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Joe McElderry Unleashes Album Cover, First Single


X-Factor winner Joe McElderry, who came out of the closet at the end of July, today released the album cover from his first album Wide Awake, along with the first single, "Ambitions".


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  1. Such a sweet guy.. wishing him all the best!

    Posted by: sparks | Sep 19, 2010 4:41:46 PM

  2. I prefer Olly Murs, but McElderry's single is pretty delightful.

    Posted by: Adam | Sep 19, 2010 4:49:10 PM

  3. Lord he's pretty and has the voice of an angel to match.

    Posted by: RONTEX | Sep 19, 2010 4:56:00 PM

  4. To me it sounds like the chipmunks doing a pop song. He's a good singer but, to me, this single sounds like he inhaled helium.

    Posted by: Brad | Sep 19, 2010 4:59:17 PM

  5. I'm really looking forward to this album!

    Posted by: Jeremiah | Sep 19, 2010 5:12:19 PM

  6. Love Joe McElderry, but don't like the song. It sounds too high-pitched - for a second it almost sounded like The Chipmunks.

    The B&W picture is dreamy, but you can't get a flash of his green eyes. He's actually better looking.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Sep 19, 2010 5:12:41 PM

  7. Jake + Mika = Joe

    Posted by: Smeejay | Sep 19, 2010 5:52:15 PM

  8. his face and his voice belong to an angel. man, i love this boy. best of luck to him.

    Posted by: nic | Sep 19, 2010 6:29:03 PM

  9. The homosexual is a very handsome man.

    Posted by: Jackson | Sep 19, 2010 6:35:01 PM

  10. Way to go Joe! Congrats!

    Posted by: Fred | Sep 19, 2010 7:19:09 PM

  11. He looks and sounds like such a sweetie... just wanna pinch his cheeks!

    Posted by: aleabeth | Sep 19, 2010 7:22:58 PM

  12. God he's adorable! Watch the vlogs on his X-Factor channel.....they'll melt your heart.

    What a great guy! Definite boyfriend (and husband) material. So I'll be going to buy my plane ticket to the UK right now..... ha ha ha

    Posted by: AgBoiNV | Sep 19, 2010 8:02:59 PM

  13. He's absolutely beautiful. Finally, a talented talent show winner. Love the song!!

    Posted by: mad1026 | Sep 19, 2010 8:17:13 PM

  14. He seems like a nice kid but, I thought I was going to leave a negative comment about the music. Surprise surprise that song isn't half bad! I like it.

    Posted by: Thomas | Sep 19, 2010 8:35:48 PM

  15. Fantastic dance music. I see the invisible light. Wonderful song, perfect singer.

    Posted by: trees | Sep 19, 2010 9:17:04 PM

  16. @aleabeth, i'm old enuff to be his (ahem) older brother. good gawd he is precious. there comes a time when one celebrates a person strictly on beauty alone w/o sexuality muddying the waters. god personally reached down and chucked this kid on the chin and whispered, "you are the one." perhaps, not unlike when zeus played with ganymede on his knee.

    Posted by: nic | Sep 19, 2010 9:39:40 PM

  17. what a stunner. flat out.
    sweet guy--

    Posted by: tinhouston | Sep 19, 2010 9:44:36 PM

  18. The song is a bit sappy.....which I would exspect from him. It sound good! very modern, it will do well,

    Posted by: Joseph | Sep 19, 2010 10:31:28 PM

  19. vollying back @ NIC

    Oh, I know I'm old enough to be his momma and I would probably embarrass the crap outta the boy [LOL-ask my nephew who's hittin' 30] with all my cheek pinchin', he's so adorable.
    :D and he sounds just 'bout as precious.

    I do hope the best for him.

    Posted by: aleabeth | Sep 20, 2010 1:45:52 AM

  20. Um... that's just a sped-up version of the song "Ambitions" by "Donkeyboy".

    Posted by: Dan | Sep 20, 2010 1:58:39 AM

  21. I really dig his sound! Thanks Andy for posting this. His vocal style is reminiscent of Joan Armatrading.

    Posted by: Tone | Sep 20, 2010 3:02:38 AM

  22. @ Dan Um... that's called a "cover."

    Posted by: Chris | Sep 20, 2010 4:17:02 AM

  23. While he is cute and has a pleasant voice, just How Many McSingers du Jour does the world need forced upon it?! Show after show, telling us who to watch/hear/buy...all in the name of Greed. This planet will be So glad when it is through with Man!

    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | Sep 20, 2010 5:04:31 AM

  24. Meh. I got sick of Micah about 5 minutes into his annoying career. I guess this is just slightly less annoying. Just.

    Posted by: Jasun | Sep 20, 2010 10:54:07 AM

  25. Joe finally gets to release his inaugural CD and let the world hear what he offers. I hope he enjoys a long career.

    Posted by: Rob | Sep 20, 2010 11:47:21 AM

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