Indiana Teen Commits Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying at School


Statement by Charles Robbins, Executive Director of The Trevor Project, in response to the recent death of Billy Lucas, who died by suicide as a result of ongoing school bullying in Greensburg, IN:

"We are saddened to once again hear of another young person who died of suicide as a result of school bullying. Billy Lucas, a 15-year-old at Greensburg High School stood out among the 630 students in the school because he was different. Other students perceived that Billy was gay and he was relentlessly tormented as a result.

While the school district does have anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies, the policies do not specifically protect youth from harassment due to real or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression. Only eleven states in the country offer fully inclusive anti-harassment and anti-bullying education policies, and Indiana is not among them.

Currently, there is no national standard to protect all of our children from bullying and harassment at school. Yet, we know that as many as 1 in 10 sexual minority youth have been physically assaulted at school, and that when youth are threatened or get into fights, or have property stolen at school, their risk of attempting suicide more than doubles. That is why The Trevor Project supports fully inclusive federal legislation, like the Safe Schools Improvement Act currently under consideration in the Senate, to offer the protections all of our children need from torment and ridicule at school, regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Only with an enforceable national standard that offers resources and support to educators and staff, no matter the size of a school district, will we be able to prevent future tragedies like Greensburg High School has experienced. The death of Billy Lucas is a tragedy, and one that might have been prevented if his school district had the support of a fully inclusive anti-harassment and anti-bullying law."


  1. Rin says

    As a mother…I am just heartbroken when I see his picture. There is this pang you get because you want to protect kids–even if they aren’t your own. If something like that ever happened to my child I would want to rip someone to pieces!

    Every day I do a point check with my kids about how they are being treated. There is a boy at their school (gay) and picked on and when I taught there I made sure that fake rumors were started to make him appear cooler than he was (which he thanked me for later).

    Kids will pick pick pick at a kid for whatever reason, be it gay or maybe someone remembered they peed their pants in kindergarten. It’s hideous. If my kids were picked on they would get pulled from the school and moved ASAP.

    My sincere prayers go out to his parents and I hope all of those kids know they have blood on their hands–even the ones that stood by and did nothing.

  2. Disgusted American says

    No Principle – its what you did NOT do,……in your Hick Southern Bigoted town….Pathetic. No kid should be made to feel isolated…ever.

  3. says

    What could you do that could have made a difference in his life?

    Do your fucking job as a disciplinarian at that school and, despite the additions or subtractions of perceived or actual sexual orientation in your anti-bullying guidelines, punish harassment. Period.

    The fact that harassment is allowed because a part of his bullying is based on the perception of his sexual orientation is completely intolerable, and that man, that principle, should be held responsible.

    Those bullies questioned his worth. Told him that he should kill himself. Those are violent words that extend beyond gay issues that, in themselves, aren’t acceptable in a place of learning.

    Principles and teachers shouldn’t be enabling bullies to participate in society in this way. It’s disgusting, and those people should feel ashamed of themselves.


  4. says

    And the younger generation is becoming soooo tolerant. Yeah, right. And disgusted American, Indiana isn’t even in the south, it is the midwest. Homophobia exists everywhere in this country. In NC we enacted one of the first and only anti-bullying laws in the nation that has become a model to stop tragedies like this. By perpetuating stereotypes that this kind of thing only happens in “other” places is detrimental to the safety of all of our children.

  5. nick says

    Umerica has so much to be proud of-
    expect more of the same when the fascists return to power in November.

  6. ratbastard says

    Brutal. There’s got to be created some alternative for ‘different’ kids like Billy. It’s next to impossible stopping the kind of bullying he went through. I personally think these mega schools common in America are a disaster and far smaller charter type schools are much better teaching, learning, and social environments for kids, especially ‘different’ kids. I went from a school with over 2000 students to a public charter-type school of 150 my final year in H.S. Although I wasn’t obviously different like Billy, I still infinitely preferred the small school and noticed far less tension and negativity among students.

  7. Daniel says

    This is just awful. Things may be getting easier for gay teens in some areas, but not most. I can definitely relate to what this poor boy went through. It’s shocking that no one ever seems to get involved and punish this kind of bullying Shame on the staff of his school.

