1. Reality Bites says

    that is not an apology.

    1- “…apologise profusely for the upset and distress that my actions have caused…” = npot her actions, the fact that u got upset. she is sorry u got upset not for what she did

    2- “…I don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s just a cat…” = she still doesnt comprehend why people r upset…still not appologising for action and retracting her appology over people’s hurt feelings

    3-“…I think everyone is overreacting a bit…” = again retracting her sorry everyone is upset

    Nope not an apology at all for the act. Only sorry everyone is upset at her and even then retracts that bit 2 times

  2. JerzeeMike says

    First off, Mary is the very definition of a sociopath. Second, I’m totally with CARL ANTHONY about putting her in that dustbin for 15 hours. Exactly where rubbish like her belongs!

  3. BarcaKevin says

    Andy, you’re taking an interview with the Sun and a more recent statement and merging them into one (as the Daily Mail, who can hardly be trusted for anything, suggests).

    Article about interview:

    Article about statement:

    I’m not defending her but given the level of hate leveled against her (police protection?!) she deserves to be at least allowed apologise properly.

  4. Polly Pussina says

    Another example showing how ignorant people SAY TOO MUCH. All she had to do was apologize and that’s it. Instead she went on and on and hung herself with the “it’s just a cat” remark. She then went on to say everyone’s over-reacting. Clearly this sow is NOT being truthful. She is NOT apologetic at all. Big mouths saying too much.

  5. Disgusted Gay American says

    Lady…dontya know….Im not sure about people in the UK, but here in America….Most people care MOre about animals then thier fellow human beings…I mean,animals are innocent and shoudl be protected…but you throw one in the trash, and people here will cut ya. Now – walk over,around…and past a hungery homeless person..ahh no problem!

  6. Fenrox says

    She doesn’t have to apologize. That said if you do apologize, please do it properly.

    Also, I don’t want your apology, its aint my cat. Apologize to that family for almost killing their cat.

    It is just a cat, and cats deserve the common respect of not being murdered for no reason.

  7. Chris K says

    What a fucking stupid cunt. I hope she gets locked up somewhere, because she’s obviously a sociopath and needs help.

  8. jakeinlove says

    Wow. Next you’ll see her ‘apologize’ for this:
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause this lady or the drivers involved any stress. Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The lady is 85 years old. She was walking too slowly, and 3/4 to death’s door anyway,so I thought I would give her a little nudge. Why is she taking so personally? Why would the driver be upset that he hit an elderly lady? We have universal health care and he has insurance. They’ll both wriggle out of the situation just fine. Geesh!”

  9. CoMo'mo says

    This isn’t my personal opinion but…some folks say “It’s just some cells or tissue, it’s not a baby”. Nothing’s clear cut.

  10. Tre says

    RealityBites nailed it – that wasn’t an apology and she’s not sorry she did it. interestingly, in Germany, punishment for crimes against animals are as severe as crimes against humans.
    I agree – this sociopath needs to spend 15 hours in a trash bin and then do 30 hours of community service.

  11. zenhound says

    I understand the anger at her about the whole thing. But how about some anger at the owner of the cat? It’s left outside to just roam free, right next to a road where cars can be seen driving by in the video? The owner is just as responsible for the situation happening at all.

  12. Tell It Like It Is says

    “It is just a cat…”

    It is just a cat that shows affection and has a nervous system that feels pain and means a lot to a family.

    As opposed to this fat slob of a woman who is destructive and useless and taking up space on our crowded planet.

    I have an idea. Let’s throw her in a trash bin and take her to the dump to rot. She is just a fat and crule slob after all.

    I swear she is so lucky that is not my cat. i would have beat the shit out of her.

    Stuff like this is why I have such a low opinion of humanity.

  13. anastasia beverhausen says

    Ugh get over yourself all you selfrighteous bitches.
    Suddenly everyone agrees cos for once we are not judging the pecs of some twilight twinkie but a cranky granny who didnt have her day. Now let’s all spill our guts and direct our arrows dripping with vile on this irrelevant stupid skank.
    Think about that, next time you passive-agressively throw shade at some random person you pass on the street for sporting a poorly chosen look. Or when your verbal cynism hits some salesperson right in the face, when you just thought you had a clever one-liner. You queens throw cats in bins all day.
    But oh no, that’s way different,right? This was a pure innocent animal and it’s cruelty. SRSLY?

    For the retarded amongst you; I don’t advocate throwing cats in bins. But first time I saw this clip, sorry, I needed to laugh. I dont even like old skanky ladies and I usually love cats. But can we move on now? She’s got her global punishment already. Let’s save our bitter projected frustration for the usual hot guy-post shall we?

    oh and @tell it like it is, I vaguely remember being mildly amused by you personal insights. But this one holds its own;
    “Stuff like this is why I have such a low opinion of humanity.”
    You should really attend more anger management classes. For real.

  14. zenhound says

    Tank- in fact I do know a lot about cats. And anyone who lets their animals roam around is being an irresponsible ass of an owner. There’s a huge feral cat problem in my city because of jackasses who think it’s fine to let cats wander around, usually un-altered, to breed and fight in alleys and be a general nuisance and health hazard.

  15. says

    Tell it like it is,

    I agree with most of what you have to say (most particularly your anger directed at the woman), but the fact that she’s “fat” is immaterial. And the fact that she is “fat” does not mean she’s a “slob.” She’s bad enough as it is, we don’t have to go attributing other things to her based on cruel and usually inaccurate stereotypes.

    Let’s not speak out against the persecution of cats, then persecute ourselves against others, including “fat” people. As a person who’s struggled with weight issues for most of his life — and is most certainly not a “slob” — I take offense to that line of thought.

  16. Tonic says


    Throwing shade at a random person or “verbal cyncism” at a salesperson have no real comparison with trapping a helpless creature for 15 hours in a bin with a great likelihood of death or injury.

    The reason this upsets people is because it demonstrates a lack of basic understanding and a vital disconnect that one should have learned in early childhood, a disconnect that sociopaths generally have which allows them to feel nothing for the other creatures, including human, that they hurt.

    So, sorry, I don’t buy the comments like ‘Children are starving and we’re talking about a cat’. BOTH can and should be addressed.