1. Terry says

    I don’t think we can thank David Brock enough for creating Media Matters. Media Matters has been a great resource for exposing the bullshit and lies that the right wing regularly traffics in.

    The usual suspects are on that list of bigots and hatemongers. I hadn’t realized the full extent of Sarah Palin’s anti-gay bigotry, however.

  2. Dave says

    The GOP is a despicable group and that man and every person on that list are evil tools of hate and division attempting to subvert American Democracy to multi-national corporate control.

  3. Bart says

    The list made me laugh outloud. It’s the usual suspects along with Sarah “I Wanna Be President Because I Can See Russia From My House” Palin. And Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris?!?!? Hey, Chuck, that your natural hair color? Chuck has been married I believe AT LEAST three times. What would Chuck know about the sancitity of marriage?

    Funny story…a friend of mine worked for him when he was doing WALKER. Chuck, being the born-again, multiple-divorced, intelligence impaired soul that he is asked my friend one day if Catholics believed in Jesus. Astounded, my friend looked at Chuck and said, “Chuck, they invented Jesus.”

    Enough said about Beck and his holy rollers.

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