Towleroad Guide to the Tube #722

DATA VISUALIZATION: David McCandless gives a TED Talk about how to visualise data beautifully.

ALASKA: Armed Lyndon LaRouche supporter gets taken down by security at the Alaska State Fair.

HONEY TRAP: China's got talent?

MODERN FAMILY: Gets better with a George Clooney three-way. From the Emmys.

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  1. anon says

    That LaRouche guy was hysterical, and I don’t mean ha ha hysterical.

    It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy with these guys. They need to feel persecuted. If they go about their lives everyday, doing what they do, thinking what they think, nobody really gives a shit. Nobody notices them. They don’t belong to a class that’s getting oppressed, yet they still feel abused–but they can’t articulate why. So they set up a fight, they work themselves up, they line up witnesses to their oppression, they say things like, “I won’t back down!”–and then they raise such a stink and act like such assholes that the ‘authorities’ have to act against them. “See,” they say, “they’re trying to steal my freedom. Those thugs are out to get me!”

    This whole incident, to this guy, is prof positive that Obama is abusing his power and needs to be impeached. Look how Obama is trampling on the freedom of speech! Of course this has nothing to do with Obama, who is just the convenient scapegoat and all around boogyman for people’s fears and discontent.

    He was breaking the rules of the fair grounds and refused to comply, but now, in his mind, he is a martyr. It’s exactly what he wanted. But boy, he turned out to be rather pathetic when push came to shove, didn’t he? That’s why he’s so angry–he feels impotent, and he is.

  2. jim says

    Andy, I think you meant to write “UNarmed” under the LaRouch guy vid description… yeah? The video didnt show any evidence of a firearm… unless you meant “armed” as in the sign…

  3. shawntastic says

    The LaRouche/Alaska State Fair incident was interesting. Aside from the fact that the middle of the video was edited out, weren’t his free speech rights forfeited when he began creating a disturbance? Moreover, state-owned properties, like state fairs, are often wrongly believed to be public property. So his entire defense citing his right to free speech on public property is null.

    Jim – He did (legally) have a loaded pistol in his pocket, which he admitted before paying the $250 bond.

    The LaRouche people are unique/batshitcrazy.

  4. Joe says

    I think it’s hilarious that the LaRouche supporter called the old guy supporting him a “worthless hippie.” What an a**hole.

    But, he did get some guys out of their shirts. haha

  5. Brian in Texas says

    In my district there is a LaRouche supporter posing as a democrat against the sitting republican congressman. Her campaign posters read, “Impeach Obama, Save Nasa” Nuts, lol!

  6. CoMo'mo says

    The Larouchees are persistent. They’re like periodic cicadas, going dormant a while then re-emerging to make loud noises. This man probably wouldn’t have had trouble with security if he hadn’t been wielding a six foot pole and shouting. But that wouldn’t have given him what he needed, would it? Nonetheless, it’s not good to see fat men taking down a gimp…even if it does provide us with a glimpse of pink underwear on a lithe lad. Is it coincidental that one of the Google ads running under the clip was for “Law Enforcement Careers”?

  7. Jason says

    Please change the tagline to read ‘unarmed.’ There is already enough misinformation from the MSM, please don’t start having that here too. Thank you.

  8. TANK says

    how do you know he wasn’t armed? It just so happens that he could have had a pound of c4 packed in his keister and was threatening to blow himself up if he wasn’t given a plate of waffles and a world’s greatest dad t-shirt. So nuts to that conspiracy theory.

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