1. says

    He was NOT going to take off his shirt unless he knew he was in “excellent shape” and he is for a 43 year old male….he has at least 90% of American in his age range beaten considering the OBESITY problem in America…

  2. Rey says

    Poor thing. He’s got Piven syndrome where the sufferer believes that he can compensate for the hair falling out of his head by shaving off the hair on his body.

    Both McGraw and Piven would be sex on a stick (and MY stick, I would hope) if only they would leave those sexy, hairy bodies alone instead of plucking them into something that would look fake at Madame Toussad’s.

  3. says

    Okay Tim McGraw has ALWAYS been on my “to do” list and all (yes, Tim, someday I will have you), but there’s two things on this video I don’t get:

    1) WHY?


    2) Why do men INSIST on shaving body hair?

  4. jamal49 says

    @STEPHEN aren’t men just so yucky, shaving their body hair and all? I mean, like, EEEEEWWWWW! However, the answer to your question is: because.

    Get over it, baby.

  5. gigi says

    i was at the show; tim looks great….nothing scrawny about him. he’s lean, trim and full of energy. this was just boys having fun at the last show of a 6 month tour. yes, it was silly but by the sound of the cheers & applause, none of the 20,000 people at the show were complaining.

    those of you ‘guys’ (ahem) having a tim fantasy…get over yourselves and come back to earth. he’s got a gorgeous, sexy wife who wants his body ‘smooth’ and so it will be.

    finally, to the sick piece of crap that made a ‘joke’ about tim having cancer….nothing funny about cancer; his dad died from brain cancer.

  6. babushka says

    GIGI, you’re right. He’s in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in, not to mention the most energetic. I was there too and it was nothing more than a great bunch of guys having fun at the end of the tour.

    As far as the cancer comment, it takes someone very cold hearted to say such a thing.

  7. Lauren says

  8. Louise says

    I was searching for info about Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney as I was wondering if they are both gay. It led me to this site. I did watch the video and it looked silly to me. I am heterosexual and it wasn’t sexy to me.

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