1. yeahisaidit says

    See your peacock? Taste it, or sit on it is more like it…Stop playing Katy, this peacock isn’t just to look at babe…

  2. says

    No. Please. Stop enabling this lip-synching to pop songs by gay boys. This needs to stop.

    I get it. They can edit video. They have a flair for choreography. Apparently they also have a budget.

    But is this not the most narcissistic form of mental masturbation you have ever seen? Seriously. Seriously.

    Watch it again.

    Do we really need to spread awareness about this video’s existence?


  3. Stephen says

    Yuckers. The california gays one was funny. Now they are taking themselves too seriously. Embarrassing.

  4. Don says

    Please Please Please stop posting these videos as they are an embarrassment to our cause. These guys are unattractive, untalented, and uncreative. Instead of spending hours and a few bucks on these videos, why don’t they donate the time and money to charity?

  5. Midtowner says

    @JonBenet… Instead of narcissistic, I’d call it a cool example of people using the internet to make a little art. Is it a masterwork? No. Is the song genius? No. But it’s fun and creative and clearly made by talented people. If they have the skills to made a good music video—and clearly, they do—then why shouldn’t they put those skills to use?

  6. Cory says

    Andy, usually I shake my head at the “why are you posting THAT” comments because for one, this is your blog and for two, even when you post less relevant topics like pictures of hot guys or the new gaga video, at least it actually has some relevance to being gay (gaga because of her amazing support and hot guys because, well, they’re hot guys and our very sexuality is a relevant topic).

    But this? Really? Even if you personally find it cute or whatever, what’s the point of posting it? Especially when it affirms — on a gay, majorly political site nonetheless — everything the people who hate us give keynote speeches at political conventions on?

    I’m no prude by any means, and I understand posting the ‘cute’ videos (like Jane Lynch winning her Emmy last night), but why give this publicity on a gay site that’s mainly about our global victories and injustices, all the while finding ways to sustain and overcome them respectively? I think Perez Hilton could take care of this.

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me but like I said, it’s your site.

  7. Nuttsy1la says

    I agree with @midtowner, they have put a good deal of time and energy into this… is it the best song – well no, hello… but is it a pretty well done video, yes. It’s just there for entertainment, if you don’t like it… don’t watch it. Seriously people… geesh.

  8. Pete says

    THIS is what’s considered news worthy?
    It’s poop culture that shouldn’t be seen outside of a local house party.

    But to promote it on Towleroad??????

  9. Eugene says


    Christian´╗┐ Beasley better be gettin’ paid gooood for lending his choreographic talents to these… and hope he gets “discovered” for some legit pop artists too. PS: Alexander is dreamy and loving the black paint smearing scenes!


  10. pharmerandy says

    Wow… I love Katy Perry. I hate that song though, but I hate this video even more. Yes, as echoed by the many before me, let’s stop making these videos.

  11. Steve says

    That was good fun. You bitchy queens need to get off your high horse. Yes there are gay men who are still singing pop songs and show tunes and dancing the night away. GASP. There is room in this rainbow for everyone and there is no reason for us to conform to the rest of society just because we should look “normal.”

  12. Casey says

    Not only did I throw up in my mouth but also on my desktop. This video is full of pure fail.

  13. RAK says

    As with the “California Gays” video, reading some of the negative comments here is disgusting. Do you really not see how this is just as worthy of being on a gay blog as a shirtless photo of some straight actor? Or do you honestly think this is repulsive?

    These are the guys at greater risk of getting gay bashed, the ones who are obviously gay, and not the hunky, masculine ones who can pass and everyone lusts after. I’d rather see 10 videos of these guys seminaked, prancing around and lipsynching to a stupid pop song, than a single news report of one of them getting gay bashed, when everyone would say “that’s horrible, that’s so despicable, that poor guy”… is it because only then would these guys be worthy of being on this blog?

    f-ing disgusting (and I’m not talking about the video).

