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 road Air Force Academy cancels event honoring gay soldiers: "The two groups sponsoring the event signed a contract and put down a deposit, but the dinner was canceled last month by the academy's alumni organization, which controls the venue where it was to be held. A spokesman said the event placed the school's leadership in the tough spot of appearing to endorse repeal of the current ban, known as 'don't ask, don't tell.'"

Lakemichigan  roadLake Michigan's ecosystem facing collapse.

 roadHenry Cavill shows off his hairy pecs on film set.

 roadAt the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) in San Francisco convention over Labor Day weekend, Michelangelo Signorile moderated a panel on '20 Years of Outing'. Here's the full audio.

 roadNLGJA responds to journalist Karen Ocamb's boycott of the group's convention over what she saw as its condoning biased coverage of Prop 8 by the SF Chronicle: "...those who reviewed the coverage for NLGJA did not find that story or coverage problematic.  Journalists report what they see."

 roadAustralia's NSW poised to legalize gay adoption: "But the bill still has one final hurdle - with a vote in the lower house now required on two upper house amendments. In a vote on Wednesday night, upper house MPs voted 22-15 in favour of the bill after agreeing to the changes."

 roadLondon Film Festival line-up announced.

 roadFormer LFO member Rich Cronin dies at 35.

Quilt  roadRemembering the quilt.

 roadTom Brady in two-car accident, walks away. Other driver extracted.

 roadWelsh rugby referee Nigel Owens joins suicide help campaign: "Nigel Owens urged men to talk about their problems as he helped launch the Samaritans Men on the Ropes campaign. The 39-year-old who came out publicly as gay three years ago was in a coma after attempting suicide in his 20s. The campaign, targeted at men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, aims to cut the 4,000 plus male suicides a year in the UK. Mr Owens urged men to 'pick up the phone' and speak about their problems - no matter how small."

 roadPro Football Weekly host Dan Hampton to apologize on-air for Brokeback Mountain joke.

 roadBP releases report, propaganda video on Deepwater Horizon blow-out.

 roadMichael Joseph Gross responds to criticism of his Vanity Fair profile on Sarah Palin.

 roadWould Cristiano Ronaldo do a commercial without taking off his shirt? No.

Panozzo  roadStyx bass player Chuck Panozzo becomes spokesman for GeoVax Labs, company searching for HIV/AIDS vaccine: "I was sincerely touched by [Robinson's] success and determination in her pursuit to bring an end to the devastating AIDS pandemic. Having been diagnosed HIV positive in 1991, and having lost many relatives and friends to HIV/AIDS over the years, I found Dr. Robinson's quest for a vaccine hitting very close to home."

 road25 Super PACS form following Citizens United case.

 roadJim Parsons outed? "On the same page as a nasty story about Bethenny Frankel cheating on her first husband, NE runs a piece on how Parsons and his partner of several years, Todd Spiewak, are allegedly going to get married."

 roadThe Xx win the Mercury Prize: "The trio -- Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith -- appeared genuinely surprised when they accepted the award from muscian and TV host Jools Holland. 'Thank you so much,' bass player and singer Sim said. 'We've had the most incredible year and it has just felt like every day we've just woken up to something incredible we just weren't expecting.It has felt just like a haze. Being here is like a moment of clarity in all that's happening.'"

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  1. re: SF Chronicle: The fault does not lie with the journalists reporting the story, but with the boneheads who approved this ill-fated and ill-timed field trip.

    Posted by: niles | Sep 9, 2010 4:19:19 PM

  2. If Jim Parsons is in fact in the closet, then can we just skip over a couple years of empty suspense and get him a People Magazine cover?

    Posted by: Adam | Sep 9, 2010 4:44:39 PM

  3. The Quilt: I remember seeing it for the first time in DC in the early 1990s. The experience of standing in the middle of a sea of beautiful quilts, each one representing a life lost to AIDS, was overwhelming.

    That kind of grief can't be understood by the younger crowd of gay men who treat AIDS as a manageable, chronic disease. They can't understand what it was like for many of us, in our mid-30s, who buried most of our friends in the space of a few years.

    Posted by: Steve | Sep 9, 2010 4:45:18 PM

  4. Lack of enthusiasm among Air Force Academy alums isn't surprising. That institution, more than e other service academies, seems to have fallen under the yoke of various fundie Christers.

    Posted by: CoMo'mo | Sep 9, 2010 4:48:38 PM

  5. Personally, I can't believe that the Jim Parsons thing didn't generate a post of its own: Cute Emmy winning television star proposes to cute boyfriend.

    Posted by: pParkerT | Sep 9, 2010 5:03:56 PM

  6. Odd that they would say Jim Parsons is "in the closet." He has never said he's straight, and he's really never asked about his sex life. Also, he thanked his partner at the emmys and they've been photographed at events regularly.

    Hmmm, maybe he hasn't said "I'm gay" but he hasn't hid anything.

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 9, 2010 5:24:28 PM

  7. If Jim is in fact gay, so what? It's none of our business. Although, if that is his bf/fience.. he's mighty fine! Well done Jim!

    Posted by: Lee | Sep 9, 2010 5:54:25 PM

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