News: Obama On Democratic ‘Apathy,’ Singing Gwyneth and NOM’s Lonely Party

Towlesmall Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter rushed to hospital after "getting air sick."

Towlesmall A Baltimore county judge sentenced 24-year old member of the Blood gang, Timothy Rawlings, to life in prison for ordering the murder of a fellow Blood, Steven Parrish, for being gay. "As far as the court is concerned, he should never breathe a breath of free air again," said the judge.

Towlesmall Japanese tots cry at sight of Tom Cruise. Think he gets that a lot?

Towlesmall Like Joe "Buck Up" Biden, President Obama has taken aim at Democratic voters' "apathy," which the Commander-in-Chief calls "irresponsible:" "The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible."

Towlesmall Happy 25th birthday, LGBT paper Windy City Times!

Towlesmall The GOP has finally decided to address its gay "dilemma."

Towlesmall New York fashion scene's most eligible bachelors — gay and straight!

Towlesmall Will Amy Weston be the first trans woman in space?

Towlesmall New York Times columnist David Brooks uses lamentable language to express his lament over California's state of political affairs: "The political set is an embarrassment. As jobs disappear, legislators are fixated on transgender rights and deals for lobbyists. Legislators are polarized and gridlocked. The pension system is $300 billion in the red, and the state hops from one fiscal crisis to the next."

Towlesmall Police at the University of Texas-Austin are looking for a second suspect after a gun man opened fire and killed himself today at the school's campus.

NOMBusFail-1 Towlesmall Poor National Organization for Marriage: no one wants to come to their hateful party in California.

Towlesmall The investigation into homophobia among Palm Spring's police department has now extended to Police Chief David Dominguez, who allegedly used a gay epithet during a 2009 Warm Sands sex sting.

Towlesmall Gwyneth Paltrow will have "three or four" solos when she guest stars on Glee, says creator Ryan Murphy. Yes, but can she sing?

Towlesmall Mexican officials estimate that as many as 1,000 people could be missing after a devastating mudslide that destroyed at least 300 homes. 

Towlesmall A federal appeals panel in Atlanta wants to review Serbian national Mladen Zeljko Todorovic's asylum case because he's not a "credible witness." Todorovic claims he was harassed and raped for being gay while in the Serbian army.

Ladygaygay Towlesmall An Iowa teen has won the right to wear her equality-minded "I Heart Lady Gay Gay" shirt to school. Hoorah for self-expression, and inclusion!

Towlesmall Lucinda Naylor, the artist in residence at Basilica of St. Mary’s in Iowa, has been suspended for an art project involving making a sculpture out the Catholic Church's anti-gay marriage DVDs. The project, which Naylor plans on sending out ahead of November's election, will send a message of "creativity and hope," she said.

Towlesmall Lost's Maggie Grace has joined the cast of Twilight. From one hit franchise to another. Lucky girl.


  1. Mike says

    The problem with Obama is that he woefully miscalculated – thinking pandering to the republicans would start off a new era of bipartisan cooperation… big mistake. I’m terribly disappointed and disillusioned…. however, NOT to the point of giving the reigns of power to the fricken’ hypocritical republican wingnuts! That said, Obama – please pay attention and do what YOUR base wants going forward!

  2. Matt26 says

    This is silly, but ever since watching Top Gun as a very young guy (when I didn’t realise how bad movie it was, I just found the guys hot and wanted to have a scene with wet TC) I’ve found Tom Cruise attractive. (Even though I really don’t agree with his views on almost anything.)

  3. Henry Holland says

    “New York Times columnist David Brooks uses lamentable language to express his lament over California’s state of political affairs”

    1. Repeal Prop 13 NOW, it’s been a disaster
    2. Remove the rule that a 2/3 supermajority is needed to pass legislation, return it to a simple majority

  4. says

    Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. Hmm. Well, since no one on that show can sing, what difference does it make if Ms. Paltrow can or can’t sing? And please – that bullshit with Huey Lewis ? Give me a break.

  5. antisaint says

    The Gwyneth/Huey Lewis duet was from that karaoke movie she did. She also did “Bette Davis Eyes” as well as a nice duet with Babyface of “Just My Imagination.”

    She sang backup with Sheryl Crow on one of her songs, too, I think it’s “It’s Only Love.”

    It really is a shame that they autotune people who can sing on that show the way they do.

  6. Randy says

    Obama lectures LGBTs on what’s “irresponsible”?

    You know what’s really irresponsible? Squandering historic Democratic House and Senate majorities to do almost nothing, on even your signature Health Care bill.

    This man’s arrogance infuriates me. If he’s trying to win votes for his Democrats in Congress, this isn’t the way to do it.

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