Lady Gaga | Marc Jacobs

Lady Gaga And Marc Jacobs Love New York


The two grace the cover of the new issue of V Magazine which highlights those who "are making the city their own way." The mag's editor on why he chose Gaga for the cover: "Just as the Statue of Liberty was France's gift to America, Gaga is, to us, New York's greatest gift to pop culture and fashion."

Based on his pose, Jacobs doesn't think much of the gift of Gaga.

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  1. what a hideously ugly cover. and i never can remember why i am supposed to care about marc jacobs.

    Posted by: psgoodguy | Sep 4, 2010 6:18:07 PM

  2. V Magazine has lost the plot. How on earth is a filthy-rich fashion designer and a half-naked publicity skunk good for our community? V Magazine can fuck off along with Jacobs and Lady Gaga.

    When I think of New York, I think of promiscuous gay men hauling their carcasses from one sex fix to another. There's no glory in it.

    Start worrying about getting New York up to speed on gay marriage rights and then we'll have something worthwhile to talk about.

    Posted by: jason | Sep 4, 2010 6:25:07 PM

  3. Lady Gaga's face actually looks good in this picture...that is all lol

    Posted by: JJ | Sep 4, 2010 7:13:40 PM

  4. Jason

    As I lifelong gay New Yorker I find your ignorance disgusting. Just like one can't assume all "Bible Belt" gays are a certain way, one can't assume all NY'ers are as vapid and whorey as the stereotype goes. When you think of NY you should think of a city that is alive with ideas and style. Not fashion style, but something a bit deeper, more inherent in a microcosm of clashing and aligning cultures. As much as I try, I can not live elsewhere as the city is such a part of me. Not all gay NY'ers are gym bunnies, chelsea dudes, fashion fags, and whatever assumption you have. Some of us are normal folks who, gasp!, do not have flat abs and pursed lips.

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 4, 2010 7:18:34 PM

  5. New York has been a huge disappointment on gay marriage. Even Iowa has gay marriage. Conservative little Iowa has beaten the supposedly sophisticated and progressive New York on gay marriage. Nuff said.

    I think New York gays are more concerned about which bar to visit on a Saturday night.

    Posted by: jason | Sep 4, 2010 7:43:06 PM

  6. Jason, it clear you are jealous of New Yorkers, so for your sake I recommend you should tone down the pathetic posturing and talk about subjects within your limited range.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Sep 4, 2010 8:39:43 PM

  7. Gaga's face looks stunning here. Partially because you can actually see it, but also because the make-up is so simple. And this is coming from someone who isn't a fan (but not a hater).

    I think one of Gaga's next phases (in a year or so) should be to just look like this in jeans and a t-shirt. For her, that would probably be the wildest thing she could do.

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 4, 2010 8:45:13 PM

  8. 1. "New York's greatest gift to pop culture and fashion", OMG! what will Madonna say about this?!

    2. Gaga looks awesome.

    3. Marc Jacobs fashions are BORING, just like his advertising campaigns-but hey woman buy it like crazy- so who am I to ultimately judge?

    4. Most if not all NY gays that I know are very promiscuous, bath houses, bars, gym showers, parties, craiglists, manhunt...etc. When I do travel to New York or San Fran, I have a policy that I will NOT sleep with anyone. It works. Also when guys I meet in my city tell me they are visiting from either place, I put them in the "infected" category immediately. How do I know most of my friends are promiscuous- cuz they tell me all about their hookups. Some have one to two a day, which they don't think is alot, but one day minimum is 7 a week, 31 a month it adds up quick.

    Posted by: me | Sep 4, 2010 9:09:10 PM

  9. Wow, Marc Jacobs is wearing clothing. How novel.

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 4, 2010 9:24:27 PM

  10. First, all major cities with any gay population have that segment of self absorbed vapid queens. So painting all New York gays that way isnt fair. Second...when did Gaga single handedly take over all forms of media? Her fall from grace will probably rival Michael Jackson's...cuz...yes...the gimmick will wear out and then we will want the next thing.
    Lastly, why is it when ANYONE says anything critical about NY, all New Yorkers act as if we've called their moms a whore.
    Seriously...didnt know you were all so touchy.

    Posted by: JT | Sep 4, 2010 11:17:55 PM

  11. Holy crap! Towleroad went almost 3 days without a story that included Lady Gaga?! I knew something was wrong with the universe. Thank god all is well now . . .

    Posted by: finkles2000 | Sep 5, 2010 12:09:36 AM

  12. Why is Avirl Lavine next to MJ?

    Posted by: GeoffM | Sep 5, 2010 12:58:38 AM

  13. Fuckles2000....Go away.

    Posted by: wonderer | Sep 5, 2010 2:03:36 AM

  14. Also when guys I meet in my city tell me they are visiting from either place, I put them in the "infected" category immediately.

    HA HA you stupid piece of shit--drop dead and let the rest of us grownups alone.

    Posted by: dizzy spins | Sep 5, 2010 3:12:36 AM

  15. DIZZY SPINS your very ignorant. New York remains the epicenter of HIV infections! San Fran has huge numbers as well along with massive staph infections., and of course Miami. If being a grown up to you means promiscuity then you are a very confused person.

    Posted by: me | Sep 5, 2010 4:46:43 AM

  16. Ok even I have to admit she looks great. She's chiseled! Her face has looked different lately. Photoshop or nose job? Seriously? She's had some work done...

    Posted by: Cory | Sep 5, 2010 8:48:27 AM

  17. I live in New York City, I like Lady GaGa, and I think this cover is really fucking ugly. I'm also young, attractive, and haven't had sex in 2 years, partly for the reasons that 'Me' cites, so I suppose I can't exactly 'disagree'...but I do take offense that suddenly I am 'infected' (by what, exactly?) simply because I once lived in NYC. Fuck that. (And any gay guy here arguing with me really probably needs to check themselves and admit that, while it might not describe them, they can think of more than a couple of their guy friends who live exactly the way that has been described. Stereotypes do exist for a reason. You just shouldn't be an asshole and jump to conclusions over them like 'Me' has.)

    Also, if Me is disgusted by these NY and LA 'whores' or what have you, perhaps he shouldn't bother visiting again. Oh, and I also know a lot of gay skanks in my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, so.....not sure what location has to do with anything.

    Posted by: Ugh | Sep 5, 2010 10:17:00 AM

  18. Wait, why all the Marc Jacobs bashing? My partner bodybuilds, so he's shaped a little differently than slender more "fashionable" men. I can buy him his Marc Jacobs, get it a little baggy, then take to be altered and presto! He looks GREAT in his MJ. I especially love the flat front slacks; tuck in the waist, draw in the inseam, sexy stuff, people.

    Posted by: SeriouslySick | Sep 5, 2010 1:03:08 PM

  19. Wow. As a New Yorker if I'm supposed to be having sex 30 times a month then I am way behind the curve. And I'm just out of college so that must mean I'm even farther behind. Damn.

    (Also Gaga looks incredible. We'll talk about Marc Jacobs when he stops trying to make the man skirt happen.)

    Posted by: SKOC211 | Sep 5, 2010 2:56:38 PM

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