  8. ratbastard says


    This type of bullying occurs ALL OVER THE WORLD….America and Americans are no worse than other comparable nations.

  9. elg says

    How is the younger generation becoming more tolerant when so many of them throw the words “fag” and “faggot” around like it’s a badge of honor? They say the words, apparently, whether they actually think the person is gay or not. It’s like it’s endemic to “youth culture”.

  10. says

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Are you people, like Elg, actually making completely nonparallel analysis of gay youth culture and applying it to a conversation about this?

    Because, if you are, you’re headed for a conversation where you are blaming the victim for what has happened to him.

    Don’t be a dick. Plain and simple.

  11. jason says

    The way to stop the bullying is to kick the bullies out of the school. No ifs, no buts.

    The schools in these suicide cases appear to have been negligent. They have a duty of care to ensure all their students can study without hindrance. The school is there as a care provider. If it can’t do its job, it shouldn’t be allowed to operate as a school anymore.

  12. jason says

    Well, if kids are listening to homophobic lyrics from people like Eminem – who are empowered by media organizations like MTV – of course they’re going to throw words like “faggot” around.

    Eminem and various black homophobic rappers and hip hop artists have all been enabled by MTV. Yet GLAAD keeps giving awards to MTV. Either GLAAD is misguided or it’s fucking retarded.

  13. TampaZeke says

    Yet not one story about a person using gay slurs or “that’s so gay” goes by without a brigade of less than 30 year olds rushing to the comment threads to tell us to stop being so sensitive, to “get over it” and trying to explain to us hysterical homos that people can use the word “faggot” without being the least bit homophobic and without offending anyone (like, “Suck on that faggots” for example) or that “that’s so gay” has no connection whatsoever to “gay” or homophobia. Well, NEWSFLASH, it DOES have to do with promoting the idea that homosexuals are lame and stupid and weak. That’s where the origin a the phrase came from even if kids, and some adults, today are too stupid to realize it.

    For this kid and all the others who have committed suicide over these words and their “not offensive” meanings I call BULLSHIT and say shame on YOU. YOU get over it! Stop defending the indefensible and start defending the defenseless!

  14. GW says

    Wow…this is so tragic and just happens to be the same High School that my partner attended years ago. Too bad the administration was asleep at the wheel and still seems to not recognize the gravity of this situation. My heart is breaking once again today! May he be at peace now!

  15. ron says

    Maybe some of the bullies and perhaps even the school staff should be brought up on accessories to murder charges (like that would ever happen). What a pathetic waste of human life and potential. It’s all far too tragic, and too common.

  16. Dawnell_do says

    This is story just makes me so sad for the kid and his family, but it also pisses me off when the fucking bully’s keep getting away with this shit! Their the ones who don’t deserve to live!

  17. SONNIE says

    Every kid in that school should be required to attend that boy’s funeral, so the bullies can see the result of their handywork. Not that it would make any difference, I’m sure.

  18. johnny says

    Another simple case of those in charge of kids turning a blind eye. From the principal, to the teachers, to the guidance counselor, gym teacher, coaches, to his bus driver and on down. They knew it was happening and did nothing. That boy’s death is THEIR FAULT, not the bully’s, even though he may have been the trigger.

    This kind of thing only grows in power when it’s allowed to happen again and again. Kids know when they can get away with bullying and when they can’t. Obviously they’ve been allowed to get away with it for a long, long time in that environment.

    I feel terrible for him and his family.

  19. critifur says

    God, flashback to horror. This is issue is more important than marriage and DADT.

    What I went through was obviously not as bad, yet I do not know how I got through the bullying I went through. I remember I was just scared to ask for help from my mother because I would have to tell her the nature of the bullying. Being called out for being a fairy, faggot, gay… It meant having to admit, at 10 years old to my perceived sexuality. When I finally did tell her about the bullying, I think I must have said I wasn’t gay, and her response to the whole thing was to just ignore it, that it was just words, blah blah, blah. completely useless. When I was a bit older, and in a different school, the one time I stood up for myself with one kid, I was taken to the Vice Principle’s office and was paddled, for taking part in a fight. He did not care that I was defending myself. It was insanity.

