1. walter says

    after 35 years of dealing with customers i say it is about time. i only wish i had the balls to tell a couple of customers to fuck
    off. the public is actually pretty rude to people in service industries. if you don’t think so just listen to the way people talk to the waiters at your local resturants.

  2. Henry Holland says

    Hey, Steven Slater, come closer [PIMP SMACK]
    Oh, did that hurt? Good! [PIMP SMACK]
    Think you’re a hero of the working stiff, do you? [PIMP SMACK]
    Well what about the co-workers your smirking, smug ass left behind to deal with your bullshit, huh? What about them? [really hard PIMP SMACK]

    I don’t wish a violent death on anyone, but I might make the exception for this dickhead. I’ve had to clean up the messes twats like him leave behind and it’s not fun.

  3. crispy says

    He actually doesn’t think he’s a hero of the working class. The working class anointed him themselves. That’s how these things work. And for the record, his coworkers and thousands of FAs are all behind him.

  4. jamal49 says

    Mr. Slater handled the press with aplomb and he kept his cool (this time). Hey, one of my buddies is a flight attendant and he’s always telling us horror stories about passengers on his flight. He says that the biggest assholes are always the ones who jump up out of their seats before the plane has stopped taxiing to the exit bay. Somebody ought to track down the cunt who hit Mr. Slater on the head with her bag. He should bring assault charges against her and then sue her ass to hell and back.

  5. Henry Holland says

    “@HENRY HOLLAND: You sound like maybe you’re just bitter because you didn’t have the balls to quit too”

    Why would I want to quit a job where I make $40,000/year for basically answering phones and doing light filing, my boss is super nice, our office is plush and the boss man does things like give me $100 tickets to the Hollywood Bowl for nothing?

    It’s just I’ve had to deal with the mess that people like this cockhead leave behind at other jobs. Sure, his co-workers might have approved, I know flight attendants (ie my boss’ girlfriend) and it’s a shitty job, so that makes sense, but not all of us work shitty jobs. We DO however work with shitty people who instead of quitting like normal humans do –two week notice/on Friday/at the end of the day– act like they’re fucking divas and WE have to deal with our job equivalent of irate passengers while dickhead takes a slide and has a few beers.

  6. asdf says

    Good gawd, I hate people like Henry Holland who are anti-fun. Maybe he and Dickless David can get together and fingerbang each other until one of them cracks a smile.

  7. Henry Holland says

    “Good gawd, I hate people like Henry Holland who are anti-fun”

    Hey, ASDF, let me know where you work. I want to come by and take a shit, drink a few beers and then piss on your work area and then if you try to stop me, beat you with a hockey stick until you piss blood. As they’re carting you off to the ER, I’m just CERTAIN that your co-workers will *love* cleaning up the mess you made. Yes, YOU MADE, because hey, I was just having some fun at your expense.

    /Obviously, I don’t want to beat ASDF until he pisses blood, that would be rude

  8. Caleb says

    He sounds unbalanced to me. I mean most of us have worked in the service industry and get treated like crap…not all of us are pulling emergency slides out of an airplane and leaping out like Wonder Woman after cursing everyone on the plane. It makes for a great visual, but he’s certainly no hero for not being able to do his job.

  9. asdf says

    What are you rambling about, you silly queen? Steven Slater did none of those things! That makes no sense at all. Keep being a hateful faggot! Cliche looks lovely on you.

  10. says

    Well it’s good that his boyfriend worked the ho stroll up in the South Bronx and came up with the $250.00 to slip-n-slide him outta jail on a Jet Blue chute. Now maybe they can finish what they started when Steven came home yesterday!


  11. tonyx says

    he seems like a vile queen – and 40 year olds in army print shorts — tired

    with his attitude I would like to toss a suitcase at him myself — the worst of gay affectations all wrapped up into one common prick

    Affection = Behavior or speech, that is artificial and designed to impress

  12. Drew says

    What he did is awesome because it sounds adventurous and inevitable. However, we all know it wasn’t the RIGHT thing to do, so let’s see how it plays out now.

