1. Joe says

    Honestly, he’s probably a Republican that just has no place in the Republican party as a politician because he doesn’t openly want to hate us.

    I’ll take him over the Republican any time.

  2. GraphicJack says


    The original etymology of the word “queer” actually means “unusual” or “strange”. Het homo-haters had first used the word as a slur against us, but like some people use the n-word or f-word to empower or challenge the use of a previously negative or derogatory word, “queer” has been taken on by the GLBT community as a more inclusive and arguably more radical and empowering option that some people prefer to use over “the gay community” or “the GLBTLMNOP” community.

    Some people like it, others hate it, but Towleroad uses the word in an appropriate way in its original meaning, but of course with an ironic nod as it’s writing to a predominatly “queer” audience.

    So in a word, yes, really….

  3. Rob says

    He’s a prime example of what’s wrong with so many of our politicos in DC: a supposed Democrat talking like a Repug JUST TO KEEP HIS JOB! No, he’s not talking about supporting his Democratic president and policies but what he thinks the voters want to hear to PROTECT HIS BUTT! Disgraceful.

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