50 Cent Tweet Encourages Gay Suicide


Rapper 50 Cent's Twitter war against gay people continues.

The rapper earlier this month caused a stir by writing, "Perez Hilton called me douchebag, so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his, but made me feel better."

Now 50 Cent has returned to Twitter to spread his deep philosophy on the prerequisites for manhood and apparently living, because men over 25 who don't perform oral sex on women should, he says, "kill your self damn it." What an absolute moron.


  1. Jon B says

    I really hate when I feel this way, but considering how many teen suicides this website has reported lately, I really genuinely hope that the 10th bullet is the death nell for this douche bag, and that it comes soon.

  2. dc20008 says

    According to comments on Blind Items by Ted Casablancas Mr. 50 cents is a pole smoker.

    Lots of comments recently re. how Mr 50 is trying to cover up getting caught with his mouth full of penis.

  3. says

    Who cares if he was talking about straight guys or gay guys. Does he not read the news? He’s from NYC. And this is great coming from a guy who has been rumored to be gay for years.

  4. BrienBear says

    *Note* gay homo (bear even).

    I think people are taking this FAR out of context. I think the guy meant STR8 MEN if you dont eat pussy you should kill yourself.

    No rapper is going to quantify his statement w/”str8″ which is why it doesn’t say “str8″.

    All the nerves right now are shot because of all the suicides recently but come on guys – lets not go overboard.

  5. says

    I’m with MIKE 128…

    While I absolutely can’t stand 50 Cent, think he’s a moron, and wish he didn’t exist, we might be jumping to too big a conclusion.

    I’d just hate for any attention to be diverted to him in light of this week of suicide news, which deserves the attention only.

  6. Disgusted American says

    so….quarter..I mean 50cent (what a name for a grown man – loser) what about women..IF you are over 25 and haven’t sucked cock….huh? what a pathetic pig he is. Guess he got scared, because all the rumors – he had AIDS when he lost all that weight….so now he wants everyone to know he east pussy….ohh big man.

  7. says

    Those of you defending this statement by saying he was only referring to straight men must think, like Fitty, that gay men aren’t men. You guys may not consider yourselves men, don’t lump the rest of us in with your gender incongruity.

  8. dancobmmm says

    Primitive, primitive, primitive.
    Have you ever been to Africa? I have.
    It’s primitive. Everything about it
    is very stone age. Evolution is indeed a very slow and long process…. 10s of thousands of years. They’ll get there one of these millenia!

  9. mcNnyc says

    OK I hear you BrienBear and anyone else EXCEPT…”The World Will be a better place”?

    Gay or Straight not everyone at 25 knows all the joy of oral sex and hell not enjoy the taste of it….PATHETIC

  10. Galadon says

    Alright, does anyone seriously take advice from a rapper and one whose name is an amount of money?

    Also, it’s twitter and it’s the internet. I suppose when you are all washed up the only way you get your kicks is insulting people 140 characters at a time.

    Well played, 50Cent…well played.

  11. Roy says

    The ignorance of the pseudo-macho American male is disgusting and disheartening but unfortunately not surprising. What’s truly amazing is that people like this have such a fan base and audience.

  12. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    Birds and 50Cent are twittering beings. Birds brains are small. 50Cent is a plonker.

  13. terry says

    Whoever said that they hope the tenth bullet will have his name on it, don’t feel bad; somehow there is a bullet in the world that will find him and guess what? Nobody will blink an eye.

  14. stillalittleshortfiddy says

    If you’re a man over 25 and you still don’t know the difference between the words “your” and “you’re”, just kill yourself, damn it. The world will be a better place. LOL.

  15. TomSkylark says

    @DANCOBMMM: I don’t normally feed the trolls, but I just thought you should know that your comment is, by far, the most disgustingly hateful thing I’ve read on the internet in a long while–and this includes all of the ten year olds on youtube, and the brazen homophobes on the gaming blogs I frequent. Shame on you.

  16. PMWOKC says

    I highly doubt that he had enough sense about himself to consider that this statement would be interpreted in the way this article infers. I believe he was probably referring to straight men.

  17. Larson says

    i’m far removed from whatever this dude says or does on a daily basis, but saying that he’s encouraging gay suicide is so taking his comment so far out of context it’s not even funny. its it childish? yes. dumb childish mascuine bravado? yes. encouraging gay men to commit suicide? uhhh….i’m gonna go with no.

  18. JimmyD says

    I’m bettin’ that little Curtis James Jackson III got lots of crap when he was little.
    I’m also willing to bet he’s had his fair share of man sex. The most outspoken haters are usually exactly what they say they hate.
    I’m also willing to bet he’s hung like a hamster. Was that last one too far? Too petty?

