British Foreign Sec’y William Hague Hopes He Killed the Big Gay Lie


British foreign secretary William Hague has spent the last week and a half trying to escape rumors that he's gay and had an affair with a male aide.

Hague seems to be especially talented at drawing attention to it, however, tweeting yesterday that he hopes to have "nailed" the "big lie."


  1. Dan says

    Notice he wasn’t specific about the “big lie.” I don’t think he has denied sharing a room with a totally unqualified twentysomething advisor or going on foreign trips with him. What a knob-gobbler.

  2. TANK says

    Let there be no confusion about the lie that was said about hague: he’s straight and married his wife for love and not to remain closeted. Now that that awful, detestable calumny has been “nailed”…FAG!

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