1. Marcito says

    Terrible camera angles of her performance.
    We can’t expect much more from this crappy show. Kylie looked fantastic, but does anybody else think that she & Robyn are starting to sound identical?

  2. Rin says

    I just want to say before all the opera snobs jump in… Prince Poppycock can sing. Is he a Frangoulis or Pavoratti? No, but there is a reason why the average person can only name one opera singer–it is a competitive world where they are ALL good singers.

    Prince Poppycock can sing circles around most of you bitches, so before ANYONE mentions how he crucified Freddy or some shit like that…I want to say: Suck it!

    I studied opera and it is HARD. I can sing well, but I am nowhere near good enough to join a company. Does it mean I can’t entertain? No. Does it mean I can’t sing superbly? No.

    Yes, this was about Kylie, but I wanted to throw in that I love Poppycock! So there!

    BTW–Kylie is not the singer that Celine Dion is…should people hop around on every single post about her saying so?


  3. Waynesf says

    I was in the audience and it was crazy in the room when she performed. The show producers encourage the audience to go into overdrive during the performances and we all happily obliged. And she rocked the house.

  4. Josh says

    WOW…She can’t sing live….very sad performance! Girl sound AWFUL!!!!! I love the song but wow….bring the real girls that can actually sing LIVE!!

  5. Beegee says

    @Derek Washington: Every single time there is a Kylie post you say “I don’t get it” – – ok, we understand, you’re not a fan!!! Let the rest of us enjoy it, please!

  6. asclepceus says

    i love kylie
    and yes my heart would skip everytime i read something about her in towleroad
    and yes there will always be haters
    but for those all of us who adore her, we will always be here to support her

  7. minogrophile says

    As a ginormous Kylie fan, I’ll say that if she’s standing still, she sings very well but will take the low harmony when dancing. She was very much riding in Gaga’s US shoes, but showing the girl-next-door/goddess act she has perfected over the years. I think (hope) this will pelt her into the spotlight permanently here in the U.S.

  8. bla says

    Go Kylie!!!! I hope more American success for her, though you’d think All The Lovers should have been promoted out the ass since it was a lot catchier than this tune (the hook feels like it comes AFTER the chorus?)
    Anyway, she looks great awesome performance & she is a great performer. Way to get the audience involved!
    Hopefully she’ll be performing on other shows soon? Not many peopel I know actually watch America’s Got Talent.

  9. says

    kylie… eh.

    Now Prince Poppycock? There is a true artist… and I hope he takes it all the way.

    I’ve been watching his career for quite awhile now and the man has more talent in his little pinky than any of those ‘flavor-of-the-month’ diva’s out there today [read: Gaga, Lambert..]

    Prince Poppycock [a character who is a mixture of a troubadour, harlequin, court jester… who may have given Farinelli a run for his money in the opera community back in his day] is the brain child of John Andrew Quale. You know why Sharon Osbourne and the crew are so friggin’ fascinated with him? Because he truly is an artist and unique… at least in the past few centuries.

    I emailed Towleroad a few weeks ago, disappointed that nothing was being written about John AT ALL on any gay friendly site. Oh, wait excuse me, there was mention on one site, don’t remember it’s name.

    Yet, all I see are these straight hanger on-ers… and tweekie Adam and all the others who are just more of the same ole, same ole being paw’d and fawned over.

    And he’s such a sweetie underneath all that make-up.

    Take a gander:
    [where his pics in leather make me wish I were a gay man…*drool*]
    [where he is featured and wrote Rise up and Shout]

  10. jack says

    what i love most about kylie is her taste in male back up dancers… and this crew was even hotter than usual, the two that carried her around especially. girl puts on a SHOW!!

  11. kiki says

    I LOVE this song SOOOOO much!! I am so excited, after he last average album Kylie is BACK!!! Love you Kyles, best album since Fever and one of her best songs ever. Kylie Rocks.