  19. Jake says

    I’m a bit quick on the trigger myself as far as gay issues go, but I honestly don’t think he was talking about gays here.

    Now the marriage shootup thing? What a douche!! I’m sure the multiple felonies should’ve tipped me off, but I thought he was better than that.

  20. Gregoire says

    50 Cent is an idiot. However, I think he thinks he’s extoling the virtues of pussy eating, not attacking gays. It was a common perception back in the day that black men never ate pussy. In a way, he might think he’s just being open minded.

    Keep in mind — this man is not intelligent.

  21. princely54 says

    While I don’t think it’s clearly anti-gay, it’s really non-sense no matter how you slice it.

    There is a chance that it’s a “joke”/commentary on the stereotype on black men not liking to eat pussy (?)

    I don’t know, it’s just too fucking silly to divine any meaning…

  22. Chitown Kev says

    “black men don’t eat the pussy…# 1 complaint black/white women have when dating a black guy..he’s an idiot”

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.

    I have heard a LOT of sistas say that the only thing that white boys are good for is that they will eat the pussy and eat it GOOOOD.

    I know a lot of black men that react with disgust when you talk about eating pussy.

  23. says

    @Mike128: “Um… do you think this is really anti-gay? Or is he talking about straight guys who refuse to perform oral sex?”

    I agree.. that’s what it sounds like he was addressing. very true he is ignorant and homophobic, but when he’s bashing us gays he’s usually more direct. and plus as a black woman i know that in the black community there’s always been this thing with black men who don’t perform oral on their women, so to be honest in this situation, I believe that’s what he is aiming at.

  24. anon says

    Easily misinterpreted? I think he means that one should be sexually fair to the women you bed. If they can do it, so can you. I think. It’s too specific to be anti-gay.

  25. SFshawn says

    If you a man you learn to speak english to communicate. But obviously he’s not a “man” that can be bothered since he’s too busy hating on everyone and sucking the very cock he LOUDLY claims to not be interested in! Hey .50 your SugaDaddy Pastor Long Dong is calling for his booty call. lol

  26. SKOC211 says

    I’d like to borrow a line from Clive Owen’s character in “Closer” to sum up how I feel about this. Ahem:

    “That’s the spirit. Thank you. Thank you for your honesty. Now fuck off and die, you fucked up slag.”

  27. RW says

    I don’t care about 50 Cent’s wack ass, but I AM getting sick and tired of the knee-jerk bullshit of Towleroad.

    Mr. Belonski, if you had taken two fucking seconds to READ the Twitter thread that this quote came from, before creating this post, you would have immediately seen that he was NOT talking about gays at all. It was all lame STRAIGHT sex talk. So all you did was give the trolls the opportunity to pull out their racist ammo. Or was that your intention? Are you so hard up for something sensational that you close your eyes on responsible reporting?

  28. AJ says

    I agree this is taken out of context. Fiddy was a D-bag for the gay wedding post but he’s talking about straight dudes who are too selfish to perform oral on their girls

  29. richard s says

    from what I’ve heard from Africans they consider eating pussy tantamount to sucking dick. (by proxy) so I’m not really sure, and yes all the blind items make it seem like 50 is a good bet for the closet case rapper.

  30. lady real talk says

    On this note next time u haters go ta the store buy sum act right!!!! Get off fitty!!! Y’all mad lmao!! WOMEN SHOULD LOVE THIS!! THIS STATEMENT IS WHAT’S UPPPP!!!! AND IF ITS MEANT FOR GAYS THEN U GAYS SHOULD GET BACK ON ELTON JOHN SHIT!!! GAY POWER RIGHT LMFAO WHOOOOOHHHHOOOO

  31. Greg says

    As pretty much everyone else has said, fuck 50 cent, he’s a major asshole, if for no other reason than for making me side with a dick like Perez Hilton.

    However, I think people are taking this out of context; he’s clearly talking about straight guys who don’t go down. If 50 meant to attack gays, I have a feeling he’d be a lot more direct about it, as subtlety is not a skill he posses.

  32. Travis says

    I think he was talking to straight guys. Its not always about us guys…

    and he kinda has a point if your not going down on your partner, your kinda a selfish, lame ass.

  33. Tyler says

    Is 50 cent really relevant? He hasn’t been for years when he had that one hit. Can’t remember the name. This obviously gets him headlines and he knows it. But how many black rappers do you know who aren’t obsessed with gays and ho’s?

  34. scb says

    …anyone stop to think that he’s posting this garbage on purpose just to trend. #1 issue with twitter, people and sometimes celebs have no filter or not concept of one…Vincent Gallo tweets some ridiculous garbage too. Besides, I think he’s releasing an album soon. What better way to keep himself in the forefront than to tweet awful photoshopped images and anti-gay sentiment. It’s what’s hot now. Sad but true.