    I feel awful for this boy. Years ago, when the Columbine shootings occurred, I understood why those boys went on a rampage. I told my mother again about all the bullying from my childhood and she said she didn’t understand why I didn’t do more to make her get what was going on. ugh.

    I am amazed more kids don’t just snap, and go one way or the other and kill themselves or others. I am thankful it doesn’t happen more. But glbt (or perceived to be) kids need help.

  20. Jubal Harshaw says


    The people who would create a Facebook page memorializing this have just as much blood on their hands as any bully for not standing up for this young man.

    Facebook and MySpace will not achieve anything. It didn’t for Lawrence King and it won’t for this young man. Grow a spine, not a social media page.

  21. yeahisaidit says

    “As a mother…Every day I do a point check with my kids about how they are being treated.’

    Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but also check to make certain your children are not the ones involved in BULLYING OTHERS, which many parents swear up and down is something THEIR children would not do…

  22. Henry Holland says

    “Students said on that same day, some students told Billy to kill himself”

    And my parents wonder why I’m a loner and don’t really like being around people all that much. I’m so tired of dealing with the legions of assholes in this world.

    “The people who would create a Facebook page memorializing this have just as much blood on their hands as any bully for not standing up for this young man”

    That’s harsh, but mostly true. “Mostly” because, as I know from experience, when you stick up for someone being bullied, there’s a good chance that suddenly *you’ll* be the focus of their bullshit.

  23. CoMo'mo says

    I’m not being morbid when I ask WHAT was “different” about Billy that made others respond with the current cliches about “being gay” and deserving to be picked on? When I was his age I was verbally abused by other kids and subjected to witless remarks by teachers because I was slightly different physically and was totally uninterested in sports and school traditions that seemed silly. I realize now that I was so weird in so many ways that few connected my general queerness with sexuality in particular. Obviously, I was lucky to be there before public awareness of gays was at a high level and seized on as an excuse to be nasty, brutish and hateful. But I am curious about what traits trigger the current ‘phobes.

  24. kodiak says

    I was looking at my nephew’s facebook page the other day.
    He lives maybe 40-50 miles from Greensburg, in Indiana.
    He is in high school there. In one of his wall posts he called
    one of his friends a “fagget”. He can’t spell the derogatory
    term he throws around. What to do, what to do.

  25. elg says

    I hear youngsters these days using gay slurs routinely in public places. And it seems to be worse than in times past. Consequently, in my first comment, I was questioning whether young straight people today are more open-minded about sexual difference (whether real or perceived) than young people in times past as some have said. Instead of becoming less homophobic, young straight people seem to be getting worse. That was the point I was making.

    I don’t know how you decided, based on my first comment, that I was blaming the victim. How could I take the side of the bullies when school was a nightmare for me as well?

  26. anon says

    Alas, but it’s really clinical depression, caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, that cause suicidal tendencies, not bullying, regardless of the perceived correlation. Certainly, if there are disciplinary actions to be taken regarding the bullying then they should be meted out, but the depression was not caught in time.

  27. anon says

    Also, the Columbine shooters were not picked on, but rather, the leader, Eric Harris was a sociopath with a murderous/sadistic streak and his partner in crime, Dylan Klebold, was caught under his spell. There are two books on the subject that go into everything in great detail.

  28. Bryan says

    Welcome to Christianist America, where the powerful and bigoted make “save our children” speeches about the contemptible inferiority of LGBTQ people and our sick/evil/anti-American lifestyle. Here’s the result.

    When I was 16, I drove off into the woods and took a massive overdose of prescription narcotics after gym class one day. I’m alive because a telephone lineman found me, and because the therapist my parents sent me to after I took an overdose of prescription narcotics at 16 turned out to be gay.

    I was lucky. Billy wan’t lucky. He was murdered by proxy.