  14. James says

    whoever said they shouldn’t do this and instead give to charity is an idiot. these 2 things aren’t mutually exclusive. heaven forbid they do something that they obviously enjoy. eesh

  15. JJ says

    I dunno where all the hate is coming from. I thought it was a fun lol (although maybe be a bit serious sometimes but at least they put effort into it lol). I don’t get it, “normal” people make stupid videos all the time why can’t we?

  16. Robert Ahrens says

    Sadly I think the popularity of their California Girls video got to their heads… this video loses all of the charm of the first one. Instead of making a fun parody video they’ve tried to make a real MTV video… except with below average dance skills… and sadly not a single one of these guys is even slightly attractive in a masculine way. FAIL.

  17. ed says

    @Thomas: I agree. The lower production values add charms to the whole thing.

    I actually kinda enjoyed some of the videos posted previously but this one has jumped the shark for me. Too polished to have some charms, but not polish enough to look truly professional.

    And why Katy Perry’s song again?

  18. ed says

    @Thomas: I agree. The lower production values add charms to the whole thing.

    I actually kinda enjoyed some of the videos posted previously but this one has jumped the shark for me. Too polished to have some charms, but not polish enough to look truly professional.

    And why Katy Perry’s song again?

  19. FilmTurtle says

    Bro-ther, criticize the video for one reason or another, but the out-of-the-box hatred is silly. I prefer the parody of “California Gurls” to this one, which is serious-minded. But so what? It’s cute and the kid who put this together clearly has chutzpah.

    This hysterical strain of insecurity that comes out as soon as a queeny guy appears on the radar is bizarre.

  20. Beau says

    Video looks good… They are definitely getting better at production… Unlike other posts regarding this video, I appreciate the entertainment value. Keep up the good work!

  21. matt says

    that was surprisingly terrible. I had to go watch Cazwell’s Ice Cream Truck to cleanse my mind-grapes.

  22. Jackson says

    I hate Katy Perry, but I thought it was fun (other than the interlude bit which sort of dragged, IMO)… and what drugs are the people on that don’t think these guys are attractive? The blonde that was in the football gear & the tall one in glasses were particularly so. They might not be your particular taste if you’re into the elderly, the obese, or hairy guys, but to say they’re unattractive is ridiculous.

  23. Robie says

    Ya big bunch of haters! Save the vitriol for our political and social enemies. Just like it’s not up to the AFA, or NOM, or anyone else to judge what’s appropriate and acceptable for gay people, it isn’t up to you either! Don’t we get enough of that already?

  24. Musicboy says


    -Andy Towle posts a video of boys lip-syncing to the latest pop princess.

    -Some people love it. “OMG! LOOOVE IT!”

    -Some people hate it. “Ewww! I just threw up in my mouth!”

    -Some people who love it qualify their love, usually in question-answer form. “Is this high art? No, it isn’t. Is it a fun flirty video? Yes it is!”

    -Some people who hate it claim it’s a set-back for gay rights. “This is terrible, and we will never be equal because of it!”

    -Some people who love it call the people who hate it uptight and self-hating, usually with a tone of smug superiority. “Hmm, I think the fact that you don’t like this video says more about YOU than it does about the video.”

    -Everyone shuts up for two weeks or so.

    -Andy Towle posts a video of boys lip-syncing to the latest pop princess…

  25. DSCinSEA says

    Seriously guys – if you don’t like it, don’t watch! If we want to be treated equal…then it takes ALL kinds of ‘us’ to make the world go round – but the more of you that bitch and moan and complain about a video … makes us all look petty, childish, and just plain bitchy. There’s lots more on this site (and other sites), so it should be easy enough to not click the link if you get annoyed by guys making a video.

  26. zakeri says

    I think they need to lay off these guys backs. They had fun making it and i had fun watching it. I am tired of listening to guys who are gay and pretend to be straight and these guys are not hiding it. They should respected for having the guts to put it on the internet where they know it will be critized be little queens like most of you. To casey, i agree. Disgueting, not the video. Find something better to do then make fun of gay guys having fun.