  35. Robin says

    That’s not funny. 50 cent is just proving what a monstrosity his character is. He is nothing but an abhorrent degenerate for promoting suicide amongst young gay men. It’s not as if young gay guys have enough prejudice to face, but then this low-life comes and spouts this diarrhea. All I can say is go to HELL.

  36. Nicole says

    Wow, three cheers for taking something out of context and making a huge wankfest out of it. To think that he was specifically telling gay people to kill themsleves is laughable, it was a joke aimed at staight men (read the surrounding tweets). Next time, read more than sensationalist headlines, people.

  37. B says

    If you’re a former rap superstar slowly turning into a pathetic washout and you don’t understand the difference between contractions and pronouns, you should just kill your damn self. The world will be a better place.

  38. Peaches says

    I personally find that his timing for this twitter is even more tasteless than the tweet itself. In the past 3 weeks we have had I believe it is now 4 gay boys commit suicide due to being bullied about their sexuality. That in itself is heartbreaking. It is not ones sexual orientation that defines them. It is not ones sexual orientation that defines their ability to defend our nation. I just don’t get why so many people are so offended and in such an uproar over people- even complete strangers sexual orientations. It’s ridiculous! “Live and let live.” Is this idiot 50Cent entitled to his opinion regardless of how wrong it may be? Sure. But the timing for that tweet in particular is just disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself for being such an ignorant fuck. Ugh…

  39. says

    Its Basic: Hit ’em where it hurts! Go to REEBOKS Face Book site. Add “LIKE” then tell REEBOK that you will Boycott them until they fire 50 cent for his remarks.
    If this was racism they would not stand for it. Why must we be the whipping post!!
    Hit ’em where it hurts!


  40. says

    Well, here’s the thing, 50cent is known for his gaffes and moronic behavior but I’d argue that intentional or not, his impact on KIDS and behavioral misogynistic misfires is cumulative, damaging and frankly, horrific.

    His Vitamin Water deal was a back door to kids in classic predatory marketing style (pushing sugar water to ‘cleanse’ his rep is a media literacy eyeroll, imho, but parents aren’t all that clued in sometimes, so think he’s ‘changed his ways’ because he’s hawking something w/the word ‘vitamin’ in it? UGH. Epic fail as the kids would say.

    THEN I now see in the Reading is Fundamental tweetstream yesterday (yes, I’m on Twitter, reluctantly at first, but zealously for research/convos now) this little beauty “50 Cent’s Book is Recommended High School Reading” http://cot.ag/cl6rG4 (evidently NY/Rochester city school district has added “From Pieces to Weight” during the summer months, despite his renown for glorifying drugs, sex and violence…(and now gay bashing)

    As Dana Carvey’s Church lady would say, “well isn’t that special” ugh.

    I can think of many, MANY reasons this dude needs to right his wrongs in pop culture (or better yet just go away/fade out altogether ASAP)…which is why I’m not devoting a post to his foulness in any way shape or form on our site where we cover media & marketing’s impact on kids.

    I’d much rather cover some SOLUTIONS based uses of media for outreach to teens, for PREVENTION like The Trevor Project, ReachOut.com and It Gets Easier.

    If the medium is the message, then it’s time to reach kids on their own channel of social media BEFORE NOT AFTER tragedy strikes. And use the power of media for positive change bringing in STRAIGHT kids, mass media and community orgs as allies, (like this PSA for The Trevor Project by Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe: http://j.mp/bLWSw3) In solidarity, –a.

  41. MarkDC says

    Illiterate douchetard.

    If [you’re] a man and [you’re] over 25 and you don’t have any talent or intelligence just kill yourself damn it. The world will be a better place.

  42. Toto says

    Wow ladies, you sure do get your panties in a twist over nothing. This seems more like a comment about straight guys who DON’T reciprocate oral sex. The “25” being the age that he thinks a man is mature enough to do so. Don’t waste your energy on this ghetto-blockhead.

  43. Congo Line says

    I don’t think this comment has to do with gay men, but about men being mature enough to eat chocha…hence the “over 25″ part. That alone would tell you that his post has nothing to do with homophobia. And you know this. You’re a sh1t stirrer.

    Bad reach. Really… He’s done enough that you don’t have to make sh1t up. This makes you (us) look pathetic.

  44. Leah says

    This is incorrect and out of context. 50 Cent was twittering to the straight men who refuse to go down on their women.

    Recently, 50 cent was posting pictures of half naked men specifically for gay men. He was posting some pictures for straight women, and some for gay men.

