1. Bart says

    She has what she wants already…it’s called Fox News.

    Sharron Angle is ignorant with a capital E. Easily, the dumbest woman running for public office this year. Every time she opens her mouth, she embarrassed Nevada just that much more.

  2. nick says

    Git ready Umerica- she is the future-unfortunately-
    yee haaa!
    -easily this country’s best days are behind it-especially when BHO represents what passes for progressive thought-yikes-
    it’s scarry……

  3. crazywoman says

    Agree. This woman is mentally deranged! Why can’t she ran away and never comes back. But before she does, Stewie from Family Guy needs to interview her.

  4. David in Houston says

    So she wants America to become communist nation where the politicians control the media? Nice. Yeah, she’s definitely Fox News material.

  5. jexer says

    The FOX reporter there is blushing furiously… “The first rule about FOX club is we don’t TALK ABOUT FOX CLUB!”

  6. ravewulf says

    Frankly most people in Washington (and the media themselves) think that, their just not stupid enough to say it.

  7. says

    Sharron Angle is backed by our local GOProud. Her other backers are the far right American Independent Party and other groups which call for the EXECUTION of Homosexuals.

    I would like GOProud to please explain to the LGBT community of Nevada why they are willing to play in the camp orchestra while Sharron Angle’s supporters want to march us all off to the showers?

  8. says

    I know Angle is full of poo. I want Harry Reid to win. Reid has a 2 point lead according to Rassmussen Polling. 7/28/10

    Yes, I am a Republican, but I have more of a brain than the GoProud people.
    I do support Democrats when the Republican nominees believe banning marriage equality is more important than helping disabled veterans that came back from the middle east such as Congresswoman Musgrave said before she lost in 2008.

  9. Bob R says

    The fact that Harry Reid is within the margin of error on recent polls comparing the two candidates speaks volumes for our uninformed, low information, intellectually and morally bankrupt electorate. This woman is clearly suffering from some mental defect and yet commands a sizable following. Angle, Foxx, Bachman, Palin, Schmidt, what is it about GOP women? Can they all be that sexually frustrated? Can you even imagine women like these producing off spring? They’re like some sort of alien pod people. What has our nation devolved into?

  10. Steve says

    Will someone explain to this dimwit that reporting the news the way you want it to be presented is called PUBLICITY and you have to pay your publicist to do that.

    NEWS REPORTING is supposed to be independent of bias, something that’s been lost on the whole Fox generation.

  11. says

    When is Jan Hooks going to do the parody?

    “Welcome to the kitchen of the Alamo women… Inez is holding a clay pot she seems very proud of… she has decorated it with a lot of paint and glaze…”

  12. ChrisM says

    What a freakin’ piece of work. It’s almost impossible to believe that this woman is running for Senate and even more impossible to believe that, although trailing, her support is actually with the margin of error.

    If the people of Nevada elect her then shame on them. Nevada, with one of the nations highest levels of unemployment and per-capita social security recipients, could possibly elect someone who wants to abolish social security and thinks that the unemployed are whiners who are too lazy to go out and find a job.

    Harry Reid is far from perfect but Sharron Angle is a perfect example of a selfish ignorant fool.