1. Ben says

    HELLS YEH! He’s pretty hot. That whole show is gonna have some nice eye candy!! MY FAVORITE STUD on it: SCOTT CAAN!!! TOTAL STUD!

  2. says

    Alex was sort of geeky-cute in his other roles, but he has ripened into a major stud. Shows how sometimes a man has to reach his mid-thirties before he starts looking totally hot.

    Tagg, the ink is fake, I believe. Unless he’s wearing body makeup or the tatts are recent, he has no tatts in his other films.

  3. henry says

    I don’t know how this guy keeps on getting shows and they keep on getting cancelled. Poor Jack Lord is going to turn over in his grave when he sees what’s become of Hawaii Five O.

  4. matt says

    He’s certainly hot but the show looks like a mess. The original was a success because of the chemistry between the seasoned officer and the young apprentice. This just looks like another generic police drama set in Hawaii.

  5. Jake says


    I can understand your point about the tats because if a guy has too many it ruins it for me too…but I don’t think that’s the case here. One on each upper arm is fine in my book and this guy is uber hot! Oh daddy do me! Woof!

  6. jason says

    Alex is just another namby pamby American male who’s afraid to wear Speedos at the beach. Spare us the dork shorts, Alex. Put on some Speedos and be proud of what you’ve got.

  7. Roper says

    I’m not with you. I liked him in The Shield and Moonlight, but he looks unhappy, unhealthy and fragile. A man in his 30’s should look like a man, not a cheerleader.

  8. ratbastard says

    Is there a shortage of American actors, playing American roles on American based TV shows (and movies)?

    Just asking.

  9. ratbastard says


    …LOL….the dude is alright looking IMO, but he certainly isn’t skinny! He’s muscular with a six pack….NOT skinny. You must be fucking blind! And WTF is wrong with his legs?

  10. mad1026 says

    @Will The tats are real and so is everything else! His ass is on display in the movie “Feed” and so are the tats. The man is Gorgeous!!!1

  11. Rachel says

    He does have tattoos. The ones on his arms there are the same ones he had in the Oyster Farmer. I’m pretty sure he just covers them up for most of the roles he’s played. I actually think he has around 5 or 6 of them.

  12. Dwayne Davis says

    Scott Caan is very nice eye candy, Alex O’loughlin on the other had is just on beautiful man. He needs to dump the Malia Jones and as it seems he is super private just stay single and have different lesbian women hang on him at any functions. I don’t care if she is some model. Ten go to work and make some money. That is if she is doing that still. She is not even divorced from her husband. Alex needs a man in his bed not her or any other woman.