    Go back and read his twitter feed and stop taking things out of context. It’s ignorant.

  45. Mister C says

    Ahhh just an fyi…black men don’t eat the pussy…# 1 complaint black/white women have when dating a black guy..he’s an idiot.

    Posted by: mnrocko | Sep 30, 2010 4:04:52 PM

    I know a lot of black men that react with disgust when you talk about eating pussy.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Sep 30, 2010 4:46:27 PM

    How would you know that Kev? I mean really what straight Man would talk to a queen about that???? Are you going along with this idiot that ALL BLACK MEN Don’t????…

    Girls will never stop categorizing!

    Then again didn’t you say a time ago you only date white men and all your gay friends are white????

  46. missroyal says

    not that i like 50 cent, but i think this is taken out of context..yes..he’s a moron..possibly socially retarded..but he’s referring to any mail not on “his status”, not just those that are not heterosexual

  47. EvilChipmunk says

    Well, it’ll be easy enough for me to quit listening to his noise… I already don’t.

    If anything, I’ll respond with some Sara Bareilles lyrics:

    “You’ve got opinions, man. We’re all entitled to ’em, but I never asked. So let me thank ya for your time, and try not to waste any more of mine… get outta here fast.”

  48. Chitown Kev says

    Oh, Lawd, I see the “blacker than though” race police have shown up.

    Where in my statement did I say “ALL BLACK MEN” don’t eat pussy?

    And where did I ever give a racial rundown of my friends, associates, and whatnot…for the record I actually have as many straight friends as gay friends (including a couple of homophobes but then again I get heavily into sports and know my sports shit…so they tend to overlook that).

    And I don’t have a preference for a “racial type” it’s a body type where my preferences show, and I’ve written about that many times.

    So take your “I can out-black-you” silly ass shit and go straight to hell.

    People like you disgust me almost as much (but not quite) as racist white gays.

  49. wimsy says

    He’ll do a lot of damage, destroy self-esteem among black youth, cause a few suicides….and then issue a “sorry” press release. I hope young people don’t listen to this ignorant bigot.

  50. Andy says

    He’s a fuckin’ clown. I remember when he was being interviewed about his gang “past”. He said, “I got shot in the face. That ain’t funny”. I thought, it’s kinda funny.

  51. Carlitosdjmx says

    probably you “NIGGA” paid lots of money for having at least a puss-y when you were a tennager……did you get it?…..i wonder this cause you’re really UGLY!!….ugh!!….you make me SICK!!!

  52. Carlitosdjmx says

    IF YOU’RE A HUMAN BEEN AND YOU’RE NIGGA THEN KILL YOURSELF CAUSE YOU’RE NOT WHITE!!!…..its almost the same….something really irritating….but well…..you’re still alive….

  53. portlandpaintballfan says

    Wow, this is so stupid…he’s referring to straight men, if you’re over 25, and not willing to go down on your lover, than you are a waste of space on this planet….I would tend to agree…but everyone has to be so damn sensitive…looking for a way to point something out and say its wrong…why are you even reading 50 cent’s twitter any ways?????

  54. Cam says

    Lol to the people defending him and saying it was taken out of context. His most recent tweet consisted of “I have nothing against people who want to choose a different lifestyle” That doesn’t sound like something a homophobic person would say AT ALL *sarcasm*

  55. Jerry6 says

    What Mr 50 Cent —wait a minute– What Mr Penny and a Half said about Gays is typical of D E E P C L O S E T cases. I hope he never comes out as I really would hate to have someone of his nature as an OUT anything, let alone GAY.

  56. Jess says

    While I agree that this guy is a complete idiot, I honestly think that he meant straight men. It is brutally selfish and unsatisfying for a woman when a straight man has sex with a woman and refuses to give her oral.

  57. carlo says

    I was wondering whether 50p knows that Black history month has just started. you know? black history month? those 30 days where black people remind white people of how cruel they are for having turned them into slaves a couple of centuries ago and when they celebrate the great achievements of black people?

  58. Diana K says

    I’m concerned more that he said “kill yourself” rather than thinking this was anti-gay.

    I’m sure he was just referring to straight men who refuse to go down on a woman, and didn’t mean anything homophobic about it. He just shouldn’t have brought suicide into it at all, imo. When is suicide ever a “lol” situation?

  59. Martin Walthall says

    I feel sorry for 50 cent. It must be quite difficult for an uneducated, socially disavantaged, talentless, prison-bitch to come to terms with the knowlege that he hasn’t been relevant for more than ten years. I’m calling on all my homies, especially the ones who fetishize thug-fucking to do whatever it takes to lower 50’s t-cells to somewhere around 14 cents.

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