Kellan Lutz: ‘By No Means Do I Want to Be a Piece of Meat for the Rest of My Career’


For the record:

"It's funny when you get asked to do a talk show, and then they follow it up with requesting you take your shirt off…It's nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off. By no means do I want to be a piece of meat for the rest of my career."

But for now, at least, let's do it.


  1. Matt26 says

    Once in a while one comes across a funny statement with honesty. This is one of them. He looks good, but I won’t be going to a movie theater to see him shirtless. I have begun thinking there must be sth wrong with my taste of men. These guys just lack that sth.

  2. Christopher says


    There is nothing wrong with your taste in men. It’s your taste. If it doesn’t lean toward the pre-packaged, plucked and primped pretties that are marketed to teenage girls, reality show audiences and most gay men, so much the better.

    Maybe that something that is missing is intelligence, or chest hair, or a face that doesn’t look like a mannish woman in the wrong light.

  3. chad says

    Since we are all in fantasy land anyway: for me he’s not the total package. He’s too close to being bald, and he has pretty much no personality. If I wanted airhead (meant in a nice way), I’d go for a brooding Ryan Phillipe. Has anyone since the new DNA magazine?

  4. sparks says

    He’s being honest, but he’s not apologetic about exploiting the fact that people WANT him to take his shirt off … and more importantly, he’s not feigning righteous indignation by declaring that he won’t be taking his shirt off anymore. (And I’ve nothing against Chris Evans for doing that, but come on, what’s the big deal?)

    There’s nothing wrong with Lutz wanting to become more than a piece of meat to the industry. Evidently he’s smart enough to realize that there will come a day in the not-too-distant future when he’ll no longer be one of the prettiest pieces of meat in the room.

  5. Terrance says

    Part of me wants to say something snarky like: “Quit and take your Twilight money to fund your PhD studies in Molecular Physics at MIT, why dontcha?”…

    …and part of me wonders: “why not start doing theatre in NYC while studying film at NYU? Or do indie films from now on? Or start by directing say commercials and music videos?”

    The path is pretty clear – I wonder why all these silly film stars act ‘surprised’ that the one thing that got them fame and fortune in the first place is the one thing that everyone knows them for, the one thing that everyone relates to them with, and the one thing that anyone will ask for….?

    You’d think that their agent would have prepped them on this at some point….

  6. jaragon says

    “Too close to being bald”?! Yikes! Kellan will not be a pretty boy for ever but for now he should use his looks- he can always get acting lessons or invest his money wisely.

  7. Garrett says

    Hey, even Marilyn Monroe strove to be taken seriously. She knew (and Lutz probably knows) that the clock is always ticking on the beauty of one’s youth. I hope his ending is happier than hers was.

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