1. dentalpoof says

    the soap dramatically lowers the surface tension of the water so the water can spread out into a thin sheet (unlike water droplets on a pane of glass). water molecules have a really powerful attraction to one another (that’s why your coffee just doesn’t float out of your cup in the morning, unlike a cup full of smoke/gas). once you wrap the sheet of water into a bubble and close it off, the water molecules are actually pulling at each other to get closer (like they’re holding hands in a circular chain), but the air on the inside of the bubble doesn’t allow them to get closer. as soon as enough water evaporates out of the sheet to weaken it, at the thinnest part of the sheet there won’t be enough water molecules holding on to each other, so the pulling force of all the other water molecules overcomes them, breaks their hold, and a hole opens in the sheet. once the hole opens, air can move out so there is no force opposing the water molecules pulling at each other. the ones still holding hands rapidly pull the guys on the outside into them. the result is a wave as water gets pulled into the strong end from the weak end. as the guys on the outside get pulled in, the sheet gets thicker, they hold more hands, and their pull becomes stronger. so if you look, the bubble opens slowly and as the wave moves, it becomes faster until the whole thing collapses in a giant water mass. kind of like a group hug :)

  2. HoldenSF says

    Hey Towle, how about getting rid of the shitty share/fb/AIM/alert banner from across the bottom of the page. very irritating. why, you want more facebook friends to make you feel more popular?

  3. TANK says

    Yeah, uh huh! People for CA are, actually, from a different species, yah? Betcha think this is fun…so fun…oh so fun! It’s fun! Please…please, asteroid or comet…deliver us from ourselves… As much as I hate existentialism (it’s pseudo philo, truly!)…DELIVER US!

    River of pain, brotha. River of pain…got a house on the hill. It’s what life is allllllll about.

  4. Rocco says

    This was sweet. I L-O-V-E Stinson…the drive
    from “The City” is beautiful. If I remember correctly, there’s an even better beach (unofficial) 😉 around the bend! Thanks for this.

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