DADT Update: Lady Gaga, SLDN, Outserve Appeal to Maine Senators


Last night I posted about the Maine rally Lady Gaga is attending today for DADT repeal.

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has seen a huge increase to visitors of its website since Lady Gaga began her "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" advocacy at the VMAs, Kerry Eleveld reports:

SLDN has seen its website numbers skyrocket since Lady Gaga took soldiers discharged under the discriminatory policy as escorts to the Video Music Awards last Sunday.

During the week before the VMAs (September 5–11), for instance, had 6,904 visitors with 15,101 page views, according to Thomas. But in the week following her VMA appearance (September 12–18), the site had 211,940 visitors with 360,145 page views. Overall, it represented a 91.93% in new visitors to the site.

[SLDN's Trevor] Thomas said Lady Gaga made the 'last-minute decision”' to attend Monday’s rally on Saturday evening after speaking with SLDN’s staff and executive director Aubrey Sarvis. The move required some logistical rejiggering since she is currently touring to promote her newly released album, The Remix. The pop star, known for her outlandish and ever-changing costuming, was in North Carolina where she performed in Charlotte and had a show Sunday evening in Raleigh. 'This is a big commitment,' Thomas said of the impromptu detour to Maine. 'She is on tour and her team has been enormously supportive throughout this process and very responsive.'"

If you have not called your Senator now is the time to do so.

In related news, Outserve released an open letter to Senators Snowe and Collins:

Outserve We are the active duty gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and members of the Coast Guard who are currently serving. We are writing you today to ask for your help.

Your vote on Tuesday will determine whether or not the new generation of military personnel will continue to be subjugated to the past generation’s law of discrimination and hate. Months ago, the Armed Services Committee chose to stand up for what is right and vote the National Defense Authorization Act out of committee and now you have a chance to allow this vote to proceed

While people play politics with our lives, we will be the ones that directly suffer. Over the past 17 years under the policy the military has witnessed the dismissal of over 14,000 troops qualified to serve their country. The military continues to dismiss the most critical soldiers that is directly putting our lives at risk on the battlefield. Military members have killed themselves over this policy. Failure to vote for cloture next Tuesday makes future lives, careers and crimes on your hands.

On Tuesday there will be thousands of us in the military watching your vote, gay and straight. This vote is not about anything else except the fact there are people that want to continue to keep soldiers subject to a law they no longer wish to be held to. We are the gay and lesbian soldiers now currently serving and we know exactly how our brothers and sisters and arms will treat us. We ask you to please do the right thing and stand with us currently serving and vote for cloture.


The OutServe Network

The Maine rally is set to kick off at 4 pm today in Portland.


  1. says

    All this hoopla on behalf of legislation that does not repeal DADT serves no purpose other than generating publicity for Lady Gaga and camouflaging the fact that SLDN is an ineffective advocacy organization for Gay servicemembers. No group that refuses to push for an immediate halt to DADT discharges is worth talking about, much less paying attention to.

  2. Rin says

    Um, Gaga will do more harm than good in Maine. They call people in the lower 49 states People From Away. They write about all of us as People From Away. Gaga…in her meat suits next to people in flannel and hiking boots will hurt more than help, it will only make the gays in Maine look like they associate with her and hurt the cause there.

    My gay friends that grew up in Maine (as opposed to those who commute to Boston or moved From Away) all said that that the gay marriage referendum would have gone their way if outsiders hadn’t come in to support gay marriage rights. Mainers don’t like outsiders. I have relatives all in Maine who said that they don’t care who gays marry in Maine but they don’t like them bringing in Massholes and trying to make Maine like Boston.

    They say: our gay people don’t scare the horses, its them People from Away.

    It’s not always about what you say, but how you say it. Shoving meat carcasses and crotch shots at people and then saying: These are my little monsters is not going to work in Maine.

    Ms Snowe is her own person and would probably have voted to repeal DADT without Gaga, Gaga will just make it harder for her with her constituency if Mainers (people not in Portland) think that this will mean more people like Gaga coming there.

    Sometimes Gaga needs to not hog the spotlight and allow other, quieter people to prevail.

  3. AndrewW says

    Calling or emailing Senators? Are you really that stupid? Do you believe Senators are waiting to tally up calls and emails? Incredible, absolutely incredible that so many people would be so incredibly naive.

    Gay Inc. and the numerous non-profit that continue to suck resources from our community have no idea what is going on – we don’t have 60 votes. We never have. These fools are playing you.

    This will not pass and shortly after we will hear from gay inc. with the suggestion “we were so close, we just need more money.” It’s a charade. They are raising money, not delivering our equality. Wake the Fu*k up.

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