  13. Randy says

    “There’s a lot of wonderful people out there.”


    But I’m still waiting for the name and picture of the passenger who wouldn’t follow directions and started using foul language.

  14. Henry Holland says

    “What are you rambling about, you silly queen?”

    It’s called metaphor, you stupid cow.

    “the worst of gay affectations all wrapped up into one common prick”


  15. shannon says

    WHY are you celebrating him??? HE PUT THE LIVES OF PEOPLE ON THE PLANE AT RISK!!!!!!!!THIS IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE!! HE SHOULD AND WILL GO TO JAIL!!! Funny…if an ARAB did this you would want to HANG him a voodoo doll…….he is not a star in no way. he is criminal……now watch…all the silly…desperate gay men coming in saying how “hot”….and “sexy” he is! THIS is why society HATES gay people! NO MORALS…or standards!

  16. Stew outta IAD says

    Oh my word, Mary had had enough.

    I don’t condone some rude pasenger bitch getting up early and hitting a hard-working hourly wage slave on the head with her cosmetics case, but Miss Steven Slater looks to me like she is a flight attendant bi-otch RIGHT the hell out of central casting.

    I’ve been driving the drinks cart for 17 years, and I really sympathize with Steven Slater. But I’ve worked with people like him for ever, and he strikes me as someone who is just in the wrong business now. Maybe always was but he’s past his prime.

    I’ve found if you don’t show your best face to the public, then you get the worst back. Our jobs and industry suck now. It’s all about cost cutting, quick turnaround and nickel and diming every body to death. And it’s bringing out the worst in everybody. But if you can’t do the job with a smile and generally good attitude, then it’s time to stow up your roller bag for good.

    It’s still pretty good pay for light work, no heavy lifting anymore (remember when we used to have to help you stow your bag?), and two days on/three days off with still pretty good benefits and free flight privileges.

  17. Greg says

    Stew, Dont you think his airline of choice may have had something to do with the outburst? Seems like that particular carrier was part of the problem… there are just some awful, rude people who fly Jet Blue…

  18. Stew outta IAD says

    @ Henry Holland:

    Now let me try to get this right honey.

    You say that if someone shit on, oh, let me make this personal, someone shit on YOUR desk and then beat you to a bloody pulp your co-workers would be right to resent YOU because presumably you had it coming?

    And now where exactly is the metaphor there? The only metaphor I can maybe see is your argument is a vagie metaphor for a coherent thought.

    I do NOT get it.

  19. zeta says

    Steve, I figured the passenger was black because he accused the passenger of calling him a ‘motherf-cker’. Black female passenger, white gay male flight attendent, hooo boy. But who knows.

  20. says

    “After months of silence, Steven Slater, the former JetBlue attendant who left a plane via the emergency slide, will give his first interview to CNN’s Larry King on October 26, the Hollywood Reporter has learned.
    Slater is finally ready to talk about why he dressed down customers over the public address system, grabbed some beer and then notoriously exited the plane via the emergency shoot.
    The morning after the Larry King interview, Slater will appear in taped interviews on the morning shows of CBS, ABC and NBC.
    Slater pleaded guilty Tuesday to two charges of criminal mischief. After investigating the incident, the Queen’s District Attorney, Richard A. Brown, determined that Slater has a mental health problem and that his actions on that fateful day were motivated by what he perceived as degrading work conditions.
    While Slater’s plea deal allowed him to avoid any jail time, he is required to participate in mental health counseling and in substance abuse treatment for the next year and to attend counseling sessions for at least a year.
    Slater’s publicist, Howard Bragman, known for his representation of instant celebrities like Oksana Grigorieva and also many gay celebrities like Meredith Baxter and Martina Navratilova, refused to specifically comment on Slater’s future plans in Hollywood, noting only that, “We got through the legal challenges and now we’re focusing on what comes next. We’re open to an interesting discussion about projects and ideas.” ”

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