  29. Cindy says

    I feel so sorry for that young man that hung himself after being tortured so much, just like the others. I was bullied pretty much throughout 12 years of school. I say that anyone that is getting bullied should learn to fight back and when the bullies see you fighting back, they might just stay away from you. I am going on 55 years old this month and I just recently became friends once again with someone that bullied me pretty much all through school. If you stay strong, you will realize that when you graduate from HS that the bullies do grow up and stop the bullying. I am back to being friends with at least 2 former bullies. I know it’s hard to do but you have to try and tough it out like I did in hopes that things would eventually get better and they did. Believe it or not, it’s true what they say that bullies bully others so they won’t get bullied themselves. Bullies act tough but deep down inside them they are scared to death. They of course wouldn’t dare mention that to anyone though. My Mom told me when I got bullied to try and reason when the bullies and act like a fine young lady and not a back alley rat. When that didn’t work, my Dad put on a pair of boxing gloves and taught me a few good boxing moves. Well, I never had to punch anyone out at school, but if a girl pulled my hair I pulled her hair. If someone put chips in my hair, I did the same thing to them. If someone kicked me in the leg, I kicked them back. Eventually they saw I fought back, so they left me alone. I know the saying “two rights don’t make a wrong” but I rather fight back and suffer the consequences, than make the bullies happy by crying or trying to hurt or kill myself. Maybe it’s time that former bullies and former victims join together and give lectures in schools and let the bullies and victims of bullies know that there’s gonna be a time that you “GROW UP” and stop the bullying. That you both “bury the hatchet” as the saying goes. Right now I can say that I am friends with at least some of the people that bullied me in school. Thanks to my Dad teaching me some boxing moves(yes girls/women can fight back,too and at any age)and always telling me “never make throw the first punch”, I not only stopped a guy from stealing my sister’s car and 2 other cars, but at 4 months pregnant with 2 toddlers at home, I stopped a 22 year old guy from entering into my kitchen after he kicked the door in and the lock flew off. I would do anything to protect the ones I love, and I have proved it many times. When my kids were in school, I told them if someone hurts them to get them back and that I would deal with the teachers or principal if I had to. If I see a kid or even an elderly person or animal getting bullied, I will stop the bullies. I yelled at a man in our neighborhood for abusing his dog. I never saw that man or the dog again. The guy is on probation for abuse of a person, I think, and the guy didn’t even yell at me to mind my own business when I yelled at him. Even if you are weak inside, try to be strong-willed on the outside and you will scare the bullies away.
    Don’t give in to the bullies by hurting yourselves or hanging yourself or any other type of suicide. Your life is too important! Ya never know if you will end up being some bullies boss someday and then watch the bullies squirm then. LOLOL Most bullies do eventually grow up. Learn the right way of fighting if you want to fight back. Take care and good luck! Believing in God helps a lot and prayers, too. Cindy

  30. Cindy says

    By the way, a “fag” is an English cigarette, I was told. Isn’t it awfully ignorant of bullies to call Gays a “cigarette”? LOL I am totally heterosexual but as long as the gays/lesbians don’t hit on me or my kids,grandkids, why not just “live and let live”? Or like that famous Beatle song, “Let it Be”. I also think that the people in politics need to stop bullying other political parties. Do ya hear that you Republicans that enjoy bullying the Democrats when you don’t get your own ways?

  31. Wayne Brasler says

    What I find profoundly disturbing is that the principal, in his folksy comments, reflects no education whatsoever in harassment, teaching respect for diversity, cherishing the different among us because they often become the true stars of our national life and particularly in letting gay students know they can go to adults with their problems with the expectation they will be treated with understanding and be taken seriously.

  32. Vlad says

    Anon, stop blaming all depression and suicide on chemical imbalances in the brain. This is utterly disgusting and absolves the community and society from any responsibility. The GLBT population suffers disproportionately from depression. This is because of the social violence that is daily perpetrated against us and often being extremely isolated because of our sexuality. Many of us go from being rather happy and normal children to very depressed and withdrawn teens or adults as a result of this isolation and the hostility that we experience. If you beat a happy energetic puppy enough times I’m sure you will discover that it has developed a “chemical imbalance” and becomes forlorn and frightened.

