1. Doug Chgo says

    Guess what? You don’t have to put WIFE in quotation marks — they’re legally married. Lara is Jane’s wife, not “wife.”

  2. Mike in Asheville says

    Waaaay cool. And it was so much better that the wife thank you wasn’t a political statement rather a statement about Jane Lynch and her family. Tickled.

  3. ThomT says

    WOW! Jane just might have been the most beautiful woman at the Emmy’s! Her wife is sure one lucky woman to have this wonderful person in her life. Congratulations Jane!

  4. Tyler says

    Ellen and Jodie Foster have both thanked their significant others at awards shows, but I don’t believe either referred to them as their “wife.” And yes, I used quotation marks because I’m signifying something someone else would have said and that is their purpose (for you uptight nancies who have to try to criticize everything).

  5. Tyler says

    Oh. Cynthia Nixon also thanked her partner, though again, I don’t think she referred to her as “wife.”

  6. Tyler says

    Except Dearbhla Walsh referred to her as her “partner.” I think Andy’s point here was not referencing a gay lover, which obviously has been done before, but referencing a spouse as “wife.”

    Which again, was why he likely had that word in quotation marks earlier. And now that he’s removed them because some people criticize when they have no idea what they are talking about, it has lost that meaning.

  7. r says

    HUGE difference between “wife” and “partner”!

    (how ’bout it ryan murphy–next stop iowa or the northeast?)

  8. says

    I’m so happy for her… I’m not sure I’d watch Glee if it wasn’t for her and her character. Although Glee and The Daily Show are just about the only two television shows I watch and can’t speak for the other actresses nominated… I do believe that Jane deserved to be recognized as the talent she is.