1. Matt26 says

    Three questions: What will the future churches be like? What will be left and for whom?
    At this point I cannot nor want to imagine the answers. I just watch. Thanks for keep up us informed.

  2. thirdnlong says

    Bishop Eddie Long has been able to get away with it for so long by surrounding himself with the “people” he speaks against. His Church and School are run by gay men whether DL or not. They have turned a blind eye over the years because in many cases they were the recipient of gifts and sexual favors until they out grew his taste age range, but they continued to work in the organization.

    His congregation is 80% female and turns a blind eye to it. How does a woman explain why the Bishop gives her 17 year old son a new Ford Mustang? A 20k gold signet ring?

    Several years ago at an event at South Dekalb Mall he was there with his “assistants” and a security team. First he did not get out of the SUV until FOX5 arrived and went live on their 5pm newscast. Second he asked a young man at the time to assist him in the bathroom.(he was wearing a long flowing white robe and several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry) That man recalled the incident again today when asked and he laughed with the same comment he made back then.. “pervert” he slipped the young man his cell number and wanted to set up a meeting at his church at the time.

    The question remains in his circle how many of his friends are running scared on whether the Bishop will take them down at some point and are making sure there “bois” are happy …. you listening Frank Ski ?

    The second question is with his right wing homophobic,anti jewish, anti muslim rants who will be there to cushion his fall?

    The third question is how much longer would it have been keep quite if he had not had the first plaintiff arrested in june “to teach him a lesson, and keep him in line” ?

  3. von lmo says

    The Gay Media & advocacy groups are partly to blame for people like Long existing. The Gay Media & advocacy groups should have been calling out these homophobes as closeted men. How many more instances will there need to be before all virulent homophobes are declared self-denying closet cases?

  4. says

    “He told reporters that he is praying for the situation and is “forgiving,” though he stills belives “homosexuality is a sin.”

    But fucking underage boys is A-OK!

    He should have kept his big mouth shut – sounds like we got another pedophile to join the “bishop”.

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Unfortunately, the self-styled “Bishop” Long’s religious colleagues and fellow pastors will close-ranks to protect the most important part of their ministries…the collection plate.

  6. booka says

    From my POV, blacks as a group, especially religious blacks(any religion will do)remain one of the most homophobic, exclusive groups, and threats to the advancement of Gay Rights. When situations like Eddie Long’s little DL problem come up; it just fills my heart with joy. There should, and undoubtably will be, alot more of such disclosures to come. I hope that these black bigots en mass, become so disillusioned, they might actually have to think about, and reevaluate what they believe, and where they came from.

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