  33. Scott A. says

    Not only that the students picked on him, i was told by one of his friends that TEACHERS also treated him differently.. i am a student at greensburg high school. and was billy’s mutual friend, never said a word to him though, thought how his hair was dyed was cool, although people, i have heard him treat others disrespectfully… to give otherds the opportunity to say things to him like that, BUT he was just treating others how he is treated. its the golden rule. not only this, The principal, Mr. chapple, just said “darn” about the whole thing… wtf… he should be replaced immediately. although for the teachers that treated him diffrent, be fired. I know who you are. i could turn you in. rip billy.

  34. Raven says

    I had met Billy through local horse shows. It’s upsetting that this had to happen. It’s not fair that the school will intervene with bullying of some kids but not all. Everyone knew that kids picked on Billy and nothing was ever done about it. I think that what is more upsetting is that it is assumed that Billy was gay. He had never openly admitted that he was. For the news channels and other websites to assume that Billy was gay is just as bad as all the kids that bullied him assuming he was gay. It doesn’t matter whether he was gay or not, he was still bullied beyond what he could handle. It does not make it any worse whether he was gay or straight. No child should be bullied regardless of their (assumed) sexuality. Assumptions can hurt, that should be evident through Billy’s story.

  35. customartist says

    * Please ask CNN to cover the horrible Child Death and Cover-Up of Billy Lucas. Please report the names of Bullies and teachers who knew*

    This isn’t about BEING gay, but about being PERCEIVED as gay. The mindset of the bullies, their resulting actions, AND the inactions and the denial by Principal Phil Chapple is the issue here. This was Common Knowledge. The Parents of the Bullies and the Educatiors are ultimately the ones responsible for this death. They did not condemn nor control the atmosphere of hate. This was not the first such incident. They are holding no one accountable.

    It is as clear as a crystal ball that a community wide denial and cover up of a PERCEIVED gay 15 year old child being pushed to suicide by that very same community’s people is going on in full swing. You own this Greensburg! This mindset that it is Perfectly Okay to harass a child who is perceived as gay to the point of taking his own life, originates with, is perpetuated by, is endorsed by, and is denied by the Parents, and the Educational and Community Leaders of GREENSBURG, INDIANA, U.S.A.

    Greensburg, Indiana is “The United States Capitol City of Hate!!!”

    The mother (condolences) even at THIS point cannot find it within herself to entertain the remote possibility that Billy might have been gay. Sadly part of the problem. The mother knew that he was harassed. What did she do about it? Where is Social Services on this issue.

    The Principal denies knowing of that which is common knowledge.

    There has been ABSOLUTELY ZERO coverage in the Greensburg Daily Newspaper. Letters have been written to the editor. ‘non-coverage’

    Expressing concerns directly to the Principal will be ineffective. Contact these other responsible or involved parties. Simply ask for investigations into Billy Lucas’ death.

    Mr. Tom Hunter, Superintendent Greensburg Community Schools
    1312 W. Westridge Parkway
    Greensburg, IN 47240

    School Board Members
    Lisa Tressler – President
    1476 South County Rd., 480 East, Greensburg, IN

    David Weigel – Vice President
    716 Kessler Blvd., Greensburg, IN

    Valorie Moorman – Secretary
    4848 South County Rd. 60 SW, Greensburg, IN

    Dave Meyer- Member
    515 Sycamore Trail, Greensburg, IN

    Al Moore – Member
    514 Baili Ct., Greensburg, IN

    Tony Owens – Member
    614 N. Franklin St., Greensburg, IN

    Steve Taylor – Member
    PO Box 125, Greensburg, IN

    Other Contacts:

    Chief of Police Brian Heaton

    Mayor Gary Herbert

    City Council Members
    Herb Hunter
    Bill Wenning
    Darrell Poling
    Helen Gardner
    June Rule

    Greg Zoeller – Indiana Attorney General

    Dr. Tony Bennett – Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Indiana Department of Education

    Todd Huston – Chief of Staff, Indiana Department of Education

    Governor Mitch Daniels (whose links from the City’s Page have been made inoperative)

    Fox 59 news Video,0,2457219.story

    Greensburg Daily News

    Indy Star News

    Post – Tribune Indianapolis

    WFYI – Indianapolis

  36. Ryan Anderson says

    I think this is getting way out of hand, the students that bully kids wheather they are gay or from another ethnicity. Something needs to be done.

