New York Governor David Paterson Signs Law Allowing Unmarried Partners, Including Gays, to Adopt

Unmarried partners, including gay couples, may now adopt children in New York state.

NY 1 reports: Ny

"Unmarried partners, including gay couples, are now free to jointly adopt a child in New York State. Governor David Paterson signed a law making the change on Sunday. The law also puts 'married couple' in the adoption statute, in place of what used to read 'husband and wife.' Bill sponsors say that is meant to ensure children get insurance and other benefits from both adults, as well as lifelong support even if couples split up."

Said Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democrat and chief sponsor, to the AP: "Because same sex couples can’t get married and some heterosexual people don’t want to get married, they were not allowed to adopt a non-related child together. If there is a foster child that neither is related to, they had to do it separately. What happens often is one does it, and the other says, ’Yeah, I’ll get to it.’ But it’s a costly endeavor. It’s a separate procedure for both."