Matthew Mitcham: Gay Footballers Should Come Out of the Closet


Aussie Olympic gold medalist diver Matthew Mitcham calls on footballers to come out of the closet in today's Herald Sun newspaper:

"If their environment allows them to feel comfortable enough to come out, I see absolutely no reason why not. All the footy codes have been doing so much work to stamp out homophobia in their sports, and I think it's so brilliant and such a proactive thing on their part. It's a part of me that I love and enjoy and I like being known as gay. I see it as something positive, so it's just another positive thing to be known as."


  1. crispy says

    I was just saying the same thing last night to Frank Lampard while we were snuggling together and watching Project Runway. Frank and I agree… Gretchen, what a bitch!

  2. Matt26 says

    They should and near future they will, but the time is just not right yet. But the times are changing.
    Yes he has lovely eyes.

  3. Clifw says

    @Dennis in FL- no, as an Australian I can tell you that soccer = soccer, football = rugby league or AFL, depending where you are at the time.

  4. Danny says

    it’s coming. it’s coming faster than a lot of “straight” fans are going to like. The guys who won’t like it are the ones who constantly have to prove that they’re straight.

    And you know what THAT means.