  37. says

    Gaylib: Yes we have a school policy based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, perceived or otherwise in NC, but it only works, if the school enforces it. As evidenced by Jordan and Chase’s prom story. If I hadn’t gone to the school and said something, they never would have been able to attend the Starmount Prom together.

    Living in NC I know that when the kids at school pick on Jordan, that I have to say something about it and sometimes throw a fit to get them to do something and we have those protection laws on the book, so they are required by law to act and I still have to make them.

    So imagine being Billy Lucus, where they don’t have these laws, you tell the teacher, principal that you are being bullied and they just ignore it, there is no law to throw in their face, and they aren’t required to do anything at all…

    Everyone knew that Billy was being picked on and bullied, students, teachers, the principal…it is my understanding that they were told repeatedly, yet did nothing. How can anyone stop the bullying if the school tolerates it and their tolerance enforces the idea to their students that this type of behavior is okay?

    It breaks my heart that this child felt his only escape from the hell they put him through was to take his own life. He was not inspired to commit suicide, he was bullied to death. No child should ever have to endure what Billy did, no school should ever turn a blind eye to hate. And if they won’t take care of the problem their selves then we have to make them by passing legislation that forces them too. Call your Senators, and Congress about the Student Non-Discrimination Act. Tell them they need to protect our nations children from bullying!!! Because until it is a law and policy, where parent’s and students have some kind of resource, some kind of recourse…that forces the school to protect these kids, these deaths will continue!

  38. Jessie says

    There is a cover up of Billy’s death by the local media and community. His own mother was abusive to Billy because the family knew he was gay. Billy had a profile on a gay dating website. He was tormented in school constantly and then tormented at home by his mother. I read from an online journal that Billy’s mother said after his death “he doesn’t deserve a funeral.” His family continues to lie in the media about his homosexuality out of shame. But everyone around that community knew well about Billy.

    The school is lying that they didn’t know that the bullying occured. This whole case needs to be investigated by the Department of Justice. His mother should be investigated and the school leadership. Billy was suspended from school on that same day when he tried to defend himself from bullies.

  39. Shakeela says

    Really people are just so fuckin crule.Honestly why would u tease someone because of hw they choose to live they’re life.Homosexuality is not wrong love is love no matter the gender,the nerve of some people really,everyone has or knos a family member or bestie that gay,or bi now while u tease someone becuz they are imagine if it was someone u kno that the constant bullyin drove them to end their life
    As a bisexual ican imagine how the teasin can be nd to the family of Billy Lucas im so sorry for your lost.
    See More

  40. Angela says

    And where do these kids get these opinions? From their parents. “Oh, it’s politically correct not to call people faggots. Why should we support the gay lifestyle?” I have worked with a number of gay people and I have yet to figure out what the hell a gay lifestyle is. Seems like they do the same shit I do. Go to work, pay taxes, pay their mortgages and bills, etc. Go to the polls in November and vote out these damn Republicans and these insane tea party people.

  41. Fight Fight Figh says

    The parents are not to blame what so ever, but what I don’t understand is, as a parent, how do you not know how severe the bullying is getting? I mean, can’t you figure out what is wrong with your kid? I can’t see the kid coming how all happy. The minute I learned my kid was getting bullied, I would take action at that school, and if it meant moving him to another school, then so be it. I just can’t see it getting to the point it has with these kids without my going down to that school and causing a scene, or paying a visit to the bullying persons home.

