1. TANK says

    Wow…it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t think she’s a rarity in her own party. If you saw the republican prez primary debates, even john mcsame raised his hand saying that he doesn’t believe in evolution. These people don’t live on earth.

  2. marco says

    I really don’t think this clip will have much if any negative feedback from her supporters like the witchcraft comment did… The majority of teabaggers probably believe this too!

  3. anon says

    She makes Sarah Palin look like a genius. Maher is mistaken if he thinks the voters in DE care about evolution during the campaign or that a candidate that doesn’t believe in evolution is unfit for office (as true as that might be) however. He needs to dig up footage that debunks her image, not enhances it. Show her lying or something. Her big plus is her sincerity.

  4. Carlos says

    I really admire America, but being a so advance country why on hell you still have discussions in that level about evolution? I mean, there’s irrefutable facts (I’m not taking about bones, I’m referring to more rocket science stuff as molecular biology, etc). You lead in innovation and science and you have a huge chunk of your population behaving so stupidly. I strongly believe that this middle-ages minded people is a danger to national security and the future of your country as a leader.

  5. Bart says

    Christine O’Donnell simply proves that we haven’t evolved enough from apes. Does she count by pawing the ground?

    Some people are born to lead the country, some are born to work an assembly line. People like Christine O’Donnell are born to work as field hands, where she wouldn’t have to contemplate anything complex.

    To the world at large we appear to be becoming the dumbest country on the planet. I have more respect for people in third world countries who don’t have access to knowledge like we do. Their ignorance is excuseable. Ours is astounding and lazy.

    Pretty fades, but dumb is forever. Does anyone know if Ms. O’Donnell actually stands a chance next month in Delaware?

  6. darkmoonman says

    Up next: Ring Wing nutters “know” that Copernicus et al are wrong – Sun orbits Earth.

    The entire USA should be embarrassed that we even consider electing such nutters.

  7. mad1026 says

    Do you suppose it’s possible her parents were brother and sister and their evolution stopped one cell change short of human? I spent a lifetime in Delaware one week; a lot of her peers in Sussex County probably think the same way.

  8. wimsy says

    Where do the Republicans get these people? And how can voters support them no matter how ridiculous, clueless, and ignorant their statements? Costa Rica is beginning to beckon me.

  9. bill miller says

    I saw a great bumper sticker recently: Tea parties are for little girls and people with imaginary friends.
    These people are loopy to say the least. But sadly, the other loopies will support them! Don’t forget to vote! Bill

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