1. Marty says

    Um, hello? She is in no way a cat *killer* – your headline is both deceiving and upsetting …

  2. tony x says

    I could care less about a cat.

    I care more about people and the pathetic big brother reality we are being asked to live under — why is there a camera on a residential street ?

  3. Josh says

    What a slimeball! Someone needs to throw her in the trash. How is this not a criminal offense?
    She is obviously disturbed.

  4. says

    She is a cat attempted killer; there’s no reason to believe a cat tossed into a trash receptacle would thrive. And why would you not care about the cat, Tony X? You know, it’s possible to be concerned about surveillance and people and still think it’s pretty disgusting to throw a living animal that probably belongs to someone into the garbage.

  5. Tonic says

    @Tony X
    I understand your point about surveillance, however, one can show concern for both that and the suffering of other beings. Animals feel exactly the same physical pain you would if thrown in a dumpster with no way out and left to die from starvation or injury – they just can’t verbalize it.

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way they treat their animals”. – Ghandi

  6. Nathan says

    Trapping a cat in a garbage bin and leaving it for dead is as good as killing. It’s animal cruelty to say the least. Your comment is both deceiving and upsetting …

  7. B says

    What ever, attempted cat killer, cat killer. Lock the bitch up! But I guess they don’t have animal protection laws? And the camera’s in the UK have caught many a criminals. If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you needn’t worried.

  8. Greg says

    I’m shocked that the police reckon she has committed no offence. I’d have thought she’d be liable for prosecution for cruelty to an animal. And yes, it could have killed the cat because (1) green bins are often left uncollected for 2 weeks at a time in some areas, and (2) if the bin HAD been collected, the cat would have gone into the masher. Psychopath is definitely the word though, and her sideways glances and wait until the car had passed show that she knew she was doing something wrong.

  9. LiamB says

    Honestly, how does concern for one thing disallow you from being concerned with other things as well? Kind of sad if you are only capable of being able to be concerned of one thing only at a time.

  10. Zack says

    @Tony The camera was installed by the homeowners (and the owners of the cat), who also posted the video. Not by any Orwellian “reality” invoked to by stupid comment trolls.

  11. says

    @Tony My understanding from friends from the UK is that you can’t go anywhere without cameras staring back at you. They already have a national ID with all of their personal data encrypted into the card. All it will take is one more 9/11 before this is fully implemented in the states.

    As for the cat, you’re a dumbass. This is unmitigated animal cruelty. Sorry you can’t appreciate that. I’m guessing you probably shot small animals with your BB gun as a kid, because you could.

  12. Glenn Harvey says

    Cameras act as a deterrent. In some ways better than guns. People tend to behave themselves when they know they are on camera. The woman in the vid looked around to be sure she wasn’t being watched before she put the cat in the trash. I am sure she would have liked a little more privacy but thankfully she did not get it.

  13. SeaMonster says

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated… Gandhi

    If she could do this to a cat, just imagine what she might do to a small child.

  14. Erm... says

    “They already have a national ID with all of their personal data encrypted into the card”

    Ummmm… No, we don’t. It was widely opposed, introduced as a voluntary trial in one small area and ditched completely by the recently elected government.

    The camera that filmed the woman belonged to the householders and was put up by them due to issues with vandalism.

  15. Fenrox says

    Haha I just can’t believe this! I’m only laughing because that super-cute cat is ok. Its just amazing to see someone act SO CRAZY.

  16. Tone says

    People get thrown away all the time, we see it on the six o’clock news. Why such fuss over a cat? I mean it sucks for the cat, but let us have a modicum of perspective in all this.

  17. Randy says

    “People get thrown away all the time, we see it on the six o’clock news. Why such fuss over a cat? I mean it sucks for the cat, but let us have a modicum of perspective in all this.”

    One time I stubbed my toe, so clearly I shouldn’t care about this cat being abused by a crazy person. Oh wait, no, those things ARE NOT RELATED, and in no way preclude one another.

  18. TampaZeke says

    First, TONY X, get your facts straight before you post misinformed diatribes denigrating the welfare of a living being on the back of a ill-informed rant against government surveillance (which this was NOT!). Are you actually claiming that private citizens should not have the right to protect their own property, and animals, by installing cameras ON their own property? What does that have to do with the nanny state that you’re ranting about?