  42. John Harness says

    That’s so gay: is said to mean something is not good. where as I’m strait is said to mean I’m good if poeple do not understand this they are lying to there selves kids need to stop the bullying of all students no matter what they are be it Gay,Fat,Skinny,are Different Race or Religeon. Church bullying of Gays at the pulpit is part of the problem. Stop preaching hate and you will stop a lot of the pain you are creating think of love

  43. ManinIndy says

    those jerk kids should be put in prison for what they did. maybe the didn’t actually kill the other kid, but they sure as hell helped it happen, they need to be held responsible to the utmost portion of the law, in all ways. and for the school to be like “they don’t have anything to specifically for anti gay harassment” don’t make me laugh. harassment is harassment. it doesn’t matter what the reason is, no one should have to tell the educated this. they are to blame as well, sue their asses off.

  44. Joshua Patchett says

    OMG!!!!! Billy why did’nt you tell me you were have troubles??? I known you for over a year form talking on the phone and yahoo. And you were always soo cheery. I thought it was soo sweet the crush you had on me. And how I’d joke to you that I am twice your age! Billy remember you asked me if we could hang out and I said are we gonna play Xboxand you said “If you want too”. You had a great sense of humor and we shared many laughes. Remember how depressed I was on my birthday Billy? And you kept telling me I’m not old. And remember how you asked me if I’d take you on a date when you turned 18 and I told you I’ll be so old that you wont have a crush on me anymore and will have forgot all about me? And Billy you thought you were ugly but i told you if I was half my age I would take you up on the date offer. Then I told you that you looked like “Robbie Benson” and you did’nt have a clue who that was so I had to find some pics of him and when i showed you you were like “I do look like him!” I told you that your beautiful because you are inside and out and anyone who thought diffrent had something personally or mentally wrong with them! How is it that we had just chatted last the week or week before you died? We shared so much in the last year, you told me your dreams and wishes you never seemed depressed though you would get a little down and then I’d tell you one of my lame ass jokes about “Madonna” or I’d rant about how I think “Lady Gaga” is a Whack Job and “Betty White” is the Anti-Christ and then it would always seem to cheer you up and then we’d chat for hours about most anything and I would show you my dog and you thought he was so cute… Billy while i typed this he just shit in the floor he is not cute he’s an 80lbs monster! Well you know what, fuck what people think sweety yeah you can have that date now! I’ll never forget you and i am crying as I type this… I Love U Billy Lucas, save a spot in heaven for me, and I’ll see you sooner or later i promise!!!

  45. Marcia says

    I am a survivor of 18 years of mental, emotional, verbal, bulling, harassment, physical and sexual abuse by adults in my community. The above stated has been on-going, non-stop. When it first began there were under tones with the word “lesbian”. I am straight not that that should matter. I have done nothing wrong. I don’t know why this is happening to me. I have recently been brutally beaten up and violently sodomised with blunt force trauma, with the intent to kill me. I almost died. I have documentation and photos to support my above stated abuse. Two weeks ago my van was hit by a “hit and run driver”, who was aiming for my driver’s side door, with the intent to cause me bodily harm and to disable my van. Maybe the next time someone will succeed in killing me. I am feeling very helpless, hopeless, depressed and suicidal. I need help with the above stated abuse. I can not continue to live my life as it is above stated. Please contact only me. Do not contact any agencies in my community as they are part of the problem. Over the past 18 years to present time, I have contacted many agencies in my community for help, only to be denied services. I am a 64 year old female. I am permanently disabled because of the above mentioned abuse for the last 18 years. Please help me. If you are unable to help me please give me referals where I can go for help.
    Thank you,

  46. Derek Williams says

    The kids who bullied Billy Lucas wanted him to die, and now they got what they wanted. No doubt they are all absolutely satisfied with the result and given the success of their enterprise thus far, they will now be emboldened to try it again on other gay kids, or straight kids who seem gay to them in some way.

    Incitement to kill is a crime, but is this a crime to incite murder if the murder you wish to take place is of someone else by themself? As a priority, measures should be being taken to find out how many other gay kids these children told to kill themselves. If incitement to suicide is a crime, then without question, those responsible should be charged with the offence.

    A lot of people posting on hate sites like YouTube are saying that all gay people should kill themselves and this no doubt impacts on gay teenagers using YouTube and other bully sites.

