1. Tollendyr says

    I’ll show up to the polls… and I’ll write in “Rachel Maddow.” Because *she deserves* our votes.

  2. Joey Watkins says

    I know that I’m not military material, but I come from a military family (dad and grandpa were Air Force). From a very early age, I’ve known and understood what these men and women do for the rest of us every single day. Every time I watch a story on DADT, it moves me to tears. I really hope we soon see the end to this ridiculous policy, or at the very least the end to its enforcement. Big thanks to Rachel Maddow (I have such a girl crush on her) and the rest of the journalists for telling the stories.

  3. Jay says

    That was a great show, and the just the type of reporting needed to show the public, military leaders and political leaders the true cost of this policy. Well done.

  4. Steve says

    I grew up in a military family also, and both my parents said they *always* knew of gay members of the armed services. (This goes back to the 40s, folks – my parents are in their 80s now.) My dad always said most people never cared about someone’s proclivities as long as they did their job. He thinks it’s the height of hypocrisy for the armed services to be stalling the repeal of DADT (which we all know is what’s happening here).

    There is no good time to make a radical change. Thanks, Rachel, for keeping the pressure on!

  5. says

    Why is that Rachel Maddow can call for a moratorium on DADT dischages, but the ones whose careers are destroyed by them can’t? Neither Fehrenbach nor Dan Choi have called for an immediate end to the hemorrhaging of LesBiGay military personnel.

  6. says

    With respect, Animal, Dan Choi has REPEATEDLY called for an immediate freeze.

    LT COL Fehrenbach, hero that he is, is still repeating what he’s been told by SLDN to say, though I’d imagine they might now realize the error in that position.