    And even if it were a government camera, your logical fallacy that one can’t be concerned about a living being’s welfare while surveillance cameras are running is absurd.

    And second, does England not have animal cruelty laws and if so, how would this act not apply?

  19. TampaZeke says

    How did people ever come up with the inaccurate and insulting phrase, “innocent WOMEN and children”?

  20. tom a says

    Genuine psychopath? Hardly! Millions of cats and dogs are killed every year because their owners refuse to stop them from breeding! If she called animal control about a stray cat, it probably would have been killed anyway.

    Also dog fighting 9often to the death) is a very popular “sport” in some parts of the US.

    She’s a horrible person, but hardly a psychopath.

  21. Erm... says

    Sean: “The UK has CCTV”

    This is true.

    Sean: “and most of their streets [I believe] have cameras.”

    This is not true.

    And it has already been established that she was filmed by the householder’s own camera, affixed to his own house.

  22. Greg says

    TOM A, the reason why the “psychopath” label is being used is that casual cruelty to animals is believed to be an early sign of psychopathic behaviour.

  23. TampaZeke says

    Yeah, TONE, it’s just like how we couldn’t fight for women’s suffrage while women were being raped and abused and we couldn’t fight for the Civil Rights Act as long as black men were being lynched in Mississippi and we shouldn’t be fighting for employment nondiscrimination and marriage equality as long as gays are being beaten in the streets of America, hanged in Iran and beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

    If we’ve learned one thing from history, it’s that we CANNOT deal with more than one issue at a time and that no issue should be dealt with until ALL more important issues are properly settled.

    Is this the “perspective” that you were referring to?

  24. Nathan says

    Just wrong. Seems like she needs to spend 15 hours in a closed, stinking garbage can. That is punishment enough.

  25. Rodney Wollam says

    From the article:
    “‘Coventry Police are making sure the woman is okay as we would with any other member of the community given what has happened.'”


  26. daniel says

    Cruelty to animals is one of the top warning signs of a personality disorder that leads to cruelty to humans. Police should watch this woman. Hope she doesn’t have children.

  27. chad says

    Really? None of you guys eat cows or pigs or sheep or bunnies or fishes or deers or buffaloes or COME ON with this. . . I mean she’s obviously bonkers, but you DO realize where burgers come from, right? It’s not from a tree, and it certainly isn’t pretty. You wanna make some noise? Reform factory farming and stop whinnying on here.

  28. liz says

    There must be something amiss with this woman. The cat strolls up to her, expecting to make friends. It has obviously had contact with people and must be someone’s pet in the neighborhood. The woman gives it some pats and then tosses it in the trash. Not the behavior of a sane person. Whether you like cats or not, it certainly doesn’t deserve to be trashed anymore than a newborn human does. Luckily, this turned out happily, but it is a lesson in keeping cats indoors for their safety. You never know what could happen to them. Who knows? She might do it again and another creature might not be as lucky. She should at least be cited for this.

  29. says

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  30. Rikard says

    puhleeze! cats and trash cans have a long history. no way should this be looked at as cruelty. at worst this cat was being put in “time out” for being a nusiance, at best he was given a free pass to the buffet. the histrionics over this “story” are alarming.

  31. says

    Glad she was caught, and here in New Zealand the RSPCA would see what she did as a crime. It may be a crime under the penal code, but blatant cruelty to animals is a crime, and this should be recognised as such. She is in protective surroundings because there were so many “serious” death threats made against her on the internet!

    Some people here have commented that they “could care less about a cat” but that they care more about the big brother environment we are all living in. Well to those people, as always, I am 100% certain that had this been your cat, dog, whatever, your attitude would be totally different. I am equally sure that if your house was broken into, one of the first things you would ask is, “why are there no cameras around” – Get a life and understand the times we live in. As long as you are doing nothing criminal, what do you have to worry about!?

  32. mike nyc says


    that woman is fucked up. her action is almost as troubling as the fact that the world is now totally become 1984.

    why are all middle aged brit women so frumpy? such a pasty lot.