    It is reassuring to note however that while YouTube and its ilk are swamped by hate and violence, the thumbs ups and thumbs downs indicate that the majority are not in support of all gay teens taking their own lives as you might otherwise believe from reading the reams of anti-homosexual rhetoric, most of it coming from self-proclaimed Christians.

    While I am sure that Christians as a rule deplore bullying, violence and suicide, sadly the message given out at some of the more evangelical sects run by profiteering hucksters are at the very root cause of holier-than-thou grandstanding ultimately leading to youth gangs feeling justified in attacking defenceless kids half their size.

    Gay kids can only take so much before they come to the conclusion that they have no future, if all it holds for them is universal hate and violence from their home, their peers, their school and their church. To such children, death is a merciful release.

    May they rest in peace.

  47. says


    Seth Walsh 13
    Billy Lucas 15
    Asher Brown 13
    Justin Aaberg 15
    Tyler Clementi 19
    Raymond Chase 19
    Zach Carrington

    I am a gay suicide survivor, impossibly, after gassing myself with carbon monoxide using my mother’s car, and declared brain dead at 22yo.

    Yet when I was young, I was always loved and supported by my family, friends and work colleagues, despite being openly gay from age 18. I am now 58 years old. For me it did get better, although my reasons for suiciding were too complex to go into here and not related to any abuse.

    I have never suffered any of the attacks these kids endured, and that has made them want to leave this earth so soon, but my heart goes out to them and their bereaved families. I am enraged by the systemic lack of courage to deal with bullying. Administrations are frightened to say the word “gay” and bullies know this, so they rule supreme. Teachers and police are frightened of bullies because oftentimes they come from violent, lawless families. And it’s always the bullied child who gets withdrawn from the school, while the bullies get a quick, tokenistic session with the school counsellor, then stay on triumphant. They know that once they have spectacularly gotten rid of “the fag”, they’re free to start on someone else, not their own size.

    I greatly admire President Obama for his intervention on this. He is taking a big political risk with everything to lose and little to gain because there is still a sizeable body of folk out there who think all gay people *should* kill themselves, why some even saw fit to post messages of hate on dead 15yo Billy Lucas’s memorial Facebook page. Then there are the super rich, medallion wearing evangelical huckster preachers who right now will be regaling their congregations with the dogma that these tragic youngsters who suicided after their short lives of utter torment, are void of the love of God, and are enduring eternal damnation in a “Lake of Fire”, because they were gay. There are not words in the English language strong enough to express how I feel about them.

    The kids who bullied Billy Lucas told him they wanted him to die, and now they got just what they wanted. I read they did high-fives when news broke of his death, and said “about time”, then posted hate messages on Billy’s Facebook memorial page. Now that they are all engorged with the success of their enterprise thus far, they will now be emboldened to try it again and again on other gay kids, or straight kids who seem gay to them in some way because they read books.

    Incitement to kill is a crime, but is this a crime to incite murder if the murder you wish to take place is of someone else by themself? As a priority, measures should be being taken to find any other putatively gay kids these children told to kill themselves. If incitement to suicide is a crime, then without question, those responsible should be charged with the offence.

    A lot of people posting on hate sites like YouTube are saying that all gay people should kill themselves and this no doubt impacts on gay teenagers using YouTube and other bully sites.

    It is reassuring to note however that while YouTube and its ilk are swamped by hate and violence, the thumbs ups and thumbs downs indicate that the majority are not in support of all gay teens taking their own lives as you might otherwise believe from reading the reams of anti-homosexual rhetoric, most of it coming, incredibly, from self-proclaimed Christians.

    While I am sure that Christians as a whole deplore bullying, violence and suicide, sadly the message given out at some evangelical sects is at the very root cause of holier-than-thou grandstanding ultimately leading to youth gangs feeling justified in attacking defenceless kids half their size. No doubt right now, they’re still popping champagne at having sent Billy, a 15yo “sinner”, on his way to the eternal damnation they preach about.

    Gay kids or straight kids perceived as gay can only take so much before they come to the conclusion that they have no future, if all it holds for them is a wall of contempt and violence from their home, their peers, their school and their church. To such children, death is a merciful release.

    May they rest in peace.

    Derek Williams