1. says

    And did you notice the new civil rights page? No mention of DOMA repeal, and a commitment to “sensible” repeal of DADT. I guess the Constitutional Scholar in Chief doesn’t think that being ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge is “sensible”. And finally they promise “full civil unions” (as if there are ‘partial’ ones?) with “full federal rights for LGBT citizens”. Although this is clearly BS given that the latter is impossible without the repeal of DOMA. The Democratic Party is a party of liars and con artists. They have declared war on our community.

  2. Gay Curmudgeon says

    The logo does make sense – they are less blue (progressive) on the inside than they look on the outside. One glance at the new Civil Rights page on their web site proves that.

    Instead of a lighter blue for the D, they should have gone with something more representative of their actions – yellow.

  3. Vince in WeHo says

    Apparently, their gaffe squad didn’t catch the misinterpretation of “O.D.: Overdose.”

    It also visually recalls the 2008 Obama media. Is that something they really want to associate with at this point?

    How much do these people get paid anyway?

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