A Note from Your Blogger

For the next two and a half weeks I'll be taking a much need refresh from the site.

Bike You won't be left wanting, though. Bringing you the news until mid-October is the accomplished and entertaining Andrew Belonsky (you'll meet him in the morning). You may have read his work on Salon, Change.org, Huffington Post, and Death and Taxes magazine, among others. Please give him your love and support.

Also, our weekend writer Steve Pep and weekly columnists Modern Tonic, Nathaniel Rogers, and Ari Ezra Waldman will be here with you as usual.

Thanks so much for visiting, reading, and participating here on Towleroad. Just last week, I posted the 20,000th post since starting the blog, and if it hadn't been clear enough to me at that point, it was obvious it was time to give my fingers and brain a rest for a little while. I will be back soon.


  1. says

    Please don’t burn out. Visiting your site has become the highlight of my working day. i visit often and read almost all the entries. Thanks so much for what you do!

  2. gagaiscaca says

    A daily reader here. Enjoy your time off.

    Hopefully Lady Caca and Glambert news will take a much need break too.

  3. randall says

    A much deserved rest. Your blog is the best and we are all better for it. Enjoy and everyone will be here when you get back. Bitchy as ever.

  4. JT says

    If lazyass Towle wanted to pick a stand-in fellow out-of-town gay who is such an awful character he actually makes Towle look good by comparison, he couldn’t have chosen better than Belonsky.

  5. kodiak says

    Please go somewhere beautiful and drop off the grid.
    Stay off the net.
    I know a place that doesn’t get cell reception…..

  6. GregV says

    I had two thoughts upon reading this:
    (1) Whoever the stand-in guy is, he’d better be thick-skinned because a few commenters will always complain about what’s being reported and how it’s being reported.
    (2) I just got back from a long road trip and no day was complete without a Towleroad fix. (“Honey that Holiday Inn has Wi-Fi. We’ve gotta read Towleroad before we go to bed so we know what’s going on in the world”)
    It made me wonder what it’s like for Andy, since he comes from behind the scenes.

  7. Chad says

    WOW! 20,000 posts?! That’s amazing. Congratulations. Enjoy your much-deserved time off. I read your blog every day for the news, but can’t imagine the work you put in almost single-handedly. Thanks for the service you provide.

  8. chris says

    Andy- take as long as you need, rest and re-charge! I, for one, will do all I can to read and support in your absensce and look forward to your return. Peace man! You deserve it!
    -Chris Kelly

  9. Phil says

    All the best Andy, enjoy your break! I’ve enjoyed reading Towleroad for quite some time now, and definitely look forward to your return! :)