We’re just like you straight folks!

    Well, perhaps some LGBT people are. I’m not. My sexuality is nothing like theirs. My relationships don’t resemble theirs. My spirituality, goals, feelings, and beliefs bear very little relationship to theirs. And that’s how I want it . Other than having lips and requiring oxygen, I don’t feel I’m much like straight people, and I’ll resist being made to be.

    By all means pursue equal rights under law – that’s fair and just. But beware the way in which “rights” can become obligations. I won’t presume to speak for anyone else, but I need marriage like I need to live in a trailer and waste my life in front of a TV, washing junk food down with light beer. The idea strikes me as a pathetic failure of imagination and an open admission of laziness verging on cowardice.

    There are times when to be equal is to settle for less, and the legal right to board a sinking garbage scow is a Pyrrhic victory at best. The right to marry is not the right to love. “The Right to Love” isn’t something you can be given by anyone else, much less a court. Anyone who still believes that love either requires or flourishes in an atmosphere of social approval should reread the classics.

  3. thelover says

    wonderer and steve, you prove to me that so many men who read this blog are miserable people, who can’t enjoy anything.