1. Brad says

    To me it sounds like the chipmunks doing a pop song. He’s a good singer but, to me, this single sounds like he inhaled helium.

  2. AgBoiNV says

    God he’s adorable! Watch the vlogs on his X-Factor channel…..they’ll melt your heart.

    What a great guy! Definite boyfriend (and husband) material. So I’ll be going to buy my plane ticket to the UK right now….. ha ha ha

  3. says

    He seems like a nice kid but, I thought I was going to leave a negative comment about the music. Surprise surprise that song isn’t half bad! I like it.

  4. nic says

    @aleabeth, i’m old enuff to be his (ahem) older brother. good gawd he is precious. there comes a time when one celebrates a person strictly on beauty alone w/o sexuality muddying the waters. god personally reached down and chucked this kid on the chin and whispered, “you are the one.” perhaps, not unlike when zeus played with ganymede on his knee.

  5. says

    vollying back @ NIC

    Oh, I know I’m old enough to be his momma and I would probably embarrass the crap outta the boy [LOL-ask my nephew who’s hittin’ 30] with all my cheek pinchin’, he’s so adorable.
    😀 and he sounds just ’bout as precious.

    I do hope the best for him.

  6. Tone says

    I really dig his sound! Thanks Andy for posting this. His vocal style is reminiscent of Joan Armatrading.

  7. Bruce Wayne says

    While he is cute and has a pleasant voice, just How Many McSingers du Jour does the world need forced upon it?! Show after show, telling us who to watch/hear/buy…all in the name of Greed. This planet will be So glad when it is through with Man!

  8. Rob says

    Joe finally gets to release his inaugural CD and let the world hear what he offers. I hope he enjoys a long career.

  9. Rob says

    Ugh, Donkeyboy totally deserved a UK hit with this (it was #1 in Scandinavia for weeks), but of course leave it up to Simon Cowell to steal it, barely change a note and offer up to whatever new “star” they find. Pathetic.

    The original Donkeyboy video (there are 2) for it is amazing.

  10. says

    “How anyone can compare Joe to Susan Boyle is idiotic. Susan Boyle is not a stereotype Joe is. If Simon takes him to America – he will get swamped among the American Idol, High School Musical and Disney people. He does not have the personality to carry international fame and he does not play an instrument or write his own songs. The Yanks do not have the same sentimentality attached to Joe as the Brits. The person the yanks all went for on the internet is Danyl. Lets put this harshly Joe is sweet but does not dance and is incredibly short- he is no Justin Timberlake. Simon stated a guy would win and he won’t be an international star- Joe’s audience is only in the UK and he will go the same route as Shane Ward , Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson. Lady Susan was courted by the Yanks – people like Joe to get back and other contestants . The international market just want to be entertained by those who are different. Simon will drop him Joe in a year